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Performed by Slipknot

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calm down | Reviewer: mike | 1/4/10

Look, this is ridiculas. This has just turned into people mocking religion. Slipknot are defo not a saitanic band lol, you would have to be stupid to think so, and to the guy tht says they are a perfect band, you could nt be more wrong. They are a good band bt they are certianly nt perfect. Anyway, slipknot arent anyware near as good as the lesser known bands like, i would set myself on fire for you, so calm down people and stop acting like kids

=_________='' | Reviewer: Chaos | 11/21/09

Jesus some tards out there.. Must you call satan to every1 who i´sn´t constantly with a cross cramed up they´re asses screaming aleluia??? What if they were? you don´t like it don´t listen.. don´t go cramming all your religious crap into everywhere keep it to yourself leave every1 with they´re beliefs and tastes.. personally I only belief in Jebus...

the heretic anthem | Reviewer: Lonnie mothafucking Waldron | 11/1/09

To the dude that said slipknot are satanic cuz of the heretic anthem ur a dumbass, you should really look up the meansing before just assuming, and besides Corey Taylor the singer is a christian so get ur facts straight before talking

Lyrics-not religion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

I'm no advanced thinking philosopher, but i guess that most of Slipknot's lyrics are open to multiple interpretations in such a way that almost any fucker can relate to it, example, I have two major fuck up tests this week and it sure as hell feels like "Breathing in Sulfur"...

"You don't always know where you stand 'til you know that won't run away"
Physically, theoretically, practically, if you're standing in one place at a moment in space and time and suddenly change your position or "run away" it stands to reason, you're no more in that place anymore. Keep on doing that and you'll never always know where you are. Take that metaphor, blow it out, and apply it to your system of beliefs, values, morals, integrity and you'll pretty much guess what this song is about. But then again that's just how i see it. Anyone who listens to this song would interpret it differently if they thought about it, because the lyrics are written that way...

Time for a real review, for a change. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/09

This song seems to be about nothing in particular, but the lyrics are still very enjoyable. I can see that the verses follow a specific theme, but it's hard to put a finger on it. When I listen to this song, I picture a convict sitting on a bench in prison reflecting on his previous deeds.

"The longest moments you'll have in your life are the ones you'll sit through to know if you're right"

He seems to have an idea of what's going to happen, but hopes he isn't right.

"So I wait, and I pray that I'm wrong, because I think I know what's going on"

The words in the chorus seem to suggest that he has found, or is finding a strong standpoint upon which to make his move.

"You don't always know where you stand 'til you know that you won't run away"

The feeling like breathing in sulfur doesn't ring any bells for me, but it makes for some good lyrics.

And Ditto, just sit in your corner. You're giving all us other religious people a bad reputation.

the best band ever | Reviewer: justin | 8/24/09

all of u religious fuckwads need to stop posting reviews about this band they r one of the best in the world and this song is mor depression than satanic so get the dick out ur mouth and actually feel the song its a beautiful song if u understand the ones that dont r the ones that constantly call it satanic so plz get a fucking life they're songs (just as with S.O.A.D.) r meant 2 have a deeper undermeaning beneath the hardcore rocking so listen closely

my mind.. | Reviewer: Tuukka172 | 8/16/09

slipknot is not satanic? im 12 years old and ive started listening slipknot when i were 7yr old.Im not those guys like "666 or die" . slipknot is fucking good music and i like it,the other bands i listen is lamb of god,metallica and sometimes something really slower like alphaville....but this song is one of the best slipknot songs,lyrics are great,thats my couple dusty cents for ya,agree or not!

hahahahahahahaha | Reviewer: jake | 8/17/09

you guys are stupid, slipknot isnt that awsome, thier new album is terrible. and thier not satanic first of all. they are tallented, but they are still band. i guarentee that slipknot becomes either hardcore, or grindcore very very soon, so whoever is in love with slipknot better like hardcore and grindcore because its comming and you guys dont even know it.

Open your eyes, people! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/09

This whole "Slipknot are of Satan" thing is just getting old. I'm Christian myself, but I know that any references to Satanism in Slipknot's music or looks are just a ploy to get the attention of the masses. I've been listening to Slipknot for years now, and nothing has come up that's ever bothered me. In the grand scheme of things, only about 2 out of 30 bands are actually devil worshipers, and if anyone out of Slipknot were into that stuff, it would probably just be Craig. But again, it's probably just a part of the image. As for the masks, who cares? It just looks cool! They've never technically had a pentagram on the uniforms. A pentagram has only five points, while Slipknot's star has nine, merely to represent the nine members of the band! It's all just marketing ploys! And as far as I know, there's nothing in the bible about secular music. It's not like God will just say "Thou shall not listen to Iron Maiden". Some people just don't realize that having a religion doesn't require you to completely close your mind off from everything else. And I must admit, those kind of people annoy me to no end, regardless of sharing a common religion. And to those who think they know that we're all the same thing, no, we are not all extremists, and no, we are not all Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses. Yes, we believe in God, but most of us try not to cram it down everyone's throats. It's not like every Christian in the world will come crashing through your wall like the Kool-aid guy and say "DO YOU KNOW OF MY RELIGION!?!". Those people just give the whole community a bad name. Getting back on track, how 'bout that Slipknot?

great song | Reviewer: anamull | 7/21/09

Slipknot has great talent and give it their all.I lol'd at the the bible humper reviewing this song of an atheist band.Dosent your book say not to listen to music of the world? No offence but christians make me sick.All hope is gone is an excellent album and i hope they keep making music for as long as they can.No other band interacts with the crowd as much as Slipknot.And if you listen to their interviews they're not dumb or insane they're actually very smart and i respect that.

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