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AWESOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/12

I am a 12 year old guitar player and I play songs off this album constantly! Let me explain:

(sic): EPIC!! They're only getting started, though.
Eyeless: My first Slipknot song! Awesome breakdown at the end.
Wait & Bleed: Popular Slipknot song, eh? Still, it's an awesome song, and it shows how they can still be vocally melodic.
Surfacing: If you are suicidal, listen to this. You will feel better. (I'm not.)
Spit it out: The hate FUELS! I know a guy like this. This song introduced rap metal to ALL MAGGOTS!
Tattered & Torn: Another emotional song. With a whammy pedal up an octave, the guitars to this song are creepy, in a good way!
Me Inside: More, but limited, vocal melodies. Great samples were used here.
Liberate: Complicated song to learn, especially at the bridge. The timing is weird. Pretty good song!
Prosthetics: A lot of depth in this song. You literally hear almost everybody in the band at once in the intro. But it speeds up! The vocals seem to have a flange in the verses. COOL
No Life: Another rap. Awesome.
Diluted: Seems like a lot of samples were used here. Slipknot uses weird samples/media, which only supports their awesomeness.
Only One: A Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat original. The rapping is awesome, with, again, weird sampling/media.
Scissors: EPIC!! This downtuned monster of a song creeps up on you as you sleep! F#. Wow.
Eyeore (hidden track): A wild song about a death threat.Cool

That's all. 5 STARS!

it's make me cry a lot | Reviewer: indonesi_aggots | 12/5/08

first time i buy this album..and hear it(even before this i never heard about band about slipknot)..i totally shocked,what an insane skill,beyond the humanity,my heart was like being stabbed alot when i read the lyric,that is so me..i started to cry,i'm feeling so tiny compared their godlike skills n charm..even now,i can't count how much i cry when hear their masterpiece..and i don't ashamed becoz it..hail to my disaster lord

YehYah | Reviewer: D-boy | 10/1/08

this is an absolute ball tearer of an album
totally kills any other album out there
the energy thats been put into (sic) alone is more than most of the bands out there put into a WHOLE album

a MUST HAVE album

Stay Sick Maggots
Peace Out.

Wicked | Reviewer: No Name | 2/20/08

This is a great SlipKnoT album! It has Wait and Bleed and Spit It Out, which are both great singles! But it also has other great songs like (sic), Tattered & Torn, Me Inside, Only One and Scissors. Purity is a great song as well, if you can get it. The special edition of this cd is really good, so if you see that, you should grab that instead, it has the bonus tracks; Interloper, Demise and Get This, two remixes (one is great one is terrible :( ) and a live version of Surfacing (which is ok). Anyway, a great metal cd, from a wicked band!

Slipknot - New Sound, Self Titled album. | Reviewer: Jon | 4/13/06

Released in 99' by Roadrunner Records, Slipknot return 3 years later with a complete new sound harder then anything heard before. Starts hard and fineshes harder. Here is a complete review on each song heard in this death metal CD.

1.(sic) - Great song to start the CD off with. Very hard and very metal. Corey starts out with great lyrics that tell you hes pissed off.
2.Eyeless - Another song that shows Corey and the band is pissed off. I love this song, it starts out hard and ends with a somewhat of a breakdown. Definite listen to.
3.Wait & Bleed - Everyone likes Wait & Bleed, and thats why its on my lower scales. Dont get me wrong its a good song but overplayed.
4.Surfacing - Swearing, swearing and more swearing. Im sure alot of people dont enjoy this song but i love it! Definitly my third favorite song on this album.
5.Spit it Out - Speed death metal rap i like to call this song. It is an awesome song, and it proves that Corey can sing quite fast. Listen to it, and see if you like it!
6.Tattered and Torn - A redone version from there album M.F.K.R. It is an okay song, i like the original versiion much more!
7.Me Inside - Pretty good song all in all. I think i would put this in the middle, but you get to hear Corey sing with his nice soft voice.
8.Liberate - Definitly one of there harder songs, and it sounds like they took time to finish it. Great lyrics, bit hard to understand but a fun song to listen to!
9.Prosthetics - Pissed off? Yes. Great song, starts out like you think it will be slower. But nope turns into a complete hate filled song, gotta love it!
10.No Life - I really love this song, and i love the lyrics to it. I cant say much more then listen to this one!
11.Dilute - On there more hate filled side of lyrics and hard song. Love how he sings and sounds so mean and evil. You would hear what he says if you listen to the lyrics. Listen to it its good :)
12.Only One - The re-done version of there original song on there M.F.K.R. CD. This version is the better one, singing is much better, and Corey expresses himself quite well.
13.Scissors - "I play doctor for 5 minutes flat, before i cut my heart open and let the air out,three bugs a pound of dust,some wind spilled before me,In the strangest manner that had broke away my tear spout" My favorite Slipknot song of all time!! This song just kicks major ass!! Must listen to, it is quite long. But this song expresses Slipknot more then any other song they have done. At the end Corey sounds like he is about to die, and puke (he does puke), Love this song!
14.Eeyore - One of there more hardcore songs this ghost track is awesome, and is my second favorite Slipknot song. Starts out hard, ends harder then hard!

Out of 5 stars i present this awesome album with a full 5 stars. What do you think about it?

If you have the bonus tracks CD here is the review on those aswell.

Frail Limb Nursery - Great sound comes with this song.
Get This - A great and different hardocre sounding song by Slipknot, i love this song and love how it ends. "Get this or die"
Interloper - HELL YES. This song is way different and way awesome. Enjoy how it is!!
Purity - I cant get enough of this song, it is so cool. Corey sings in talking tone in this song. Have to listen to it to get what i mean, and the music is AWESOME!

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