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to all u fags out there | Reviewer: Slipknot5656 | 4/20/07

y the fuck do u look up slipknot if u dont fucken like them.... so go fuck off and i love to see u do better in a nine piece band that plays something slow let a lone fast


SLIPKNOT FUKiiN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: PSYCHO | 4/23/07


slipknot is the best after metallica | Reviewer: gautamcv | 4/21/07

i started my metal exploration with metallica . i listeneed to metallica for a month or so but i had to cotinue with my exploration ,when i came accross the much hyped band called 'slipknot' by only one friend of mine ,rest all of my friends who pretended to hear metal just by listening to nu-metal bands such as limp bizkit and linkin park highly criticised of the style and depressing darkness of the band .but the moment i heard and saw the video of slipknot at sydney at big day i knew this band was it. i got all the songs of this band and to my suprize iliked all of them .this band defines metal along with metallica who are like god.
----------surely i am one of yall magots!!!

uh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

Lol everyone settle. i admit that slipknot isnt Nu-metal, they have a shitload of talent, joey jordison is the top drummer in the world with the fastest technique, James root is an awesome guitarist. Corey taylor can sing. other than scream. Shawn Crahan, is probably one of the most nicest guys ive hung out with. (Yeah i spent the day in VIP after a gig at Ozzfest in the summer with him) even though his a bit sick and twisted but no ones fucking perfect! so all the critics about slipknot, maybe you should look at their talent not their appearance, and one other thing, Cryptopsy. and Necrophagist arent that scary lol. just a bit sick in the head.

fuck yes | Reviewer: liz langshaw | 2/12/07

slipknot are seriously the best fuckers around. their songs have depth meaning and actually speak about shit, not like ome crap you'll hear from the veronicas about some sissy shit like "omg i got dumped" who wouldnt fucking dump you tryhard skanks. ahem.. back on topic, slipknot. yessss , slipknot. these guys have saved so many fucking lives, mine included, its jut like, wow. and joey i my idol (i play drums) and yes, i love him, not in a "oh joey fuck me" way, thats for the skanks to do, but in a "you are my inspiration" orta way. iwrite alotta shit too, inspired by these guys, mudvayne, murderdolls, etc.. but slipknot has by far had the most impact upon me than any other band/artist ive ever liked. slipknot is going to always be my personal fave.i am your maggot. hell yes. and to thoe who think slipknot is typical wrist slit pathetic people music, i wouldnt say that , because ooner or later, someone out there will shove those words down your throat along with every fucking piece of anger & hatred they feel until you choke to death on the blackness overwhelming you. fuck yeah. stay (sic) ,, liz

READ BITCHES | Reviewer: Randi | 2/10/07

they can kick and other banfs fucking asses. and any of u little fucking bitches dont think so, i'll fucking bitches dont think so ill fucking fu=ind u and fucking kill you cause we are the pulse of the maggots

Nathan..ARGHH | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/9/07

One day i shall marry joey and have his beautiful
No one can beat Slipknot...

133x5+1=666 | Reviewer: Linda Rodriguez | 2/8/07

SlipKnoT is fucking awesome. They kick ass! This site has a lot of information about SlipKnoT that I never knew before. Well, TTYL!

SERIOSLY | Reviewer: RYTH | 1/21/07

ok i seriosly agree with those who say that whoever doesnt like the band can keep their toung behind these huge mouths, becuase we "MAGGOTS" really get insulted cuz i mean they r part of us and yes we r maggots so what? AND WE R PROUD OF IT ! so if u dont like it well thats ur problem and we'd REALLY apreceate it if u wouldnt tell us what u think of them or how their music suck or how scary they look cuz we really dont want to hear this type of shit so keep ur opinons to urselfs
annnnnnnnnd thanx
ohh yeah joey jordison rocks the drums , long live slipknot the SICKEST band on earth

Slipknot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/06

you know... i think its ok that people can relate with the lyrics! i do that to! but not with this band!
i think KoRn is the best band ever! Slipknot just doesnt attract me with their music... the people who do like it? everyone their own taste but slipknot is deffinately not my taste!
they have 1 song with KoRn (look at me) that one is really awesome... but thats about it... just i'll keep it with KoRn... maybe the people who listen Slipknot just try to listen to the lyrics of KoRn cuz i think their A LOT more deeper! with a lot more different feelings in the lyrics... and its understandable! well... i said my thing ;)

....This Is Heavy?...This Is Scary? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/06

....Ok, I'm sorry, but since when is Slipknot considered a "Brutal, Agressive Band"? Since when is this loud? Since when did listening to a hardrock/nu-metal band make you badass? Why the EFFF are you "maggots" so proud of buying into a comercial ploy of a shock-rock band resorting to masks? If their soo good why do they rely on visual "Shock Factor". You want somthing scary, you want somthing brutal, go listen to Suffocation, or Cryptopsy, or Necrophagist, or listen to some grind like Fuck I'm Dead. Oh wait, I forgot, all of slipknots fans are whiny highschool students who think their tough because they're "maggots". you'd problably be freaked out by real metal or grind. you have a right to listen to Slipknot, but then you also have the right to drink bleach....

Yes I do like Slipknot... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/06

Okay, I just took the time to read every single comment on this page and i can't believe how much people actually argue about what genre bands come in too.
I am only 13 and don't have much experience in music, but i know that to enjoy music, you don't need to know what genre it is in.
Point Made.
But i have been told by my 31 year old step dad, who knows his stuff when it comes to music, that Rage Against The Machine is Industrial Metal.
So there you are.
And as this is a site for commenting on the band, i do love Slipknot and particularly IOWA because it shows so much emotion.
Thankss X.x

Wait a minute...Nu-Metal isn't METAL!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/06

Hold on, before you say that Nu-Metal is NOT a kind of metal, take a look at the phrase "NU-METAL"


Apparently metal doesn't mean metal to you because Nu-METAL sure has the word Metal in it.

Slipknot is an amazing band that has come a long way and defenately deserves congradulations. If you don't like them, don't listen to them, and definately don't start complaining about them.

maggots rule! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/06

if ur not a maggot u suck slipknot is the best fucking band EVER go fuck urself if u hate them if u like them download disasterpiece it is the best song and so is (sic) and liberate DOWNLOAD THEM IF U R A MAGGOT LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wats ur problem... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/06

okay...slipknot is a wikkid band...some of u ppl ask y? get offended wen u insult slipknot...u have the choice to like or not like them...u dont have to insult them...yes i am a maggot and there is lots of dont insult a band cuz u dont like it...n y bother if u couldn do any better urself??? n 2 all the maggots out there...pulse of the maggots is one of the best songs in the world...n purity would b the deepest stay (SIC)

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