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Performed by Smashing Pumpkins

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Geek U.S.A | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/12

right from the first 4 lines this song says something about America deluding 'Us'. Apple eyes and innocent is how most kids born here are. Eyes waiting to be eaten, thus blinding you. During your teenager years, you may not have wished wished for dangerous, but you had the teenage angst inside you to want to be rebellious and do something bad. Or like the people in this generation.... Trying to leave everyone behind, thinking they're getting fame off of youtube, Facebook likes, Etc. They take their shot of diamonds, and missed hearing the voice inside them so many famous "Hero's" show that anyone can possess. they tell you to believe, and anything you try hard to believe, will do it's best to happen.

Assessment of Superman and The Holy Gale | Reviewer: Ralf S. | 8/5/09

If you've ever listened to it, the song is insane. It doesn't feel regular, it flows like energy. You can only direct energy so much. It's chaotic leading to something greater.

I feel this song is about throwing caution to the wind to get what you want, to destroy the barriers you put up to experience what you crave. To do things others only wish they had the nerve to do. The dissappointed disappear. People to strive to do whjat what they want not neccessarily what they must or need to. M.L.K jr. didn't have to do CRAP, neither did any other civil rights activists. In the end most of the heroes we knew took what they wanted, gave nothing back, and wrote history. Because they did what no one else had the balls to do, they seem heroic, glamourous, powerful, cunning, skilled, dangerous. Shot full of Diamonds and a Million Years. To the title, When you think of the word geek what do you see? Someone like that or someone of the other side of the spectrum? U.S.A itself is a nation of want, greed, and take. We took what we wanted from england in the revolution and stood our ground. We took only those who met our standards into our alliance, We decimated a race of people for the sake of land and money. Geek U.S.A The Geek who took his chance to get what he wanted, made his chance at that. In this case, a girl. and the Girl, who is implied to be higher is highschool's redundant social rank who took on the geek out of want.

The song is not a political view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/09

It is a song about him having sex, probably for the first time. It has references to original sin. Read the song as a horny, geeky teenager and his feelings towards a girl he wants to have sex with which he does at the end.

Rough meaning of the song... | Reviewer: Lex | 1/5/09

This song is about how fucked up the USA was, and is. Corgan was pissed off about the state of the country, when he wrote this song, and as he suggests, and stated in different words, it sums up the lie, that the USA is.

Good Advice for the Lover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

This is what happens when you fall for a girl who becomes a whore... and leaves you behind because she's no longer a geek. Too bad she's faked it and gave it all away. Gotta love the USA.

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