Reviews for Spit It Out Lyrics

Performed by Slipknot

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Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/10

All your religious fags out there commenting on this, go do something else with your time. Go pray about your sins or w.e you people do. Religion is to control the masses and look at the little donkeys following along with it.

Not Satanic | Reviewer: Yeah | 5/14/10

I am a agnostic atheist but i have done my fair share of 14 years (age) look up psychosocial by slipknot they say "But no one else can see the preservation of the MARTYR in me" Martyr= Dying for religious beliefs they have never said any thing negative toward christian they may actually be Christian so any hating fag marricones out there if you want satans musito judge take your jesus freak ass to some norwegian black metal they burn churches and say lyrics literally Fuck Jesus hail Satan the chorus might even jus b satans name . So before you try to judge religion reguarding to music do your research its not Satanic metal its simply hardcore/thrash metal no offense to any religion but im 14 and i know this is a dumb conversation i cant even look up lyrics without some dumb fuck making an insult . Let your balls drop kiddies any one who this dont apply to sorry for the profane language grow a pair and grow up!

Respect | Reviewer: Andrew | 5/12/10

It's funny how many people use this review space to judge upon a band on not how high the quality of their music is, but on how they are as people. Though I am not Christian, I think there is a verse in the Bible that says "judge not least ye be judged". In my opinion, if you don't like or don't know anything about a certain people, then give it your respect by not commenting. Also, if you don't know what you are talking about (ie I'M Jesus when talking about satanism)you should really first look up the suggested material before speaking your mind.

Dear I'M Jesus | Reviewer: ray Lewis | 5/12/10

Satanist DONT tourture children and kill innocent animals. if u read their bible/rule book, what ever you want to call it, the first rule is Thou shall not harm children, the 5th rule is thou shall not kill animals without reason, mostly for hunting or self defense. if u werent such a one sided retard you would have atleast looked insted of going by your own belifes. And (if there was a god) he would be forgiving and understanding, unlike you who judge people by there belifes and the type of music they listen to. BTW this is a great song, i just wish though uptight Extremeist bastards didnt have to comment and make everyhting worse

I'M Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/10


I just want to tell all satanists that torture childs and kill innocent animals for satan that god will get you! noone can stand up to gods powers, and shuld not. god is good and you shuld love him. Now, let us all PRAY for god sake!!

Bye // Jesus

Fucking pathetic | Reviewer: Matthew | 4/28/10

Seriously, you Christians who want to comment on these lyrics saying that Slipknot are demonic or whatever....FUCK OFF!!! you are wasting your time and are just fucking pathetic, now i know not every Christian think this but all of you who are saying this just please piss off and leave it, no one really gives a fuck because in the end ITS JUST MUSIC :)

What The Heck? | Reviewer: Michael | 4/23/10

These reviews are about the songs and the band, not for people who are disrespecting the work that these people put out. If your Christian and don't like this, don't look it up. Hell if you don't like it at all, just dont comment. Let It Be.
Otherwise? Never known the lyrics, but now that I know them? Kickass song

voices | Reviewer: kieran | 4/2/10

if you dont like the song dont listen to it.
you maybe entitled to your opinion but dont tell it to us and also that rule doesn't apply here for you 12 year old fags.
this is a great song i think you should listen to some other music before you start talking crap about this.

u must be retarted | Reviewer: insanity594 | 4/7/10

y the fuck r there always retarted arguments in lyric comments yea slipknot kicks ass but who gives two fucks about maggots...juggalos...or whatever other fucking pussy ass groopie klan ur a part of u think ur fucking hardcore?!?!? y???? cuzz u r one out of a shit-ton of people who listen to a famous band ""fuck all u haters"" FUCK YOU WHAT THE FUCK R U GONNA DO ABOUT IT COCKSUCKERS?!?!?!?!? if u think ur badass cuzz ur part of a group of people that idolize a band then U MUST BE FUCKING RETARTED!!!!!!!!!!! ecverybody idolizes some band!!! being a maggot dosent make u badass it just makes u sound retarted when u get into a fucking "comment war" SO FUCK ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!!

slipknot | Reviewer: londoner | 4/8/10

slipknot is one of the est hevey metal bands in the wold, and in my opinion, if u dont like slipknot or hevey metal, they why the hell are u lookin up their lyrics??? just to diss em ??? well thats kinda sad dont you think. the lyrics by slipknot, are the same as rap, but just sung in different forms. its a small world out there.

if u dnt like it, y r u here commenting? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/10

its funny to see all these christians who do not like the music talking about, if u do not like it then y r u even on this page? seems very sterotypicly religous to stick ur nose in somewhere you dnt like and dnt agree with to force your views and beliefs upon ppl, i am not religous, but i can respect the views and beliefs of those who r, but the majority of them do themselfs no favours by playing to the sterotype

I Give in! | Reviewer: Joe | 4/7/10

I'm realy sorry about my shit that I caused. My fab. Song by ct is I'm not Jesus. It says that ct got raped/ abused by a priest, when he was 11-12 savelagy . And that's why the way he is now. In inspires u realy alot. By the way he wrote the song Corey Taylor is a Cristian belivdd it or not ! Also w8 and bleed is great! Ps to to dragonforce fans, zp left!

Well I hope u forgive me!

ffs | Reviewer: metallica lover <3 | 4/2/10

come on people, if you dont like hevey metal bands, why are you googlein them and commentin on their lyrics ? if you dont like hevey metal, dont search it !!! personally, i love slipknot and think they make amazin lyrics that are powerful and meen alot to somne people,
just let people be who they are, and dont try to change some one !

arguments about the lyrics | Reviewer: Michael | 4/2/10

I am a christian and listen to slipknot even though most people think of it as demonic. and if you believe you can't believe in god if you listen to slipknot or any other band like them then that is something you believe. i don't have a problem with you saying anything about the lyrics. in all honesty i ddon't think it calls for people arguing about it.

Erm, that "Joey" kid. | Reviewer: rozejukes | 3/29/10

"chris=an durty phat whore. fuk chris u pobly rape yo mama u bitchbag. u dont need 2 critisize me just cuz im a christian. u slut fag. u r a sick sikc lil' lesbian girl. stay (sic). exept 4 chris! go 2 hell chris"

Please, oh please, learn to spell.
Maybe people would consider taking your criticism as an insult if they could possibly read it.

I doubt I'm the only one when I say your post made NO SENSE to me.


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