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Performed by Slipknot

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Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/10

Nice, but you got a LOT of the lyrics wrong. The line you put as "You shouldn't wall us up with your apathy, but you did and now you're only growing enemies" is actually "You should have made us all with your empathy, but you didn't; now you're only growing enemies." And the line where you put "I'll sum it up with the best of amount of brevity" is actually "I'll sum it up with the best of my ability."

slip of a down | Reviewer: JAVI | 3/3/08

wow wow??? system of a down does NOT suck they kick ass but if u mean slipknot is way better than them i dont disagree and the cool thing about these two band is that they're good friends with eachother

oh yeah by the way kick ass song

Amazing song | Reviewer: chad | 11/27/07

I love old slipknot but this song is possibly my favorite of all, it sticks with there older style of music with some new variations. STAY SIC MAGGOTS!

kick ass | Reviewer: Stephhh | 5/12/07

this song kicks ass
i love it
the lyrics really say somthing you know
i dont agree
with the guy who mentioned system of a down, they suck
no oofence


Welcome - Slipknot | Reviewer: Sic6Sic | 5/3/07

Awesome song!! It's very sublime lyrics, and that's what i like about the knot. ROCK ON MAGGOTS!!! STAY SIC!

welcome is awesome! | Reviewer: David | 8/5/05

its fast and gets you in that mood where you just have to bang your head. its one of my favorite slipknot songs, personally, and if you dont like it, YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN MUSIC!

Slipknot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/05

this song rox, it means alot if you hear it, along with chop sue by system of a down, i suggest hearing both

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