MUSIC | Reviewer: jason facebook name tyga jay | 11/27/11

wats up snoop umm i dont belive the stories about u selling ur soul to the devil and this is y u say in a documentary about 2 pac u told tht u said a prayer to him for one if u worship the devil u dont say prayers to people its not somthing devil worshipers do they dont pray they sacrifice stuff like food and jewlery and matirial thngs to start out thn if tht dosnt work they go to animals and they also wear chains with bones teeth and beeds i never seen u wear a devilish peace of clothing and if people thnk smokeing is devilish they're out of there fukin minds weed calms a person if u didnt kno for those who dont smoke how do they kno the effects of weed but back to the devil worship if the animals dont work they sacrifice people but before all of tht they wear the chains with skulls bones locks tigers teeth all of tht i never seen u with tht and i never heard u speek bad twords God so im not belivein a damn thng about it until u put out a song or until i see u worshiping the devil but until thn ima still listen to ur music and ima still make music similar to ur i dont rap i make beats and stuff so u kno someone who need a young tallented nigga hmu on facebook Tyga jay is da name

gangster | Reviewer: neeraj | 1/13/11

hi i'm neeraj. i live in jammu (j&k).i'm big fan of you. i like your story very much i can do every thing for you. please come in our state you like this state & there atmosphere very much i wanna met you.

Valley of gods | Reviewer: Devender kumar | 12/19/10

Dear snoop,hello i am student of master in sociology at punjab university,chandigarhand sometimes smoke up,i feel so proud if u visit to valley of gods in kullu valley of himachel (india) at the famous [malana valley] where u would so high and trance, u will really find the world greatest experience being very near to god and in devine high.being in a pure environment between innocent people certaintly u wud there a good album of hit song in midist of world best quality hash plant and pure weed and joint plz visit and make u history

Redeem yourself | Reviewer: david | 2/9/10

Well if the devil has all the best tunes then how come he made Snoop deliver all this shit then? As far as selling his soul to the devil, sure there is a deal out there, but be warned the price is very very high, some would say too high. The reason all the rappers who sold out to the Devil don't mess with God is that the devil is scared shitless of God. The devil is only interested in using Snoop's music to get young people to hate each other and the World. Poppin,Drugs,Whores, its all getting nasty!!
When you sign the deal you kill the old you, and then the devil uses you as his own, you have no free will. So be warned!!

i just love you snoooooooooooooop | Reviewer: fuad mustefa | 1/12/10

Every body in these world need to just luv u cause u the man and the best raper of all time.I also like u to release a film about u'r life please i can't wait till i see.i always hope that we meet.....fuad mustefa.. from-ethiopia . i even luv u more than my family.

"tha truth" | Reviewer: lashonda harp | 12/10/09

hello snoop!This is the way i feel about satan,alot of people say they will die for what they believe in.Bullshyt satan is the only one who stood up to GOD and going to die for what he believe in.It might seem's evil but we all make decsion's in life that can cost us a ticket to hell so why are we so different from satan.If i die and go to hell it won't be no lost to see heaven because i can't wake up praising any one all day long,i'm just being real i'm also not scared to say i have evil in me to and i ain't mad about for real alot of people say the devil is the one doing evil let's think for one minute the devil can't do nothing unless GOD let him(JOB)read it,the devil asked GOD can he touch JOB in so many way's.GOD let him if satan so evil why GOD let him live for so long is this a game and we losing i use to be so blind about what is real and what people want u to believe.In the old testament after noah GOD made a promise not to destroy the world again,but in the new testament the people that was prophet in it say it would and it would be firer it shock's me how people want this world to end and ain't ready to die just go to heaven and kiss bird's and sing song everyday thanking GOD day after day and then if they don't want to no more go to hell.well i don't hate satan no more then i hate GOD i never heared satan side of the story at all so how can i judge him when i don't know who is doing what when it comes down to it.fair is fair and if i have to burn for what i believe in then blaze me like a joint get high off knowlegde and lead by being a leader,and we know what that mean when u stand up to what you believe in death we just read about satan why is one men is so strong we was taught to hate him and love GOD and what ever him and GOD went threw have nothing to do with me.If i want to say i rather walk on the darkside so people say then so be it,the only reason people so scared to talk like this because GOD said fear me!so we do because i was never scared of satan i was scared od what GOD would let him do to me.If i didn't praise him,but now i'm not scared of neither i feel sorry for how long this good and evil thing between them two now it's everybody problem they fighting for soul's how sayed i tell u what GOD can have my good side the devil can have my bad side after that then what?we are blind about who is behind all this evil.GOD seen all of this before there was a satan and he still created and him and satan playing a game so deep Jesus don't even know what he really died for.what do you really gain after all these century of chasing soul's just to burn them to prove he can stop this at anytime!somebody love this game of good and evil the real quetion is who.who have all power who!who created evil in the first place who!who first named this evil who!who birth evil not satan he found out about it from who!the devil did not create nothing he is not the creater of evil.once he found out about the evil tree GOD got upset because he had some evil thought's for a men to let ur soul burn forever what thought is that.who thought about that and how long was that a plan before adam and eve ever ate off that tree GOD put it there and knew what was gonna happen people think for urself for once who crated this who!and why!Did satan find out a little to much about GOD and now he was the one who created evil(no)this was created from the one and only GOD we just in the middle of one of the biggest unknown who until it ain't funny they need to make up and move on and respect other's one know's the truth but GOD and SATAN and it's sayed how people try so hard to prove who is right for him to be so evil GOD let him live so long until when he do die what really is the lesson when we die we just dead until judgement day to answer (why we evil) something GOD created and he know we gonna fail.i research a lot of thing's when it comes to GOD and the devil we like insect's take chances on life roll a coin and prey it goes god way if not he got a brother who will accept u tha way u are.(a sinner)with with a soul that'
s in trouble because i find no fault in satan after all who created him who!Being real is to take ur punishment like a warrior because we at war with GOD and SATAN and they will kill anyone who get's in there way even (JESUS)GOD is gonna raise the dead just to punish people who already had it hard just to burn them forever because when they was here they didn't serve him and the rest of us can go to heaven with no problem and soon as u have one thought of ur own boom it's over and what gonna happen when there is no one to fight on earth no more another war in heaven a new devil is made to be frame for all this evil.who is at fought here why people can't see this u know why because they scared to question what really happen in heaven remember what grandma said it's to good to be true.How funny will it be to be judge by a person who created all this and to be judge for what he created and knew that people wasn't gonna serve him only and he still created it all,who is really evil who?

dont be too naive | Reviewer: Grimzillah | 9/12/09

If you really want his biography go on and before you believe all this shit about selling his soul to the devil you should know that people who do gangster rap, talk about killin each other and i think that if you can talk about killing someone then you can talk about preety much anything you want... so can you judge them from what they say???... a lot of rappers are accused of selling their soul to the devil but the irony is that if they really have sold their soul to the devil and they got the power to say anything they want... how come I have never heard them speak ill about god? how come i have never heard a single bad thing about god??? dont be so naive and so prejudice to them for what they do.

wats hanging dogg | Reviewer: Hawa | 3/23/08

wats up snoop by the way i really like your older son Corde he is buff and i really like his and stuff and my birthday is 20 may 1994 and i want to know a lot about your family and your music rocks and stuff

the top | Reviewer: BABS | 12/12/07

you're rapper for life. i wish to be a rich and famous musician like you,i would be much delighted to wake up one day and see lots of music contracts waiting on my doorstep.Believe me i'm .i'm yours fan for life.I'm ohembeey (pronounced as O M B).

how old is snoop | Reviewer: NO mercy | 11/5/07

man i like snoop n stuff he does, its kool, its all about his money and wat he gotto say to we dogs outside. so how old is snoopy. and who do u think killed tupac our homie