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Performed by Slipknot

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lol oh dear.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/07

''Slipknot is Nu Metal and Green Day is Punk Rock''
slipknot are fuck loads better than greenday yeh, but dont go callin greenday punk rock, its an insult to the real punk rock bands like the sex pistols, greenday are wimpy rock nearing emo.

^^ -squee- | Reviewer: Aceangel | 12/7/07

I learned this song, it's great! I can't stand Greenday, but okay. This song and video is awesome, I gots it on my iPod ^^. Go Slipknot.


you should remember | Reviewer: Diego | 12/6/07

Everyone should remeber this song was dedicated by the cory tailor himself to fred durst when the "sad man behind blue eyes" said that all slikpnot fans are chubby boys...i believe fred should go to jail

InHuman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

hahaha i swear slipknots got 1 of the strongest fan bases, if u go on youtube or myspace its always "STAY (SIC) MAGGOTS!" and my opinyon.. FUCKIN OATH! greatest band fuckin eva!.. heard there bringing out a new album next yr.. screw downloadin it.. they earned my money

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

i love this song trying to memerize it right now but why would anyone come to a slipknot song thing and say "greenday rules and slipknot sux" i love all music and even aaron carter but slipknot IS FUCKING AWESOME and i love this song with a burning passion but dissin slipknot on a slipknots lyrics page is uncalled for and us slipknot fans dont need to defend slipknots awesomeness by saying "fuck you haters" and that shit we dont need to defend them they fucking rock this song is against people that hate them so the dude that is "slipknot sux" already got told off so yeah ima go do sumtin

Wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/07

What the hell does Green Day have to do with Slipknot? They're two totally different genres. Slipknot is Nu Metal and Green Day is Punk Rock. You can't compare those two. Yea, you may prefer one over the other, but you can't necessarily say anything about one owning the other because they are not within the same genre.

I Fukn Love Slipknot! | Reviewer: Slipknot's Wife | 11/1/07

Songs good, but have U seen the fukn video!? Anyways, Spit It Out's the shit but U gotta love Wait and Bleed and, of course, Before I Forget (favorite video). I LOVE U SLIPKNOT! AND GREENDAY CAN KISS MY ASS!

Green Day owns | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

I mean this is a good band but by far Green Day owns these people, Green Day has been going for over 17 yrs

hell yeah!!! | Reviewer: MaggotBrain | 10/25/07

Damn I love this song! Best part is, everytime I'm ticked off, play this song, jump about to the beat, scream out some of the lyrics n I feel better. Only song that comes even remotely close to being as good as Spit it Out (it's my favourite Slipknot song, so no song is better than it), is "Before I forget", n next to that (in my opinion) would have to be "eyeless".

PS. the lyrics that came with the Slipknot ST album that I have does have the last line written as "Fuck me, I'm all out of enemas" not "I'm all out of enemies"

Hell yeah! | Reviewer: MaggotBrain | 10/25/07

This is definitely my favourite Slipknot song! Gotta love it. Only thing with your lyrics as someone else said earlier, the last line with "fuck me" is "Fuck me, I'm all out of enemas" not "fuck me, i'm all out of enemies".


WTF? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

WTF?if u say one more time somthing about jew pepole...u motherfucker...p.S-Slipknot rocks =D

hmm | Reviewer: Maggot for LIFE! | 10/8/07

I guess they made this song after the Critisism from Greenday, Korn, Mushroomhead and Limp Bizkit. I would seriously find some where very far away and hard to find if they said this to me. This is my deffinate favourite song, alot of hate in this one ;). I'd say that Shawn (The Clown) wrote this song, judging by his reactions to the critisism by those ameture bands, I wouldn't be surprised if he beat one of them senseless again. Gotta love this song. \m/

Fuck yeah | Reviewer: W1ll | 9/17/07

God damnit fuck yeah, you mother fucking haters, SlipKnoT own your god damn ass you motherfucking jewish peices of shit fuck yeah, p.s. if you play runescape add me:


thats my runescape name. my email =

Search my old pure's runescape pk vid hes perm banned though but was a good mauler. Look on search


Maggot for life, bitch.

hell ya | Reviewer: iowa born maggot | 7/24/07

this song is totaly about all the mother fuckers from the radio that turned them down because they were not big or good enough. def a good song.

SlipKnoT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

Slipknot is such an amazing band. This is defo my fav song as i know it word for word now. Would loveeee for them to come to Scotland in the future. Fuck all you haters!

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