Reviews for Vermillion pt. 2 Lyrics

Performed by Slipknot

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WOOT! | Reviewer: Kraw | 6/24/07

This is easily one of my favorite songs by slipknot even though I grew up listening to their heavy songs. If slipknot makes another album I'm hoping that they'll put more songs like this one on it!

... | Reviewer: abel sephaos | 6/25/07

beautiful song, something all striving musicians should take notice of.
im just starting to learn to play guitar after four years of playing keyboard, and when i heard this song, i broke into tears.
im emotional, i cant help it.
this song reminds my of my past and stuff, and i would recomend this song to anyone.
keep rockin,metal heads

Great song | Reviewer: andrew | 5/25/07

This song is amazing. It's my favortie slipknot song. I could listen to it for hours. I found a mistake in the lyrics though. it says "seaped through and covered me" when it should be leaked through and covered me. Otherwise great song.

Damn... | Reviewer: Some Chick | 4/26/07

This song proves that SlipKnoT is insanely talented because they know how to do the hardcore stuff as well as the slower music. Also, you have to be really good musicians to make one be overfilled with sorrow just by hearing the first few notes of a song. This song recalls memories and emotions stronger than scent. This song is not my favorite by them, but it is damn near close.

Bob? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/07

Hmm.. Slipknot Is A Good Band But I Think This Would Be one of the best songs. They aren't screaming or anything which is good. Roock On!

wicked | Reviewer: some random slipknot lover | 8/28/06

This song is awesome, my fav slipknot song. I love it the vocals are awesome, they go great wit th acoustic guitars, there's the sadness that i can relate to and that i love. Slipknot are awesome, rock on!

brilliant | Reviewer: Doesn't matter | 11/9/05

Another simply mind-blowing Slipknot song. This was actually their first song I've ever listened to and ever since that moment, I've been hooked to this band. The vocals are fucking great and the song is definetly successful at conveying an overall tone of sadness that I can relate to. But I won't let this build up inside of me...

FaNtAsTiC Or WoT!!!!!! | Reviewer: antonia | 9/2/05

this song is absolutely amazin...all slipknots songs are obviousley!!! the lyrics are meaninful and astonashin..the best song iv hurd lately... n cumin from a lass i gota say that chris sid n joey r all sexy f**k**s (obviousley chris is the hottest x) anyways sori 2 blab on.. this song is brilliant an d thats it i suppose.. keep listenin 2 slipknot hunis.. bye 4 now xxx love u chris lol x oh 1 maore thin.. the actual music n simphony is brilliand n moreish... x 10 outa 10 its amazin.. xxx

love this song | Reviewer: Kyle watson | 11/18/04

Man slipknot i LOve u all well sorry it can be longer got to go.

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