Reviews for Drop It Like It's Hot Lyrics

Performed by Snoop Dogg

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imthatguy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

why is everyone such a fucking hypocrite?
its only a song but NO everyone has to go real in depth with the lyrics, meanwhile snoop dog is making all the money. PS killing is in our nature
if we stopped killing then fuck me the world is going to deplete the resources and we are all fucked anyways. its either going to be nature/ natural dissaster or unknown virus type epidemic and old age that will kill us. stopping gangstas from shooting each other wont make a difference.

Bring on tha ignats! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

I love all the comments - especially the really ignorant ones!

Snoop clearly knows how to start a firestorm - and that's how to sell records and create buzz.

Controversy with a great beat and more hooks than a chartered fishing boat...

Git down wit ya bad self Dogg!

Check out "Whitey's On the Moon" from Gil Scot Heron back in the 70's

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/09

so why dont we teach kids to embrace the beat bt still hav morals? lovn this song, its classic snoop, bt hav you seen how he behaves wth his family, nuthn lyk youd expect. everyone chill and be nice mwahahaha.
drop it like its hoooooottt! ;)

youz heard whut he said | Reviewer: breaux | 7/12/09

anybawdy that tried to pop him he got da cement shooz thang goin on in da bottom of some laik

da party van iz be scurred fo dey liphes\

and to back my argument up i will provide some textual support:
"Oh you got a gun so you wanna pop back?
AK47 now nigga, stop that!
Cement shoes, now I'm on the move
You're family's crying, now you on the news
They can't find you, and now they miss you"

Here we see how snoop dogg prevents "hataz". he does this by threatening to kill them and to make their family cry. nobody want that

word | Reviewer: jc | 7/8/09

This represents the worthless direction our country is going into! It is all of our faults too. gansgtas should be treated as criminals and wiped! It is as if we glorify what is unglorifiable and respect the unrespectable; And we think that's different. Worthless Shit !

I have an idea | Reviewer: Liz | 5/24/09

Listen I think I have a solution to stop the arguments between you stupid people... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! nobody cares about what you have to say. So you typing into this little box is pointless open your retarded eyes to this... Now get off your asses and go do something for yourselves:)

Goodness... | Reviewer: Josh | 5/11/09

This is why gangs are being formed and kids grow up killing people and abusing women.
Music like this glorifies money, violence, and criminal activity.
It makes kids think that the only goal in life is to become as rich as possible.

This is an endless cycle that needs to be broken as soon as possible.

The reason I hate rap so much is only because of the lyrics and the lifestyle that goes with it.

I hate arguments | Reviewer: Rami | 4/15/09

Seems like we have to cope with arguments everywhere! in chat rooms, in the real life and even when it comes to commenting a song, but what's the point in arguing and exchanging insults and silly accusations?! the answer is "nothing", except being rude to someone that we hardly know, and affecting our good nature consequently, I hope that one day human beings will stop hurting eachother, and give a sense to them being called "humans", amen!

A few things. | Reviewer: ThatGuyFromTV | 3/4/09

Well, some words are just tossed in there to make it sound cool. To keep the flow from crashin. Hey, I guess it works.

As for the little discussion we have goin on here.. Everyone is stupid. In every race, every culture and every society. Arguing about your stupidity is going to get you nowhere. Now, what a real productive reviewer would do is make a song about it. Then have other people argue ABOUT the song. Just trying to help.

what's with the race thing? | Reviewer: chill | 3/1/09

being from england i never understood why people still talked about white and black people hating each other on american tv shows... it always seemed like that was an issue in the past, i mean i know things aren't perfect but n england we dont really have this hate and people just see each other as people so much more but reading this is makes you realise why american tv shows talk about it as an ongoing issue and why a black president really is such a big deal. you guys need to sort it out as a nation - just top hating each other. reading this, you can assume i'm whatever colour of skin you want cause it really doesnt matter.

Drop It Like It's Hot | Reviewer: niggazz | 2/25/09

oit people dis is a site people shud write gud fings bout im if ur writing bad stuff about dis ledgend he screw u rite now

wat can u whyte cunts do better than dis peace of art, nuffin ur da sadest people of all tymes
nd u chat shit frough da day.

Oh, man.. | Reviewer: The WTF-man | 12/8/08

Seriously, how is it that not a single message posted in reply to this is anywhere near grammatically correct? The most literate of the bunch is the inbred redneck. No wonder hiphop has a reputation of being music for the mindless when it's fanbase consists of people who can't fuckin' speak, let alone write.
Oh, and Mark Sunday - SNOOP DOES NOT READ THESE REPLIES. This is a site that shares the lyrics for people who would want to know them. Cretin.

Black people suck? Get real | Reviewer: Pete | 12/8/08

Hey, Mr. h and k can't even spell wellfare. I think that says a lot about his intellectual abilities.
Black people are a completely different culture, and there are sure a lot of things about it which I don't like, but also a lot which I admire. And this works vice versa too. But regardless of that, black man and white man should live in peace and respect each other!

TEHE | Reviewer: Eric | 11/27/08

WOW WHAT A IDIOT. Your insulting black people and saying they should leave America when YOU SHOULD LEAVE YOUR-SELF cause if you haven't noticed America isn't prejudice. That's how a black man is the president. So why don't u wake up and realize that "every man is born equal"

. h and k | Reviewer: maria | 11/7/08

listen to this sweet tax, Canada was the black country?;)
until the fucking came and lacked bread on the table.
So try and bring you together tax, and be happy for you live here your potato otherwise you'll fuckin problems. came up and say it in reality, than it is over and a screen that is fuckin weak spot.

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