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Performed by Slipknot

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Scared for being a bad person | Reviewer: Antisocial | 3/31/13

I won't let this build up inside of me is simply the words you say when a psychotic idea turns in an obsession, i pass the same thing when i dreamed about dying burned, i din't wanted this build up something on me, now i'm pyromaniac, and obsessed with dying by falling, and i'm only 19 years old, i feel some fear and i think the writer feels the same...

Deviation of sex | Reviewer: Sloit | 4/7/10

I think you all are trying to explain this song thinking too logically: i think it is just about the pervert feelings, the possesivity and the compulsiveness a man can have dealing with a girl.
Human being is capable of insane thoughts, specially related to sex.

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

This song is great because this is exactly what I did with my ex. I built her to be something she wasn't, and when I finally had her, she wasn't all I had thought she would be. Of course that was impossible because nobody could live up to the extreme standards I had set for her. Now she's gone and I realize she came damn close to my semi-godlike expectations. But it's too late.

idealized | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

He has idealized her into a perfect person, cognatively knowing she is not (she isn't real....I can't make her real) He despises perfection, thus despises her. He wants to own and control her because he beleives her to be superior to himself. The Line "I won't let this build up inside of me.." repeated is, in my mind, akin to a mad man repeating over and over to himself that he is not mad. It clearly has built up inside of him, and he wants to possess her. Couple that with the imagery from the second song and video, and the process of possessing her kills the perceived image, hence the floating corpse. Without the perception, she is lifeless, a mere mortal. Anyway, just my take.

amazing | Reviewer: SomeBody | 12/16/09

It's a song with an absolutely amazing sence, it took me long to understan it, but the farther i understood the more logic it was!
I see it this way and can believe in no other:
the singer talks about himself, he's a famous man and he's wanted, rich, cool. But more more a ghost builds inside of him that makes him understand that with all the sex he had and all the fun he made he found nothin g important in his life because he didn't ever truely love, and this is the aphid attraction he is beeing exposed to : he WANTS what he doesn't succed to find. The song is about love undoubtfully.
The most amazing part is that Vermilion Pt.2 grows in me the feeling he talks about, the need in a female with a pure heart and it really eats me from inside.

the sorrow | Reviewer: AnOnYm0uS | 11/19/09

I think this song is about someone that desires a woman so hard he fantasizes about her (enter the night that she came home/It's now or never that she comes home), but know it will never happen (she isn't real, I can't make her real), and that gives him sorrow mixed with attraction (aphid attraction/she's the only one that makes me sad)

LOL WTF? | Reviewer: never mind | 10/20/09

Trina wrote: I believe there is a space of colour where light travels into a hit of darkness and all the sight of eternal rain reds doubt through the cages of chamber. The wakes of the wizzards believe the calenders will grow back together for thier start up fate and all merrige is still.....I believe.

OKAAAAYYY?? what the hell?

Symbolic in so many ways | Reviewer: Miles | 8/20/09

This song reminds me of someone who i loved the most, then got broken by.

I won't let this build up inside of me: Forcing down the rage and pain
get nervous, perverse, when I see her it's worse: Tension and hate after the breaking

She is something in me that I despise: I can't forget her, can't forgive her
Hard to say what caught my attention: I still don't know why I dated her

She isn't real: Moving and believing she never existed

Hidden lyrics/inward scream. | Reviewer: buttsecks | 5/17/09

10second inward scream in the last minute of the song with build up inside of me. Next, there is obviously hidden lyrics with coreys voice muttering words during him scream sad atfer each verse..I know he says after verse too(right before "Hard to say what caught my attention")he is saying 'My imagination come alive...come alive...come aliiiiiiiive!" but the first one he is saying full sentences...

desk top | Reviewer: Trina | 5/11/09

I believe there is a space of colour where light travels into a hit of darkness and all the sight of eternal rain reds doubt through the cages of chamber. The wakes of the wizzards believe the calenders will grow back together for thier start up fate and all merrige is still.....I believe

I won't let this build up inside of me ... | Reviewer: LoreSlash | 5/5/09

ehi CEd, I'm in the same situation...but the differance is only that I can't stay without her...I don't know....but I think I love her...for me, she's not the only that make me sad...she's the only I live for...I love her...a lot...this song make me pensive...I'm thinking about every moment I passed with her...and I cry everytime, 'cause If I think that probably I'll never pass this moment, I feel lack...I hope you can feel better in next day, 'cause I can undestand you...bye

She's the only one that makes me sad... | Reviewer: CEd | 2/14/09

This song is so great because I liked a girl and we kept on going on and off and having stupid little fights, and now we're not together, but all I can think of is her and it's almost like torture. My head feels compressed and my mind feels alone when I listen to this song, and my favorite part is She's the only one that makes me sad, because she IS the only one that makes me sad. And I'm always wondering if she still likes me and the part SHe isn't real, I can't make her real always hits me hard.

she isnt real!!! | Reviewer: behzad | 2/5/09

This song is so awesome just like the first sadness of origin being of mankind
I remember when I heard it for first time…this song fucked my brain and exploded cells of my brain
Both songs are masterwork but I love pt 2 more than pt 1
I am a high student and 3 weeks ago I knew a girl in my classroom that she was exactly like her (I mean slipknot girl actor)
And we are with each other now
And it is fantastic to me
That’s night heard this song for first time I was with 2 my friends we were smoked hashish
But I believe that we cant stay together in future. because she isn’t real to me and I cant make her real.
Thanks to slipknot and its friends and every body who love it
My name is behzad from iran

This song just got a hell of a lot more significant | Reviewer: rejecteddude | 2/4/09

Well, the girl that I was into, and really thought was into me, just told me shes not. I already got this song, but now it has a whole new meaning to me. "She isn't real" is about my conception of her liking me is a lie. Now I can't stop listening to this song.

the color | Reviewer: Fire | 11/17/08

Vermilion is a shade of red which is tru. but i think its most ultimate shade of orange it is a type of cinnabar in powder form. A note futher forth says that Vermilion is TOXIC. so it goes to show Jenna with her review from 8/30/2007 is the most correct in its meaning. perhaps you have it correct for its purpose of being written. but as Janna said they become so obbcessed it kills them much like a toxic, if you are around it long enough it will slowly kill you (some toxics more quickly than others though...)

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