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Performed by Slipknot

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is all hope gone? | Reviewer: technoted | 11/28/08

the new album is good but lets face it compared to self titled and IOWA it's nothing at all it's songs like (sic), spit it out, iowa, wait and bleed, left behind, duality and before i forget that made slipknot into who they are today, not all hope is gone.

the downsaide of all hope is gone, is all the emo fan boys with "their sweet little haircuts and girlfriends pants" as said by corey taylor himself listening to slipknot since all hope is gone, i've been listening to them for 10 years now and it's a joke

Lmao@Your All stupid mostly... | Reviewer: LOL | 11/24/08

Sorry, but to the guy who said that if you were a true fan the new album wouldn't be shit?
Take for example Avenged Sevenfold
First album was metalcore, heavy screaming vocals
New album is closer to power metal with some country (Gunsliger/Dear God) thrown in, if someone DIDNT like the new album, but likes old, and listens to it every day, are they not a true fan?
I like both, but thats my point.
I dont HATE the new Slipknot album, and I like the slow songs, but in general, its a let down, slipknot is based on percussion mostly, and thats why I LOVE them, not for the guitar.

The end of argument | Reviewer: Briar | 11/22/08

Progress is like ripened fruit. At any given point when and where you bite will ultimately define perception by your personal tastes. You like the taste, then bite to the core and chew; don't like turn the taste turn the beast and bite again.
When ever I find myself beating someone to death with a brick I enjoy listening to older Slipknot but should I find myself being beaten to death with a brick I'd perfer the newer stuff be on.

hmm.. | Reviewer: wouldn't you like to know | 11/18/08

in my oppinion?
I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG and slipknot is the shit! but true, they're new album, all hope is gone, is a BIG let-down.. i was psyched to hear their new album. but it was a HUGE disappointment, sorry. SOME of their songs were pre dam good. but others were not...the same. dont get me wrong, they were alright, but i couldnt believe this came from them. o well. i still have my faith in them.
long live slipknot

hecken yes, pulse of the fukken maggots!! :D
xXpower to the peopleXx
We are the pulse of the maggots!

long live the METAL.!.

this fucking awsumm song | Reviewer: spit it out | 11/7/08

i think that this is 1 of teh fuckin best slipknot song,,n its 1 of ma all time favs!!^__^..anii wayz,,i think slipknot r teh best band EVER..c'mon,,u hav 2 agree that their masks n origonality FUCKIN ROCK!!if u dont,,thn y r u on a slipknot lyric site??


DAMN THIS BAND ROCKS \m/(-_-)\m/ | Reviewer: cole | 11/1/08

everyone who says this is an aggressive song just try listening to it and then one of your idiot friends rips an earphone out so you can hear him, count to ten and tell me how many times you hit him in it.

btw, to holy shit 8), kelly clarkson sucks ass in all possible ways

Your All stupid mostly... | Reviewer: Zack | 10/6/08

The All Hope Is Gone album is their heaviest compared to Vol:3. Why must you fucking complain about how they sound different? It is called maturing in fucking music. Years after years any band sounds different because of their maturity. You of all people would not know that since you are not musicians. Plus real Slipknot fans would not say a single album they make is "shit". You are a false prophet if you say the album is "shit". Snuff is a great fucking song and means the most out of all the songs they had. Dead Memories is very good as well and goes with Snuff. The bonus tracks are...well bonus! People...were lucky to even get another album off them..and their acoustic songs....are kick..ass...they are the best band still....

awesome, kickass, best song ever made in the history of metal. | Reviewer: xXxSCREAMERxXx | 9/28/08

dude i love this song, i really like the hyper version, dude the lyrics to this song are so powerful, that the just make you wanna, beat the living hell out of someone nearest you, and whoever says that slipknot is dead, or fags, or any kind of slander to slipknot's name, can rot in hell, because slipknot is simply the best ever. . oh well now that i have taken my anger out on that, i would like to say that mike can kiss my ass, because all hope is GONE, is kick ass as well as all of the slipknot albums are, remember every band has its ups and downs, not saying that this is a down album. oh yeah and it is all hope is gone, not all hope is lost.

Awesome song, but fuck all hope is lost | Reviewer: Mike | 9/17/08

Man it makes me sad when i listen to this and
listen to what slipknot has become , the new album is in my opinion COMPLETE BULLSIHT ! i mean dont get me wrong there were a few ok songs that sound kinda like some of there old stuff but for the most part it struck me as something i would of never tagged as coming from slipknot

Slipknot KICK ASS | Reviewer: Daniel | 9/16/08

Slipknot are awsome, greenday are like fucking andrew bogut compared to kobe bryant.....THEY KICK ASS!!!! slipknot are the best and i luv threre masks, where do u get dem??

i really want to go to there concerts but they need to visit aus. first. then that would rock.

Reviewingness.... | Reviewer: Lego Lives On | 9/9/08

Everyone says that this album isn't good just cos it's old!
How can they say that? This album is just as good as All Hope Is Gone!
I actually preffer it to be honest! it's got more good songs!

slipknot rocks | Reviewer: metal maniac | 8/16/08

I just went and seen slipknot in concert on the rockstar energy drink mayhem festival and they fucking rocked the place down. i love their music...and no shit how could you compare slipknot to greenday? there isn't even a slite comparison...not even close...SLIPKNOT KICKS FUCKING ASS AND COREY TAYLOR IS THE BEST VOCALIST ALIVE!

idk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/08

wow I never really understood this song untill I read the lyrics. the cursing kinda has to be in there b/c it just shocked me into really getting into the song and what other words could you use in place of them anyways? ah-dore this song

Holy shit 8) | Reviewer: RealmusicisDEAD | 7/15/08

Holy shit, that was really powerful. I've never seen so much swearing before xD (Unless it's in a bad Eminem song ofc) Slipknot rocks! I'm ashamed over the fact that I once thought Kelly Clarkson was real music, lmao. Green day's punkish rock, and this is METAL. HIM made Love metal, and this is heavy on its best!


Wtf..ok then | Reviewer: Mathieu Christensen | 7/1/08

Why the fuck are you people comparing slipknot and greenday lmao Are you guys like half retarded or something? Plus you couldnt even compare slipknot to greenday cause slipknot would always win!

Ok this song is pretty good ,one of there best...oh wait all there songs are good. Ive been listening to slipknot for a couple of years and i have almost of all their songs, they are a great band because they are easy to relate to. They help me to calm down all the time and there songs make me think quite often.


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