??? | Reviewer: kahache | 7/18/13

In the version I hear,the text is not the same.
Great song,Billy,dark, misterious and clueless as the world we appreciate around us. Castaneda,Torah,Necronomicon,Bible,well a glimpse of eternity lures us from the digital world,but remember, precision is not truth,chuchetumadre

Pegasus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/11

I take the lyrics in a different way.. I don't think it's about death, in a bad way, at all.. It's about rebirth.. How the end is not the end.. Different dimensions.. Life we can't see.. The world that no one understands

PUNK!!! | Reviewer: Batman | 2/1/11

I am offended that anybody would write a song like this in relation to me.
The lyrical content is irrelevant in the face of the genre of this abomination. HARD ROCK!!
It's almost as bad as PUNK!!!
Nothing but death...and crime...and the rage of a BEAST!

wow | Reviewer: Billy Corgan | 6/2/09

I can't believe that other guy was pretending to be me. I guess I really am that famous though.

Oh and guess what, I didn't even write this song. I stole it from a poem written by a man from mississippi! I'll never tell who though

Its me, Michael Jackson! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/08

Hi fellow fans, Its really me Michael Jackson. And i'm reposting to my buddy Billy, (he is not my lover by the way.) I just want to say i want his baby, and i believe it is him, and you should believe it to, just as much as this is really me! Michael Jackson! EH heee!!

Billy Corgan | Reviewer: Natalie | 5/29/07

If Billy Corgan really did post, well, that is freaking awesome.

Wut wut | Reviewer: FYAD | 6/19/05

Oh yeah, this was on the Batman & Robin soundtrack along with The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning, pretty cool song.

Boredom | Reviewer: Anon | 5/14/05

Why do I refuse to believe that billy corgan would take his time out to review a song that he wrote maybe 6 or 7 years ago and then write a review about now, on the renoundly known sing365 website. Although funny thing though, didn't the smashing pumpkins have a song called 365, it was on mashed potatoes. I think that have just had an apiphany. Although billy a lowly web troller like I, never. Although that fact that it will be very unlikely that anyone will ever read this.
"I guess I'll never know...:)"
Well I thinks it's a good song.

My hits | Reviewer: Billy Corgan | 4/26/05

I loved writing and playing this - one of my favorites.

Hehe you will never know....... :)