FYI | Reviewer: Jay Sharp | 11/4/11

blissed and gone was a smashing pumpkins song billy released on the
"still becoming apart" EP which was given away with machina to the
first lucky pre-order fans. It is a heartbreaking EP containing many
small photos of all the band members (but not many of billy) and there
is a demo instrumental called "hope" recorded in 1988 - just two
delayed guitars for 3 minutes... and blissed + gone. The masterpiece in my humble opinion. The album version
contains less lyrics but live he sang "I had no voice
I had no drive
I had no choice
I've done my time
I had myself
Had my band
I had my love
Had no hand in watching it all fall apart "

as indicated in this transcription above. I recommend the "live at constitution hall" MP3 of this song from Philly. Just him an and acoustic guitar. And it slays me.

it would get me every time. I highly suggest you check out the "band" version. (it sounds like just billy with a drum machine to me) from the Still becoming apart EP. It sounds like an
adore era b side... also blissed + gone is "17 seconds" the 17 seconds of piano that closes the adore album- it's the same song!)

Awesome. Still going as a band but oh how the public should've listened more. | Reviewer: Nicholas | 12/9/10

I've only just tracked down the Greatest Hits album with the Judas O bonus disc and if Billy Corgan can deem half of these songs not good enough for an album/single then it just indicates what a genius the man is. It grieves me that this song hasn't been heard more widely. It must grieve him more. Pure beauty. Thanks, Billy.

agree | Reviewer: cc | 3/14/07

this is an awesome song, your right easily should have been an album track, good enough to have been a single i'd say. Highly underrated song, as with alot of other pumpkin songs, give it a chance.

Blissed and Gone by the Smashing Pumpkins | Reviewer: Lincoln | 4/15/06

This is an awsome song, if u get a chance download it, it should have been on an actual real album like, adore. Instead of on the greatest hits second disc, is a fabulous song :)