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Performed by Slipknot

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M.A.G.G.O.T. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

I truly love this song. I dunno if i like pt1 or 2 better, but they both are completely awesome. I hate, though, when people say that they are true Slipknot fans when they only know like one song or two, and can't name even one member. Shame on them! As for the Knot; ROCK ON!!!

ExLover <//3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

I Love This Song So Much. On My iTunes I Have About 500 Odd Plays On It. I Play It Over And Over Again. I Just Love It That Much. I Think That The Song Has Alot And I Mean, Alot Of Meaning. Even Thought I'm A Girl, It Still Reminds Me Of Past Memories. Of Boy Friends And Girl Friends, And Even Just Friends.
This Has Got To Be The Best Song Sune By Slipknot. Or, To Be Fairly Honest, I Think That It Is The Best Song In The World.

.... | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/9/08

This song seems so sad yet relaxing. It always reminds me of an ex of mine. (won't let this build up inside of me) cuz of all the pain and anger i felt towards her when she left me for a good friend of mine.

this is... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/08

this is the best song of slipknot
well part 1 and part 2
i think the lyrics are so hard but at the same time soft and have a lot of meanin
i dont know but i cant stop singin this song and playin it in my guitar
i love slipknot!!!

VP2-this song reminds me of Joe Cripps | Reviewer: Alma Sky | 4/2/08

i stiil remember that day in freshmen year when i was singing vp2 in my algebra class and joe came out of nowhere and asked me what i was doing and i just told him that i was singing vp2 and he asked me to sing it again but i was shy and said he ended up playing it on the guitar for basically what i'm trying to say is that, it brings back good memories...hehe

maggot 4 life!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: anje | 3/28/08

yeah its true slipknot is known 4 their heavy music but its good that they showed a different side of them i love this song its great...u know what pisses me of when ppl say corey cant sing WTF? if he couldnt sing they wouldnt have accepted him 2 be in the band in the first place....SLIPKNOT 4 EVA!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!

Beautifull | Reviewer: M. | 2/11/08

I'm not a hardcore slipknot-fan. Though I like their music a lot. The song itself is brilliant, for slipknot to come up with an accoustic song. Corey has the vocal capability's to do strong, soft songs (For example, listen to him in Stone Sour). I don't know who does the guitarwork in this song, but it's melodic. I'm not into guitar myself, and I don't know if the guitarwork in this song is hard to play, or complex... Or maybe even "Too easy". But, I like it a lot. The lyrics, alonestanding, and as a sequel to Vermilion (pt.1)are also brilliant. Seeing in it, that vermilion is a more aggressive "addiction" to the girl(I, shall call the worshipped one a girl), this more passionate, cooled down version of it works really well.

And alonestanding: Everyone knows how the person in this song must feel, he is litteraly addicted to a person he cannot reach, no-one can reach.

Love | Reviewer: Michele | 1/18/08

this song reminds me my first kiss with my girlfriend makes me cry...i hate to say it...but it makes me cry

well done | Reviewer: J.T | 1/13/08

slipknot i must say brilliant work. i am a massive fan. i loved the nameless but this is my favourite. this isnt just a song its a work of art. corry taylor you are brilliant and to all the members of slipknot i bow my head fantastic.

Pure Artistry. | Reviewer: Miana | 1/6/08

I Like That Slipknot Showed A Different Side Of Their Music In This Song. The Heavier Stuff Is Great, But This Also Shows That They Are Capable Of Perfecting Other Genre's.

An Acoustic Song With A Slipknot, Like, Twist.

It's Amazing.

Girl | Reviewer: Tweak | 1/5/08

this song reminds me of the best person in my life,shes always wearing my clothes (she seems dressed in all of me). not sure but it just reminds me of her. always on my mind.


urm.. | Reviewer: nikkii, | 11/27/07

to kraw.
if every slipknot song was like this, then it wouldn't be slipknot. slipknot are known for their heavier stuff, not soft ones. but i hav to agree, it is an amazing song ^^

nice song | Reviewer: kmy | 11/7/07

Ii think is a nice song.... is very very soft.. ^^ and *heheehehe* all the people have a perfect love ¿?... this people no is real, but stay in your dreams.... and you can't make real... u_U
and hurt you.. hahahahhahaahahahhaa!!!
slipknot is very cool!!!! i love the other part vermillion 1... she is like me.... i don't know! ^^
i feel me like her!

good... I love slipknot!! yea!! hahahah

dont get soft | Reviewer: Cooper | 8/22/07

people..people dont get soft yes it is a good song actually a great song but dont forget all of the otheer great songs from slipknot such as opium of the people the nameless and such...

Maggots 4 life mother F#$KER

joc | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

well the slipknot is a group really evil well i like as do the hardcor music is really fantastic..!

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