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Performed by Slipknot

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pro | Reviewer: aznboi770 | 1/23/10

i know that ppl personally dont like the "new slipknot" but in my personal opinion, i rly like slipknot's songs that has clean singing. depends on my mood. im a lover of metal, ALL kinds of metal, and i respect every kind bcos if someone likes it, then its music, its just our tastes, nothing can change it. for my personal review,because i like all kinds of metal, i definitely love slipknot. and bcos i love slipknot, i love all their songs, old or new, all equally. its still SLIPKNOT. but if ppl dont like their softer songs and clean singing, i totally understand ur tastes and respect it. btw psychosocial, LOVE the drum beat (im a drummer) and i like vocals. bye

denied. | Reviewer: samhillrocks | 10/8/09

to everyone hating on the newer slipknot, get a life. i LOVE IT. and personally , i think those hating on it , should try & write better lyrics, and goodluck to them, IT WONT BE EASY. this song is super catchy. and i listen to it alot.

Wicked_1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/09

okay guys.. when will everyone understand? its not about " they were heavy, now they sound different " Jesus F'n Christ!!! If u love the music, like me & the rest of my fellow maggots, then thats great. if you dont, THEN DONT LISTEN!! WE DO NOT CARE WHAT YOUR OPINON IS. YOUR DEAD TO US IF YOUR NOT WITH US.. I have been with Slipknot since day 1. Always will be. Seen them live 19 times. i've talked to Corey, he's really intelligent & hilarious to be around. The band hasn't gotten heavier or softer, they've EVOLVED!!!!! I'm behind them in any direction they go..

Slipknot 4 Life | Reviewer: Huhh? | 9/30/09

What's really pathetic, is that you guys have to argue about politics and religion while commenting on a song. Can't you guys just give your opinions on the song and move on? Who cares if somebody thinks this song is stupid, or if Slipknot is satanic? It's a load of b*llsh*t. Ben starr, what the hell was the point of your review? To talk about how demented America's government is? Nobody is going to read your review and think, "Wow, that guy really knows what he's talkin about." they are going to think to themselves how big of a dunce you are. Leave a normal comment. I completely agree with Music=Like. <3333 SLIPKNOT 4 LIFE!!!!!!!

Lol..... | Reviewer: ☻MagGot♣ | 8/29/09

This song is complete and utter dogshit compared to Eyeless, (sic) and even People = Shit. I don't know how you people can like their new stuff. they went down the toilet after their second album. Just my opinion, don't get mad.

Awesome!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/09

I Used to think slipknot was a shit heavy band........ but since i watched before i forget, i love em.... i reckon they r amazing..... nd best songs r definatly before i forget, sulfur, my plaugue nd this 1 XD

Awesome!! | Reviewer: Lil Sean | 7/20/09

I think slipknot are fucking awesome, i used 2 hate their music b4, but now i love it so much........ i love before i forget, sulfur and this song XD..... i really think tha these guys are amazing musicians

AWESOME >=3 | Reviewer: Valmyra | 7/4/09

I'm mostly a disturbed fan, but every now and then I get bored of it. Alot of people say slipknot fails because it's anger music and they're satanic and all 9_9 so? Besides, this song really ROCKS it's my fave next to vermillion, sulfur, and before I forget =3.

Awesome song but... | Reviewer: ben starr | 6/9/09

To the guy who posted on 4/13/09, Ashlee was actually right about the meaning of the song. I don't know where you heard about Corey going to jail wrongly convicted, but it's not true. Don't believe everything you hear, especially when the evidence proves otherwise. Do the lines "go drill your deserts/go dig your graves/and fill your mouths with all the money you will save" not remind you at all of the state of our society. I don't know if you live in America or if you even pay attention to our affairs, but anybody who has actually been watching the last eight years could easily identify those lines as modern America. Anyway, now that we've sorted that out, I just have to say this song is AWESOME!!! The groove to it is great, and the melody in the chorus just blows me away. It's a really different song for Slipknot, but the difference makes it really fucking cool. And as for the whole Satanism deal, so what if Slipknot's satanic? (They aren't). We have a thing called freedom of religion in America, and all these Christians have no right to say that any person is wrong to practice a religion or to avoid religion all together. But yeah, Slipknot's awesome, and Psychosocial is great. Peace out, you (sic) little children!

Music=Life | Reviewer: Swa | 5/9/09

Everyone keeps bringing religon in to their reviews, and I don't understand why... Religion and music are so vastly different although music is about the closest thing to God I have found so far. Unlike Church, or Religion, it transends all language, ethnicity, or religious origin. Who cares about what religion you are, your love for music should not interfere with that. Just enjoy this amazing band!

Sick song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/09

This song is amazing. The lyrics, the screams, the growls. And BTW Ashlee, this song's about when Corey went to prison for a murder he didn't commit. Also, if u care to see Corey unmasked, check out the music video with Apocalyptica:)

Great song | Reviewer: AdelaideGirl | 4/7/09

This is such an awesome. It is my favourite on the new album. I never really used to like Slipknot muchn before, but with the new album I cant get enough of it! The lyrics to this song are AMAZING, it is so powerful and awesome!! Keep on going Slipknot!!

j.p. | Reviewer: jasmina | 3/27/09

This song is amazing...slipknot are the best band ever...All their songs are my favourite and Im going to see them in Belgrade in June,17th. Karta je skoro za dzabe,samo 2300 dindzi al ako neko ima da mi pozajmi nek se javi na broj 0612280593

a la mierda slipknot no es satanico | Reviewer: †SLipKnoT† | 3/22/09

Yo soy Cristiano de peru me encanta esta cancion la mejor cancion que e eschuchado y la letra es belica trata sobre una guerra y los salvajes que estan ahi en la guerra slipknot es una bamda que se burla del satanismo son ortodoxos carajo entiendan a mi me llega al webo lo que digan de slipknot
†SLipKNoT† Death Metal

awesome | Reviewer: metal luva | 3/17/09

this song is the best song ever. i feel lyk headbanging every time i hear it. wat pisses me off is that no1 lyks slipknot. 1 of my best frnds is a complete idiot,he hates slipknot and only lyks enrique,the backstreet boys and akon. plz comment on how awsome slipknot is and how gay my frnd is. SLIPKNOT FTW!!!!!

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