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the nameless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/07

i especially felt in love with corey .he is the man of my dream.ilove him more than anybody else in this fucking world

slipknot | Reviewer: gautam | 5/24/07

i started my metal exploration with metallica . i listeneed to metallica for a month or so but i had to cotinue with my exploration ,when i came accross the much hyped band called 'slipknot' by only one friend of mine ,rest all of my friends who pretended to hear metal just by listening to nu-metal bands such as limp bizkit and linkin park highly criticised of the style and depressing darkness of the band .but the moment i heard and saw the video of slipknot at sydney at big day i knew this band was it. i got all the songs of this band and to my suprize i liked all of them .this band defines metal along with metallica who are like god.
----------surely i am one of yall magots!!!

Joey Jordison | Reviewer: kaitlyn | 5/24/07

joey Jordison is seriously the best drummer from slipknot and the most kickass guitarist from the murderdolls. and maybe shoter than us, but can kick seriouse ass! see slipknot and their music is the best kind of music beause a: their words in their lyrics make sense, and they dont care what other people think of them, and they wont let people give them shit or feed them shit beause they know that they can make good music,and wont let people copy their lyrics for their own fucking pleasure!
like in one of thier songs called dont ever judge me ,their saying that dont fuck with us, or we will kick yur ass!
their music, and i would have to say that yes, slipknot is actually that band that got me into all of this heavy metal.
and for the fact that people think that slipknot isnt a badass band, well sorry to make u other people mad, but they are!
and if u dont like the fact that i like that type of music, yu can just go and suck my balls!
and just to let all of u other fake drummers out their that dont even have a record label yet,
u cannot defeat the most kickass drummer/ guitarist from slipknot and the murderdolls!
Joey jordison, if u dont like what i have to say about slipknot, then dont even bother to fucing read this, and yes, slipnkot rules all of the other bands except the murderdolls!
yu rule joey jordison!
and if any of yu fucking maggots dont think that slipnkot doesnt fucking rule, and if u even think of trying to call slipknot names , or even immitate them, i will hunt u down , find u, then fucking skin u alive! and do many sick and twisted things yu can think about doing to u, u will regret that u ever made fun of slipknot and immitated them!

i know that u other guys think that im fucked up in the head, and if i am, so what...

i may be a 16 year old girl, but i can think of many sick and twisted ways to fuck u up!...
that is all...

Maggot Boy | Reviewer: spencer | 5/22/07

The band slipknot isnt just a band that rocks!!! Its a band that is trying to tell the world and people that we have a fucking voice and we need to fucking use it and when they perform it for the MAGGOTS BECAUSE WE WONT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

... | Reviewer: Andrew | 5/19/07

I have no clue why people like Slipknot so much. Personally, though, I just think it and Killswitch Engage are my two favorite bands. No one knows why, I just heard it and liked it, plain and simple. You are allowed to like more than one genre, too. For example, I listened to 'Disasterpiece' then turned around and listened to 'Sweet Child O Mine' by Guns N' Roses. Completely different music, but both are good. And I really don't seem to like Corey's other band Stone Sour when comparing it to Slipknot, but by itself it's pretty good.

LEAVE THEM ALONE! | Reviewer: RacHeL | 5/19/07

Geeez...I honestly dont know why people who DONT like a band..come on here to put shit on a band.. They are the best fucking band..and well.. if you dont like them... GO AWAY. BAHA. Why waste ur time if you hate them so much?!!!

Yew Slipknot will NEVER DIE!

Much Love to all the maggots out there....

"And yes, even if you don't like Slipknot, you have to respect their ability to operate well as a nine piece band."


fuck you | Reviewer: jake | 5/20/07

fuck you anomynous, you think your badass and you cant even post your name, slipknot is the baddest ass band out there, i listen to all sorts or metal/nu metal/grunge/everything like that and slipknot kicks all their asses, get a life, and fuck off

Damn, Liz... | Reviewer: Ateag | 5/17/07

That was fckin awsome, couldn't have said it better myself. Slipknot rules but I heard they broke up )=<

Slipknot rox mah sox | Reviewer: Ya Mum | 5/15/07

SlipKnoT is the shizz nizzly, ROFL! anyway, SlipKnoT rocks my socks =D Joey Jordison is the best drummer in the world, he moves so fast its almost impossible to see his hands and feet moving. Also i think Chris has the cutest little mask EVER! hes like a little raggermuffin and i wanna pinch his cheeks =D Corey's voice is like an orgasm for your ears!!!
stay (sic) all you crazy maggots, ya mum!

FUCK THE MAINSTREAM | Reviewer: Scrub | 5/16/07

SlipKnot is the greatest band out there.....In fact im doing a persuasive speech right now on why their the greatest band out there. Its no question that with songs like the heritic anthem people=shit and surfacing that your gonna get bad reviews. But ya know what i say to all those critics who give slipknot a bad rap.....FUCK YOU. Thats really all i gotta say and if any1 reads this and you think u know be by the nickname, give me a ring. MAGGOT FOR LIFE!

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

It's funny [and by funny I mean sarcastic "up your ass" funny] how maggots have appalling grammar and unsophisticated sentence structures, whereas people who hate Slipknot actually have some sense. See - SLIPKNOT DESTROYS BRAIN CELLS. DON'T LISTEN TO IT. Death, Nile and Necrophagist are so much more intelligent.

But keep them coming, maggots. I find you amusing.

. | Reviewer: Anon | 5/12/07

I love how the maggots have appalling grammar and unsophisticated sentence structures, whereas people who hate Slipknot actually have some sense. See - SLIPKNOT KLLS THE BRAIN. DON'T LISTEN TO IT. Death, Nile and Ncrophagist are so much more intelligent.

But keep them coming, maggots. You make me laugh.

fuck u | Reviewer: Nick | 5/11/07

....This Is Heavy?...This Is Scary? | Reviewer: Anonymous
------ About the artist/band Slipknot

....Ok, I'm sorry, but since when is Slipknot considered a "Brutal, Agressive Band"? Since when is this loud? Since when did listening to a hardrock/nu-metal band make you badass? Why the EFFF are you "maggots" so proud of buying into a comercial ploy of a shock-rock band resorting to masks? If their soo good why do they rely on visual "Shock Factor". You want somthing scary, you want somthing brutal, go listen to Suffocation, or Cryptopsy, or Necrophagist, or listen to some grind like Fuck I'm Dead. Oh wait, I forgot, all of slipknots fans are whiny highschool students who think their tough because they're "maggots". you'd problably be freaked out by real metal or grind. you have a right to listen to Slipknot, but then you also have the right to drink bleach....

all i can say to that is you have no idea what your talking about

... | Reviewer: Me | 5/4/07

Maggots make me laugh. I hope a giant wearing a Death t-shirt and rock boots comes along and squashes them all.

Anonymous's reply thought over... | Reviewer: kiel mullet | 4/24/07

to begin with, anonymous, the whole report is stereo-typical and supports no good cause in doing so. secondly, if the previously listed bands try to be scary or extending into hardcore, then isnt that the same as a prep extending into hollishitter or aberkrombie's bitch? (two companies in which i hate). yes, i beleive that if someone soley tries to be scary for the outer look of being scary with regular internal intentions, they would be considered 'poser' or unreal and just simply laying out an outer coat if they try to be scary. thirdly, the masks dont make slipknot, slipknot made the masks, the masks are mainly used as a logo and indivicual disguises for the band, not to be scary, but to keep the member's identities from being revealed from the public. i would honestly say myself, if i was famous, i would wear a mask myself at shows, since that is the main provockative of Kurt Cobain's (my hero) suicide, was the incredible fame was unbearable. finally, slipknot is not a fad or something soley to appeal to high-school students such as many punk bands like greenday, for example; and people do not think they are 'tough' because they are maggots, we're all though kuz we get bored playing football in the streets, theres not enough blood, we know we're tough kuz we dont fall to the ground when our rib is punched in, we say "what the hell r u doin?!" and get rid of their ribs too. and even then, most of my friends that happen to be maggots arent even in high school, as neither am i, so therefore slipknot would end up having to appeal to everything down to a couple of my 6th grade friends all the way up to the thirty-five year old at my brother's baseball practices who has parts of the famous quote from "surfacing" on his shirt. and even if slipknot was to soley appeal to audiences, and not expertly let their music, ingenious, and intentions out to the world, then their doing a pretty damn good job in my opionion.

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