dude... | Reviewer: that guy | 1/26/12

Aideen, I might be a little more apt to believe you and your views if you could spell 'amazes' without using more than one z. Or maybe if your grammar wasn't crap. Or maybe if it was printed in a place where it's relevant, instead of a song review.

Lay off the religious stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/11

Did you ever think that songs are made so that ALL PEOPLE relate to them? Stop arguing about religion, stop saying "There's no God" and "Believe in God." Let people believe what they want to believe, and realize you are all here because of this AMAZING song here. Talk about the song, not your petty differences.

Anyway, this song is not about God as much as it is about how corrupt the world is. That is something everyone of every religion (or lack there of) can agree on. We all are bound together by music, and it drives all people together so be happy and listen to this song and stop thinking about who causes the world's problems: go out and try to do something to make the world better. That's redemption, and that's what this song is really about.

Amazing song. | Reviewer: CharlieTheUnicorn | 1/4/11

I just love how people start talking about religion.
Religion is an empty hope.
The song is amazing, im so sad for Jonathan...
I just hope this reader, whoever is reading,
will just tink for himself.
Stop being a fish,
Dont eat what they give you to eat.
Think for yourself,
Find your own food.

My Interpretation | Reviewer: AR | 12/16/10

All songs can be interpreted differently based on what place in life the listener is in and the meaning changes if a song goes unheard for a while.

For me, it's a familiar conversation between 2 twin flames. You can hear his voice change back and forth between 2 characters if you listen carefully.

Amazing Song with good view. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/10

This song will be a classic 40 years from now. I see some religious elements in it. If youve ever seen final fantasy 7 the movie or played the game, its all about cloud trying to find forgiveness. Just like the character Smashing Pumpkins created in this song, Cloud will stop at nothing to find forgiveness of his past transgressions against the world. Its not a song about hating God, but a song about a person who feels burdened by his transgressions and feels as if even God is against him. Almost every teen can relate to this song because they might feel in one way or another that everyone is against them and that they are stuck in their cage that is a living hell. "The world is a vampire" clearly tells us that the singer is feeling like his life is being sucked away by the vampire that is society. Regardless of its meaning, I think its a musical masterpiece.

Billy | Reviewer: imo | 12/6/10

ok... let billy Corgan create the music he wants
what he creates is AMAZING
half of it is GORGEOUS poetry and the other half are awful, crude songs about life being bad and not believing in god! but dont we all feel that?! we all feel thatatleast once in our lives?! when you are a dumb teen and you dont believe in god because ur life is son WRONG and nobody likes you and you can never finish ur home work
BUT we all feel love dont we/
lay off billy

there's no God | Reviewer: Aideen | 11/30/10

I never was meant to leave a comment in such an unlikely spot, but when I see how lost people are it amazez me. There's no God.all of your beliefs are just a residue of animism imprinted in human brain. since about 100 to 150 thousand years ago when homo sapiens were created. there's a trace of animism even before homosapiens. religions of today's nature have only been around for less than 6000 years. and all religions are new forms of animism and shamanism. How primordial a brain to think that there's God and Jesus is the son of God or any other religion. why is accepting the truth so hard. why having to cling on to a dream to imagin that there's something more to your wreched empty lives. just like the australopithecine you are another race of people and after 100 thousands of years you'll give your place to your descendants with a totally different genetic make, of course, if you stop killing eachother for your hollow beliefs and if you and your wise God stop creating more separation and problems between people by your beliefs.

Listen Up. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/10

Okay, so everyone has something negative about God. Stop saying this because God has forgiven you and loves you to death. Along with Jesus. So if you still want to critize someone who died for you... Just think twice before doing it. It could be a big mistake. And he loves you still no matter what.

Great song. | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/14/10

No, I am not wasting the precious reader's time talking about how sacreligious Billy Corgan is. Even though the song is somewhat about hating God, that doesn't change the fact that it's a damn good song. It, for me, captures an image of teenage angst, me being one myself. Everyone my age just kinda feels like they're running in the rat race or they're being confined in some cage. To sum it up, it's a great song with great lyrics. Definitely the Pumpkins' finest work.

Why do people have to be so damn rude. | Reviewer: Hannah Marie Correa | 8/25/09

yeah, i understand the fact that he makes songs talking about how empty god is and how god is never there for him but has it ever hit you that maybe Billy is undergoing some hardships in life and writing some songs about how he hates god can help him through these times? I used to be just like him, and i do understand how he feels, i wrote poetry that sounded briefly the same as his songs and for myself doing that helped me from killing myself, because that was the road i was going on. expressing how i felt helped me from doind so and now i feel alot better about myself. Billy makes exquisite music and you dont really have to listen if it is such a big deal to you about how he feels. I dont understand, people listen to music that they like and if they dont like it they simply change it, why dont you all do the same?? dont make jokes about someone elses hero...because he is MINE!!! I adore him as a composer and a person, and nothing you can say will make me think otherwise.

wtf | Reviewer: guy | 1/7/09

why is it that most of these reviews all have something negative about god. yes job was brutaly tested, but come on guys. really. if you think god has really foresaken you, then i feel really sorry for you. i like this song alot but i have never been this proplexed by its reviews. all in all i still respect everyones opinions and still like this song

Way off! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/08

We are all like Job, because God doesn't do anything for us. Billy Corgan would laugh if he heard the reviews saying to believe in a mythical God.
We spin in an absurd existential world that has no kindness, conscience, or ill-will. God is not testing us because s/he is not around to check on the results. Absurdity plus choice equals fate. We are like animals condemned to death.

Job and Existence | Reviewer: Dan | 2/1/08

The story of Job is an allegory about the futility of existence. It starkly presents two choices - in the face of calamity and despair you can either 1) abandon God, give up hope and give in to rage and anger and the fact that we live in an empty, meaningless world or 2) keep your hope in God, despite the fact that even God appears to have turned against you.
In a sense, Job's despair prefigures the despair of Jesus himself when he cried out before dying on the cross: "My God, why have you forsaken me?"
It's a sad indictment on our present day Christianities obsessed with positivism and woolly "feel good" theologies that this profound statement, where even the Son of God Himself experienced total human despair is rarely mentioned, let alone its significance contemplated in depth. It's sad that most Christians would probably condemn this song as "devil's music" rather than seeing it as a real cry to God, heart-felt by many people in this world which can be very cruel and very cold.
The line here "I still believe that I cannot be saved" really draws out what it comes down to - a choice, an existential act of faith. You can choose to believe that you will be saved, or choose to believe that you cannot - the thing with God is, he doesn't compel anyone to believe, His grace is a free gift: you can take it, like Job did, or you can leave it.
It's good to remember that the story of Job has a "happy ending"...God rewarded him richly in the end for his faith...and this is the hope of those who choose to believe.

I must say this song is on the spot about what God truly is in this world. | Reviewer: T.G. | 1/19/08

The word "job" should be "Job" (pronounced Jobe), it is a name from the bible, "The Trials of Job." It is a story about a very rich man who was considered God's greatest servant. God sent out the devil to try Job's resolve in his service to our great Christian God (yeah right). Satan killed his wife and children, burnt down his crops, destroyed his live stalk and placed sores all over his body, just to name a few. So old Job sat on the hill side shaving his head and tearing off his clothes praying to his loving god to take him out of this world as he came into it, still refusing to turn his back on God. The lyrics "now I'm naked, nothing but an animal
but can you fake it, for just one more show
and what do you want, I want change
and what have you got
when you feel the same
even though I know-I suppose I'll show
all my cool and cold-like old job" tell the story of the artist anger towards the suffering he endures in his world of abandonment by God. Hence the lyrics "despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

tell me I'm the only one
tell me there's no other one
jesus was an only son for you

and I still believe that I cannot be saved."

This is a grand statement that if there is a god, he cares nothing for what happens to us. I will have to agree.

Of course in the "Trials of Job" God in the end gave back to "old Job" the reward of all his riches and love ten fold, for not turning his back on God. Is this really the love God gives those who serve him? My own mother is a strong christian believer and servant of this god and all I ever see is the unhappiness in her. Sounds like she is once again fooled by the man on the pulpit as she puts more money in the plate and waits for her blessing.

I must say this song is on the spot about what God truly is in this world.

Wow, when i ffirst heard this, i thought he was a psych | Reviewer: Anthony | 6/11/07

Wow, when i ffirst heard this, i thought he was a psych, but after reading the rest, turns out he never was, and never had a Dog to pursue him.

I'm still keeping the term show, though.