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cobain | Reviewer: x | 8/28/07

His reason for killing himself is a tad presuming and who's to say he did anyway.

stupid thing to include in this.

awesome | Reviewer: kyle | 7/31/07

i am a huge fan of the smashing pumpkins and i havent read a good in depth article of the smashing pumpkins in a long time. be proud of this one, i would

new sound | Reviewer: elizabeth | 7/11/07

i have listed to the pumpkins new songs and that new sound that billy has created is so amazing. nothing like his old stuff which is great either way but i can't wait to see them here in vegas! that is going to be an incredible show. i love them and just fell in love with ADORE, which help me in a time of need. that album really spoke to me and i could really relate to it. thanks Pumpkins!

dnm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

band is awesome...gr8 lyriccs...jus gr8 eveyting man!!!!!love em...

simply amazing | Reviewer: simple | 5/6/07

i completely adore the smashing pumpkins, in every chord, every note, every beat. i have high hopes for their NEW ALBUM !! :]
im so excitedd, and this is an amazing band. no question about it. listen to them, or read their lyrics which are very good just by themselves.

WTF? | Reviewer: trini | 4/20/06

No reviews on the pumpkins yet? come on, people, we all know they're absolutely fantastic and inspiring! I love them!

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