So sad | Reviewer: leif | 8/26/14

I've been listening to the smashing pumpkins fir a long time, but i never heard this song. My girlfriend showed me this song and it has become one to describe our relationship. She is leaving to Virginia. So damn sad! I love it and hate it so much.

Noope :) | Reviewer: Morrisson | 8/8/07

Its actually James Iha , and Nina Gordon from Veruca Salt.

Rochelle | Reviewer: Rochelle | 6/20/07

This is such a pretty song and i love smashing pumpkins version of 'dancing in the moonlight'

Good Song XD | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/6/07

Yea this is a good song .. Smashing pumpkins are awesome XD
but does anyone know if its billy corgan and courntey love singing this? Cos i really dont know lol ...