Reviews for Spit It Out Lyrics

Performed by Slipknot

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u got it all rong! | Reviewer: kyle | 3/19/10

i am joes frend.... slipknot is shit, and joe never said that hearing corey taylor sing made u a bad purson! fuk off anamous and chris and u other fukerz who think god dont exist! go watch porn or sumthing. ps anomous u aint christian at all! slipknot is fuked up,shit faced, group of jackasses. ps ct has killed ppl before.

-_- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/10

You know what? This is ludicrous. I happen to be christian and LOVE slipknot.
and don't appreciate the insults.
But it's retarded to think that hearing Corey Taylor sing makes you a bad person. I, Joe, think you need to get the fuck off of your soapbox and go listen to dragonforce and get your little 12 year old ass out of my classroom, STAT.

This is kinda funny, actually | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/10

The irony of all this is, these morons saying all this shit about Corey Taylor's cursing habits and spewing immature insults at everyone are the subject of this particular song. So to all you 12 year old jackasses, or at least one in particular, actually read the lyrics before you post your dumb shit and become the very thing the song you're reviewing is talking about. Who else thinks Corey Taylor would laugh his ass off if he read this shit these idiots are posting?

Intelligence is expressed through correct language | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/10

Not this stupid internet slang text shit. Or whatever the fuck it is. And joey? I'm sure Corey Taylor will never in his life read your dumbass review. I'm also sure he won't care if you think he curses too much. And I'm not sure what you mean by "any who Warships sliknot." I don't think anyone can Warship this thing called sliknot. And after all that bullshit you wrote, or attempted to write with your limited intelligence, you still want Slipknot to check out your band whose name resembles the universally hated Ke$ha (D3m0n $lay0r) and visit your Christian school that obviously has no idea how to teach their students correct spelling or grammar. And are apparently ignorant to the fact that they produce hippocrites. Or maybe they know what they're creating. Who am I to say? Oh and as a side note? Corey Taylor is God. Learn to spell, say "Thou shall not be a fuck face" a few times, and get a life.

...seriously... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/10

I have a strange feeling that you were all intellectually stunted at some point and never learned how to grow up. C. Taylor is an amazing lyricist who has many views on a ton of different subjects, if you are a true fan you would realize its not about "staying sic" its about expression, and understanding...with that said I love slipknot they are a great band, and they can say whatever "swear" words they want, its the beauty of language it is what you want it to be.

Why y'all hatin? | Reviewer: Kenny | 2/4/10

Dude, why y'all hatin in Christians? I love this song and I go to youth group on Wednesdays and church on Sundays. I'm just saying that just cuz we are Christian doesn't mean we don't like to cuss so back off you mofo. We are all the same in gods eyes :)

calm down cunts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

slipknot is a great band, this is a great song, and if the lyrics offend you 12 year old cunts, u shudent listen to it, turn the radio dumbass. and besides that, who has the right to decide what a bad word is? it says no were in the christian bible that the word fuck is bad, its not like there throwin around gd. all im sayin is if u dont like it, turn it, you have that kind of power, but dont bash the music for people who do enjoy it.

joey god doesnt exist | Reviewer: chris | 1/31/10

Well thanks for proving my point you sound like all the other dumbfuck christians throwin out slurs. God doesn't exist. You should get off the internet and go back to Sunday school and let your priest fondle your little dic.

fuk u chris | Reviewer: joey | 1/30/10

chris=an durty phat whore. fuk chris u pobly rape yo mama u bitchbag. u dont need 2 critisize me just cuz im a christian. u slut fag. u r a sick sikc lil' lesbian girl. stay (sic). exept 4 chris! go 2 hell chris

sad | Reviewer: chris | 1/27/10

All you fucks claiming to be maggots and stay sic sound like fucking morons and why the fuck are people talking about being christian no one gives 2 squirts of piss if your a christian. You all need to shut the fuck up and learn how to spell, you all claim to love the band and shit well corey taylor is a poet in his own right and would probably be embarassed that his fans are a bunch of jackoffs that can't spell. If you listen to the lyrics you would also understand the talk a lot about politics and social change and I promise the way you throw around faggot and other slurs would not be appreciated. Your not true fans because you don't understand the message you are all fucks who rebel in being outcast not because of your views but because you think its cool. Look into what it being said and before you claim to be a true fan understand the message. Slipknot is an amazing band. Peace

Review #1928 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

Slipknot are a great fucking band, but they're not the ONLY great band. In metal and rock for example, Metallica, Corey's other band Stone Sour, AC/DC, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Blind Guardian, Dragonforce, Breaking Benjamin, Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, Flaw, Guns n Roses, HIM, Hinder, Hatebreed, Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Korn, etc etc etc. Point is: everyone has their favourites, their likes and their dislikes. Be nice.

also, @internewb: you sound like a pedophile

joey | Reviewer: joe | 1/15/10

its me again. in my pursunal opin0nin,i think Dragonforce is far better than slipknot. i still like slipknot its that when i look up the lirics im seriioulsy ashamed that i listen to them. spit it out al0ne has 33 swear words in it. i meen srsly corey taylor u should cut down on all the swear words and focus on wats 'more impotant:God. i mean ifur Achistn ur life changes alot.corey T. u shuld be gettin a l etter frm harrisburg pa. g2g ps. any who Warships sliknot is a GAY BISEXUAL WHORE WHO STIL SUKS THER MUMS TITTS!! o and yeah......please reply 2 this cor3y if u reed dis. corey it would be awsome if u kood come 2 hershey christiian school in harrisburg penslyvania. ps im 12 and and u guys should hear of my band D3m0n $lay0r soon:/

lisen u fagz | Reviewer: joey | 1/7/10

i no u all love slip. i do 2,and im 12 and in 6th grade and i got all my frends h0oked on slip. but u guys need 2 CALM THE FUKIN' HELL DOWN! . cwit bitchin atechover. every1 is different. im a christian and i wondr if SK. is cristn. like i said evry1 iz dfernt. so accept that b

<3 | Reviewer: dannie. | 1/1/10

i like any type of music to rap to screamo. i don't get that people is looking at slipknot lyrics and saying they are shit! why on earth would you look them up if you don't like them? slipknot is the band that changed me into like metal (: fuck the haters! slipknot best band ever! <3

...masks... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

The masks and overalls were worn so that people focused more on the music than anything opposed to boybands and pop artists, whos selling point is as much their face and body as their music...

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