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slipknot | Reviewer: sean | 4/22/10

Slipknot is the shit pepoles i think they fuckin bad ass there song wait and bleed is the best fuckin song ever so slipknot if you read this your songs are kick ass. I think you band should come to kansas city and play at the sprint center cause the whole town of kansas city will be fuckin awake all night long. This is pimpkid27 sayin see ya from lexington missouri so peace out mo fuckers.

omg... | Reviewer: Ashley | 3/27/10

Slipknot is awesome, i do know that, but i also know something else: There are more better bands/singers out there. And also, maybe some people think Slipknot is on top of every other singer/band in the world, but mabye some people think Slipknot isn't. So technically, Slipknot is NOT the best, and it is NOT the worst, either. It's just GOOD. Any body who hates Slipknot has to at least like them a little bit, deep deep inside. So, in MY perspective, I repeat- MY! perspective, they are just GOOD! That's all there is to it.

Reply to "Child with a brain" | Reviewer: Someone with a brain | 3/24/10

First of all, I'm not a "Mr.". I'm a girl. =D

It doesn't matter if Rush is 30 years ago. Joey Jordison is over-rated and I know drummers of THIS era that are much better than he is. Have you ever heard of Tim Yueng? Look him up, kid.

And yes, I have listened to Sulfur and Dead Memories. So many times. When I actually used to listen to Slipknot. I HAVE listened to the drumming. I'll admit, its impressive. And no, I couldn't out-play Joey(I'm a guitarist, not a drummer). But I know drummers that are better than him.

About your "nasty corpse eating lover" comment...that made no sense at all. If you're going to attempt to insult me, try using some actual INSULTS. Calling me a "nasty corpse eating lover" is more of a compliment because it kind of reminds me of something that you'd call a Cannibal Corpse fan. Haha.

Have you ever tried listening to some other bands besides Slipknot? They're not the best fucking band out there. And yes, my mother knows I talk like this. I'm 20 years old, thank you. She knows.

And just because the bands I mentioned aren't played on the radio doesn't mean they're not good. Just because its not "new" or "mainstream" doesn't mean its not good. The radio doesn't always play good music. Take Cannibal Corpse for instance. They are a very good band. The only reason they aren't played on the radio is because of their profane song lyrics. Not just cursing, either. Go look up the song Shredded Humans for a little example.

The people that play songs on the radio aren't music experts. They're normal everyday people. Anyway, my boyfriend's band isn't played on the radio. But does that mean the band isn't good? No, of course not. At first, they didn't play Slayer on the radio because of all the controversy. And look at them now. They're won all kinds of Grammy awards and they're part of the Big Four of Thrash. The Big Four is Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer for any metal noobs.

And dude, your Rush comment was so stupid. Yeah, so what. They've been around for about 30 years. That means they've been playing for longer than Slipknot has been around. That makes them more musically experienced than Slipknot.

Lets go back to this:

"If those bands you mentioned are so fucking awesome, then how come they aren't played on the airwaves? (except for one Slayer song) Well go fucking figure. (and yes my mommie knows I talk like this, does yours?)"

Like I said, just because the bands are not played on the airwaves, that doesn't mean they suck. They play fucking Fall Out Boy on the radio and they suck. Kay? They play whatever music is POPULAR. Not whatever is GOOD. Just because a band is popular, doesn't mean they're good. And its rare that you hear Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath on the radio anymore and they're in the fucking Rock and Roll Hall of fame. And don't say that Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are "classic rock" either. If they weren't around, there would be no metal. So yes, they're metal. CLASSIC METAL. Let me name some classic metal bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and many more. You don't hear them on the radio much anymore(not on the radio stations in my area anyway). But they're some of the best bands out there. You hear them but its rare that you'll catch Maiden's song, Run To The Hills, Priest's Breaking the Law, or Sabbath's War Pigs. Most of this new shit they put out today sucks.

And yeah, I'll admit, you're a bit more intelligent than all the other idiots that have commented here. But you still don't appear too smart in my mind.

I swear, you "maggots" are the ones that fuel my misanthropy.

Anyway, I'll listen to my stuff, you listen to yours. If you go off what the mainstream thinks is good, you won't have a very open mind when it comes to music. The radio doesn't even BEGIN to touch the surface of all the great underground bands out there and it never will. Listen to stuff outside the radio and I promise, you'll find something that you really love. But I guess its not possible for you narrow-minded "maggots".

Return statement to: "someone with a brain" | Reviewer: "Child with a brain" | 3/20/10

Well Mr. "someone with a brain", I do agree with some of your Neil Peart statement, the song titled: Tom Swayer, Neil plays amazing drums, not to be duplicated. However this is if you listen to "classic rock".

Being this is now 2010, and Rush is so 30 years ago. So..., YES, Joey Jordison, IS the best fucking drummer of this time era, without a doubt. Have you really listened to "Sulfur or Dead Memories" lately, you nasty corpse eating lover.

If those bands you mentioned are so fucking awesome, then how come they aren't played on the airwaves? (except for one Slayer song) Well go fucking figure. (and yes my mommie knows I talk like this, does yours?)

There is no need for me to go on and brag about Slipknot, as their music speaks for itself. They know, I know, and my fellow maggots know this.

Obviously you failed to realize the fact that, not all Slipknot lovers are as dumb as you say.

still hard to the core | Reviewer: (sic) maggot | 3/18/10

Slipknot is fuckin intense 24 7 there kickin ass fuckin love them there background music for my life I hope there's another monster album on the way to blow our fuckin minds!!!!!!! STAY (sic) MAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!

Get a brain, children...and listen to some METAL while you're at it! | Reviewer: Someone With A Brain | 3/18/10

I used to like Slipknot when I was like, 12. xD Don't get me wrong, though. I think they're an okay band and anyone who manages to have 9 guys on stage and play songs, is talented in my eyes. However, I don't listen to them anymore. I realized that they're NOT the heaviest, most brutal band out there. If you want "brutal", and "scary", go listen to Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Death, and Necrophagia. Those guys are the ones that gave me nightmares. Slipknot, not so much. I don't think they're a suckish band. I just think they're a mediocre, slightly bad band. Lol. Thats all. Slipknot has nothing on Cannibal Corpse. Listen to their older albums. Eaten Back To Life, Butchered at Birth, The Bleeding and Tomb of the Mutilated. I bet even Slipknot cowers when they hear the name "Cannibal Corpse". Or any of the bands I just mentioned.

For all you maggots out there, I think you all should think of finishing the 4th grade before posting a comment that you want taken seriously. If you type like this:

"zOMGZ!!!11!!! SLIPKNOT is teH bets Band EVUR!!!! THEY FUCKIN PWN!! MAGGOT 4 LYF" then no one is going to take you seriously! Because proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation is truly "brutal". If you want to defend a band you like, don't try to act tough just because you're a "maggot". Because when you don't know how to construct a sentence, that doesn't make you look tough. It makes you look retarded. But you do provide some good laughs for those real metalheads out there so I don't know if you should stop your annoying antics or keep them up.

Do you children even know what maggots really are? They are insects that feed on dead flesh. Even Slipknot knows their music is dead, rotten flesh. And do your mothers KNOW that you're just throwing around the word "fuck"? I think you should leave that word for the older people. That isn't proper language for children to use! Tsk, tsk, tsk. If you use nasty language, your mommies won't read you a story before bed time!

And no, kids. Joey Jordison is not the best drummer out there. He's good but a little overrated. Listen to Divine Heresy, Nile, Wykked Wytch, Suicide Silence, Behemoth and Slayer. Thats some good drumming. Oh, and Rush, even. They're not really what you guys would call "metal" but Neil Peart is one of the best drummers in the WORLD. Yes, the world. If you think the bands I just named are "too scary" or "too heavy", then you're not ready for metal at such a young, tender age. Slipknot is like the unwanted, red-headed grandchild of metal.

You guys go ahead and stay (sic) and us real metalheads will laugh at your immaturity.

Maggots But God ! | Reviewer: Monuz Shakya | 12/17/09

SlipKnoT !!!!! they are one & only living Hell in this fucking universe. I just can live without there MuZic they are my GOD .i worship SlipKnoT .If anybody not like slipknot just go to Hell. SlipKnoT is SlipKnoT no one will take there place. u know what SlipKnoT is my life ,they r in my fucking Heart & Soul. God will take care of them

MAGGOT 4 LYFE | Reviewer: jon | 10/15/09

i fuckin love slipknot!!! Best band out there in my eyes, i have been following them since i could put earphones on! Im kind of a broke bastard and really wanted to see them in concert, to make a long story short, my wife suprised me with tickets. it was the best birthday ever. MAGGOT 4 LIFE bitches!!!!!!!!!!! gone to every concert since then. I need to get a meet and greet now, Life's new goal! SLIPKNOT 4 LIFE. i would like to hear from more slipknot fans

No one like the N9ne THE BEST | Reviewer: the (sic)est Maggot | 9/24/09

no one will ever come close to the outstanding success that they have accomplished in the music indusrty, you see the bullshit music now a days its so crappy that even lou forrengno can get a career in there, they r just the top gun to anyone's armore Stay (sic) u dirty ass Maggots XD
All hail The one himself and the only one
Cory Taylor

gnarness | Reviewer: gabbie-slipknotphan | 9/24/09

slipknot is thee best band ever and if you disagree i hope cory taylors and joey jordanson gives you a swift kick in the face- any ways i have every slipknot album every poster ever t-shirt,wrist band ,botton,necklace earings even slipknot converse i guess you could say im a tiny bit obsessed but what ever there awesome !!!!stay (sic)

like them or love them | Reviewer: marty215 | 9/6/09

this is the best band ever the why thay play,the why he sings its just all so fucking awsome if you have not seen them live you need to i have been a maggot for a long time and now my kids are its just keeps getting better and better love the new cd LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! SLIPKNOT 4 LIFE

Newly hatched Maggot. | Reviewer: Ooyaz | 8/19/09

I'm new to the whole slipnkot thing, but I think they fucking rock! I love them so much now although i'd like it if they went back to the good songs like "Eyeless" and "(sic)". Maggot for life now :)

Slipknot \m/ | Reviewer: MAGGOT \m/ | 8/4/09

Slipknot is one of the greatest motherfucking bands on earth, who says they are satanic please press ALT + F4 and Die Before you read the following Stuff.

They are a fucking unique band, as you can see they use they're fucking masks and thats one of the things that makes them unique, the other thing is their motherfucking sound, They have a great but fucking great sound, they have musics that nobody could make them if wasn't slipknot, and if you dont like them, go fuck yourself, This is a fucking slipknot topic and go listen to Michael Jackson or some shit. MAGGOTS FOR LIFE YOU FUCKERS \m/

Btw Joey Jordison Fucking Rocks \m/

Best Drummer ever. 1ยบ

to myself | Reviewer: dude | 7/24/09

Metallica, Slayer, and Children of Bodom are fucking awesome

i love them...but Slipknot is right there with them.

they don't wear the masks for money. That actually started before they got big just as some random this that Clown started.

you don't like them stop going to their fucking forums and bashing them

start your own or something

suck it up and move on.

MAGGOTS 4 LIFE | Reviewer: derrek | 7/15/09

slipknot is amazing! and im sick of some people sayin they suck and others saying theyre evil (check out what a douche put in comments 4 wait and bleed) every1 who says that can suck my fuckin and my first gf actually broke up partially cuz i love slipknot and she said they were evil! haha ill find a fellow maggot soon hopefully.neways..vermillion is 1 of my favorite songs slipknot has done because i really related to it after me and slipknot hater broke up.i love slipknot, and lookin forward 2 some more kick ass music!! my email if ne1 is bored as fuck and wants 2 email me i kno my email is really creative huh

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