... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/09

i still have that same radio rip from q101 in chicago and right before they played the song, billy says "rock on people" and i never edited it out. brings back some great memories. i just saw them on hdnet playing the fillmore residencies in frisco and they played "untitled' which shocked the sh*t out of me. one of the best concerts i saw of them ever was december '08 at the aragon in chicago. the setlist is basically a greatest hits show...

Tonight, Tonight
Stand Inside Your Love
99 Floors
Cherub Rock
United States
A Song for a Son
Medellia of the Gray Skies
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Ava Adore

rock on people! ;)

Untitled review | Reviewer: Kenny | 6/28/09

I had a version of this song ripped off the radio in Chicago when Billy brought it to them to airplay it. He said alot of people were saying this was more like the older Pumpkins - the Pop Pumpkins..he went on to say that the Pumpkins had alot of incarnations - pop, rock, punk, heavy metal, etc... and that this was the last thing they had recorded, though I assume that it was just him and his drummer as usual. This will always be one of my favorite songs. It is just an awesome song, and very bright and uplifting...something that got into his Zwan material as well. It is the last great Pumpkin song..all the new stuff has no heart in it at all, and with Jimmy Chamberlain finally gone as well, I hold out little hope that Billy will ever compose another close to this one. It's all thrash and metal now, for some reason Billy thinks that is what people want, but really we always liked the pop Pumpkins the best.. as for God references, that is silly, it is a song about love and being in love, and it's a great song... Billy is a born again Christian, just listen to the last song on the Zwan album, if you doubt, but that has no relevance here. cheers

Actually.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/08

Billy has stated many times he is religious, however he doesn't believe in the church structure, so his relationship with god is more on a personal level, so take whatever you will from that.

Otherwise, great song, I'm loving the new stuff too and can't wait for the next album.

god | Reviewer: theo | 12/30/07

Who cares... lyrics are meant to be interpreted how you want. take what you need, just as one can interpret a poem in different ways. Billy Corgan writes amazing lyrics and he is very talented, all his songs can have multiple interpretations to satisfy all you over analizing creeps that roam the internet, looking to pick a fight or argue for nothing. who cares what he believes in? I;m sure he doesent care what you believe in, he appreciates our listning to the music as we do the music...(bet half the people on this site dont even have originals... talking shit with torrent files...)

God | Reviewer: sivalull | 10/19/07

Read Billy's latest blog on smashingpumpkins.com. Read lyrics a few tunes on Machina. Read lyrics from the new album. And how about the song "God" from the Zero single? Billy definitely believes in God. It doesn't mean he's a Christian, and I don't think this particular song reflects his belief in God, but look into it. Sorry if you're disappointed that he's not the negative "Gloomy Gus" you all fell in love with anymore, and sorry you can't continue to dwell in your Infinite Sadness with him anymore - but it's true. He did find some kind of faith as Graham mentioned...

Religious? | Reviewer: dK | 9/20/07

Look here people....Billy Corgan is not religous...The song untitled is an awesome song and it has been said by billy that this was a "seeya later" sort of song cause hell they broke up not long after....Thats it

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

"God bless, Billy" kind of gives it away that Graham is some religious mockery who hopes to find his rock bands turning christian so he can finally play them openly for his morning mass, or something. Shame.

He mentions being turned on. Metaphors aside, it's not right to be turned on for the most part, in religion, especially Christianity, so what's that all about?

He's found a girl and feels like the rest of us do when we realise there's some amount of purity out there who loves us as much as we love them.

Great, Billy. We're all very happy for you :)

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

Dude, Billy Corgan is way too smart/talented to start making psudo-christian rock songs... I think your just trying to project yourself on him; to make yourself feel more assured of your own faith? Who knows, but lay off plz...

What??? | Reviewer: Dave | 4/7/07

Why does everything have to be about religion and finding faith and god and all that stuff?

Can't you just accept that it's a song about being in love? This is my favourite pumpkins song, and someone saying that it's about finding faith kind of put a bad taste in my mouth about this song. Thanks alot there Graham.

Faith | Reviewer: Graham | 6/26/05

It has recently been brought to my attention, that life-long angstful, bitter, bleak, hopeless Billy Corgan has found some peace, and become a Christian. I do not mean to sound demeaning, mocking, or condescending in that comment. Rather, I find it puts a smile of contentment on my face; it's beautiful. I have yet to research further into this claim, but I wouldn't completely doubt it's truthfulness. Many of the lyrics in Billy's post-pumpkin band, Zwan portray "Declarations of Faith," as it were. I was just wondering, as I examine the lyrics to one of my favourite Pumpkin tunes, are the words to "Untitled" also a confession of faith?; a look into Corgan's transitionary elnightmenment? Perhaps. Peraps not. Neverthelss, it was nice to see hope bleed through into one of Billy's pre-Zwan tunes -- something completely uncharacteristic of the Smashing Pumpkins. I congratulate Billy on his new found faith, and if the rumors are not true, than I congratulate him on his new found happiness.

God bless, Billy. And thank you for your music.