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i dont get it | Reviewer: Tim | 1/19/08

is slipknot broken up, on a break, i even heard they were coming out with a fourth studio record the true?either way hopefully something good with them happens.

they are not satanists! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

can people please stop saying that slipknot are satanists?! there are so many other bands that come off more satanic black sabbath metallica slayer pantera marilyn manson to name a few.

True...But: | Reviewer: Thomas | 12/30/07

Slipknot is ok...despite there whoile satanic thng i thnk there glad they do what they want.... but it just upsets me that theyve become another band that posers listen to to seem cool.......that doesnt make the band poser......but i thnk if ur gonna try and be cool u have to actually know what ur listening to

beyond the nu metal label | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

people need to stop referring to slipknot as nu metal. whether they are or arent they are head and shoulders above any other nu metal band. theyre so fuckin extreme theyre fuckin beyond nu metal.

to "Street Follower" | Reviewer: Arturo | 12/18/07

They dont think olny about making millions, they do what they want and they talk about what they want, just a few bands do that nowadays, they dont try people to like them, REAL fans will come, liking them just the way they are, not wanting to stop what they believe in.

Slipknot!! | Reviewer: victor | 12/14/07

I lov slipknot, their are my favourit band in the world, and i would do almost anything to go see them in concert, they fucking rock

We are Maggots

slipkot | Reviewer: x emsa x | 12/7/07

slipknot aarrrggh..!!they wake me up..the songs trully inspired me..keep on ur fuckin awesome works. .!!what emo..??they just screaming n sad..!!hahaha..hasta la vista..

SICK! | Reviewer: Alex | 10/29/07

Slipknot rules but i have a probably with the whole satan thing... im christian but i mean i respect music for what it is, not just what its about.
keep rockin!

Slipknow is amazing | Reviewer: gabb E | 10/22/07

I love this band... Corey Taylor's voice is absoulutely amazingly... amazing. I love this band and their songs and they are... like awesome!!!


slipknot is THE SHIT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

slipknot is the sickest motherfucking band on the planet. their first album is fucking amazing. iowas a little more the same but vol 3 is pretty damn cool. i totally agree with the guy who said slipknot is better than mudvayne no one can hold a candle to slipknot they kick mudvaynes ass. cant wait for the next tour.

about slipknot | Reviewer: street follower | 9/28/07

look this band is like da best in the world. bt wat keeps me away frm them is there satanic believes,

if they cud jt stop with that dey wud make millions

cardboard | Reviewer: corbin comer | 9/20/07

when you hear the word slipknot, think about what it mean's....just that you get the lyric's, the mask, the intensity and the meaning behind it all.....slipknot can not mimic or put down

There's more | Reviewer: Nick | 9/18/07

Slipknot might be heavy head banging rock saints, but there's something more to their lyrics that is captivating, there is something there that just grabs hold and never ever ever lets go, i started with slipknot from 2000, i was in junior school( 13 at the time) my older brought them home, he hated them, i loved them, since then i am a loyal maggot and a true follower, i have seen them live twice and would give my left nut to see them a third time.

Slipknot, no matter what happens to the band, they made a lasting and undetered impact on the music industry, there is NO other band like them and never will be, SLipknot ALL the way

We are the pulse of the maggots. | Reviewer: Sl1pknotfan | 9/14/07

SLIPKNOT IS FUCKIN THE GODS OF NU-METAL PERIOD. no other nu-metal band can touch slipknot. there the fukin best band around.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Redeemd | 9/13/07

Slipknot Is An Inspiration To Me They've Inspired Me To Make My Own Band And Iv'e Just Started One Their Dark Music And Lyrics Are Just To My Liking And They Are Awesome If Any Body Thinks Different Well They Can SUCK IT MUTHA FUCKERS

W  W  W  E      A  A R  R   E
W  W  W  E      A  A R   R  E
 W   W   EEEE   A  A R    R EEEE

M  M  M  A   A  G       G       O    O     T     S
M  M  M  AAAAA  G  GGG  G  GGG  O    O     T     SSSSSS
M  M  M  A   A  G    G  G    G  O    O     T          S
M  M  M  A   A  G    G  G    G  O    O     T          S

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