SMOKE UP | Reviewer: dinesh verma | 11/2/07

I know that you are a hardcore smoker,so that is what i like good about you, and no doubt about ur music
i've heard that u have a diamond/crystal pipe(chillam) is that true

fan | Reviewer: rasak | 6/24/07

What up snoop og crip dogg.Check this out homie u one of omy favorites rappers.

New song. | Reviewer: Andrew D Yamamoto | 6/20/07

Dear Snoop Dogg,

My name is Andrew D Yamamoto. I am qualified as a private contract mediator and civil litigation clerk. I would like to make a business offer to you to make a copyright of EverClear's song "Everything to Everyone" on so much for the afterglow. If you listen to the song closely it would be really simple to remix it and convert it into a rap CD. If you use my idea I'd like to make about 2 million dollars US. Or a very high price for my original thought. Please e-mail me at

Thank you sincerely,

Andrew D Yamamoto

So it is true but how can u do this to us. | Reviewer: Zolanid | 6/16/07

Snooooop iv lovd ur music since i was a boy but now since ive heard da pastor say uve sold ur soul to the devil i hav stopped it was a really shock to us boyz in da hoood!!!

Did he sell his soul to the devil | Reviewer: love | 6/14/07

I was watching a dvd about hip-hop and in the dvd it sed dat he snoop dogg sold his ssoul to the devil and a had a vision about a chior singing one of his songs...anyone who has read the book...lemme kno eh?

can u help young musicians in africa | Reviewer: thegunn | 6/14/07

i am a hardcore singer i have no means of been worldwide kown as u i f u can help me i would do any thing for u .
thank u 4 copin

HOW OLD IS SNOPP??? | Reviewer: PRETTY GIRL | 6/2/07


is it true? | Reviewer: greg | 4/16/07

i just read about snoop dogg biography,but noting
was mentioned that he was born,anywhere in the
african continent.
is it true,or false,that he was born in africa?,
that i will like to know.