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Performed by Slipknot

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What a Song | Reviewer: Negative Creep | 7/13/13

I've been through a hell complicated relationship with a metalhead girl. She has a long distance boyfriend out there. But one moment we caught each other drowning in love. And I felt really bad, then I decide to walk away, fade out. She said that she hates me after that. I just don't wanna break someone's relationship, even tought I still in love with her.

And this song... Complete the whole story....

perfectly described | Reviewer: Holly | 5/3/13

so my log distance boyfriend sent it to me this song not long ago..he told me he cries every time he listens to it cause it makes him think about me.

We've been together for 2 years and we have just seen 3 times.

And you have no idea how much meaning has this song after 11 months without seeing him.

strange but true | Reviewer: his future wifey | 12/11/12

My story... This song?? My bf put the chorus of this song on his fb status and
I didn't even know that it was a song until one day I was listening to music and this song came on... And I looked up the lyrics called him and asked him about the song and if he thought about me when he listened to it and he said yesss.
Our relationship didn't start out on the most stable terms because he had a gr but didn't wanna be with her anymore and I knew this but didn't want him to break up with her for me. Because if he didn't want to be with.her I wanted him to decide on his own.. that is the sad part and the she isn't real part that cause no one knew about how he felt about me but me... But we are together now and devoted 100%

in love with someone who is just out of your reach | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/12

I think this song is about being in love with someone who is just out of your reach, but their face never ceases to haunt you. I can relate to this because the exact thing is happening to me at the moment. Slipknot write songs for their fans, telling them that they are not alone in all of the feelings that make a person hurt inside. Thank you Slipknot you are truly a great group of people, and very misunderstood by people outside of the metalhead community

grow up | Reviewer: Anon | 12/26/11

Im not a huge Slipknot fan, like maybe three songs off of Vol.3, but the lyrical and instrumental style and speed of this song makes it one of my favorite sad songs. Its great for a depressed day or in the midst of heartache.
that said, the internet is not a place where grammar and spelling matter. School, work correspondence: these places are suitable for scrutiny. but the internet, especially blogs, forums and comments, do not require this level of attention to detail. ive dropped first letter capitalization and only spell check in this paragraph what firefox does easily. my grammar is a product of school and proper rearing (in America!...i know!)
If the only argument you can come up with is grammar or spelling; age; or calling them something pertaining to fag or justin beiber/jonas brother fan instead of directly addressing the issue at hand, i sincerely hope your ad hominem reliant ass gets savagely beaten. I doubt it will, though, as these people generally do not have the balls to troll like this in real life.
Have fun:)

Vermillion | Reviewer: Tilak dhungel.. | 12/25/11

Itr 1 of ma fav numbr by m in luv wid a gurl whu is engage with anadr guy..c'z ma luv in ma drem..but shit c'nt make hr real...i alwaz miss her wenebr i lsn to dis numbr n strt luvin hr stl m hpy dt c'z ma best frn
luv u misS perfct...

Best Slipknot song ever | Reviewer: Eric | 8/3/11

This song got me through one of the toughest break-ups Ive ever gone through with the mother of my son. Slipknot in general has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life. Plus they absolutely rock in concert!

Another Nail in My Heart | Reviewer: Jim | 5/3/11

Slipknot, especially on All Hope is Gone, know how it feels sometimes. This song, however, sums me up completely. And I think it is true of many men who have to watch from afar, for that one love that is out of reach, but it plagues our nightmares every night. And Slipknot doesn't candy-coat things, they go right to the matter of the material.

The way i see it. | Reviewer: Victor | 12/31/10

I think the song is about a perfect woman living in his mind,that's perfect from many ponts of view,yet she doesn't exist,she's just in his head,and that's why she's making him the end,he understands,he has to get rid of her;he doesn't want her to continue to grow inside of him,thus bringing him pain.

Stalking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

ITs about a Stalker who was all intsely taken by her in the first part and now he finaly went thru with meeting her from the first part and he killed her cause it could never be and now its the sorrow of killing her for himself

simply awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

this song i can relate to my life has so much to do with this song it not even funny this is probably my favourite song from slipknot becuase it has a meaning so powerful that it can relate to so many things its amazing

It used to be me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/09

This song hits home for me. It employs a construct that can somehow be applied in a number of situations without flaw. I think its lack of actual specifics and its plethora of specific abstracts allows for this.

My husband and I finally married after eleven years of unrequited love of some sort. He played this song for me tonight. "This was one of my songs about you," he said, "from before."

After it finished, I told him, "I'm real. You made me real."

He smiled and replied, "Like I said, it's from before."

Vermilion Part 2. | Reviewer: KornieMaggot | 8/29/09

This song really hits me hard when I listen to it. It is a very powerful yet soft song which depicts a man who has told a woman of his love for her, but her decline has him confused at why she can't love him back.

Stay (sic) Maggots.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Maggot Bastard | 8/6/09

Im Always Into The Black Metal Bands N Shit. But Nothing Beats The Nu Metal Of Slipknot. Slipknots My Favorite Band. This Song Is Awesome I Love Singing It Itz Beautiful. The Bloodstone Mix Is Awesome Too.

Amazing song, but not their best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

This is, in my opinion, their most EMOTIONAL song, so far. I can definately see where people would make this their favorite because of that reason alone. But to the newer fans, you've got to check everything out! Purity was amazing as well. Slipknot is a very well rounded band with amazing talent coming from everyone. I'm loving that they've changed their sound per album.

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