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Performed by Smashing Pumpkins

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Rhinoceros | Reviewer: Tyler | 10/12/12

This, as many others performed by the Smashing Pumpkins, is a treasure. Drifty and beautiful in form, this is a well executed yet simple song. Here we have an elegance rarely found in modern music. The classic form of build-up and release is soft, melodic, and impacting. A feeling of bittersweet repose washes over me every time I listen to this song, followed immediately by a sense of calm and joy.

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

the lyrics are very bizarre, but the music is so amazing and catchy that it gets a pass. Next to Disarm, this is definitely the best song the ever talented Billy has ever done. Sorry for the lame review, I'm only a 16 year old special ed student. GWARRRRRRRRRGH!

Underrated but not underachieved | Reviewer: Ant | 3/15/10

In my opinion Gish was thier most seminal album next to siamese dream and MCIS. That album alone was a clear indication of thier ambition. Not only could Corgan concoct something to quietly revive psychedelic rock (I could easily picture these guys playing at woodstock)but also supplant that with thier easily identifiable hard rock signature which would pervade for the oncoming albums. An innovative work, possibly overlooked in the face of the ubiquitous grunge movement of the early 90's. Despite this Gish is a prescient album that served as a precursor to the indelible mark that would be left upon the music industry by Smashing Pumpkins. My favourites from this album hands down would be Siva, Rhinoceros and Snail

Dreamy, beautiful, perfect | Reviewer: Richard Wilson | 2/9/09

For the love of all that is holy, and the sanctity of true rock, check out the rest of the album. Gish. Every song on the album is a masterpiece, I own and enjoy over a thousand albums, and this one is in my top 3. Rock on.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Jay | 3/3/08

This song is pure talent of young Billy Corgan. I believe this is the song that made the fans very interested in the Smashing Pumpkins before the release of Siamese Dream. I don't understand why they don't play it when they tour!!

damn | Reviewer: escapethestairwell | 10/24/07

i heard this song soo many times before not knowing who sang this song but knew it was someone i already knew! but once i found out i was BLOWN away by how such a CHILL/COOL band like smashing pumking could be playing a sweet song like this! it was perfect, Zen!

Rockin' Rhinocerous | Reviewer: Timothy | 5/2/07

This song is awsome! I love it. Any fan of the Smashing Pumpkins will love this song, it's really good! That's all there is too it!

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