yo check it | Reviewer: travis | 10/31/11

its about whatever you want it to be just like any other song. Music is here to make people happy and help them get through their problems. Unless billy corgan gets on here and openly states what this song is about then noone has any right to tell someone they are wrong for their interpretation. peace bitches.

you both are wrong | Reviewer: cesar | 8/2/11

its about the indie rock 'community' tha has always. criticized and excluded billy corgan and the pumpkins, stating for example that they were a band from the mainstream created BY the mainstream and for the mainstream

Wrong | Reviewer: Billy the kid | 2/14/11

This has to do with the monetization of love and celebration, AKA valentines day turning into a beast for money sake. Cherub, as in cupid, someone's fool this year, as in someone's valentine. Not all that bullshit you spit out.

(Easy money) Too much honey for the pigs | Reviewer: Bas | 8/2/09

Seems pretty obvious to me; introspective mirror turned on the rising "generation x" culture, and the innocent and naïve hopefulness of youth. Somehow a simultanious call to arms to those who still believe and a heeding warning for the trapdoors along the path of time. And we all found out how fragile the whole thing was when it came crashing down well before the 90's were over. Too bad it didn't wake us up from, but made us dig deeper into the delusions of the "(American) Dream". How "coolness" can keep us from turning into "kitsch" but can also be turned into a form of kitsch when we stop paying attention and don't put our heart and soul into it anymore...