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Performed by Slipknot

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Why?!? | Reviewer: Ilokin Blackmetal | 8/26/10

Why do people have to be so retarded and/or stupid? I am a Christian and yes I listen to Slipknot, my favorite band, and there's nothing wrong with it. So do a lot of other Christians. God is awesome! Slipknot is great! Stay (sic)!

The rapture | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

The dicovery I have just made is the craziest thing ever!!! This whole song is about the rapture which is when the Lord God Almighty, Jesus the Christ, takes His true believers to heaven with him. The rest are "left behind" and are left to endure the most horrific 7 years of there life. Without Jesus in your life, you will be sent to Hell and live eternity without the grace and glory of the Almighty Most High God. This song is pretty much explaining about the horrible feeling of being left behind. It's explaining the horrible truth crashing down on those left behind. If you are reading this right now, make the smartest decision of your life and accept Jesus into your life. Accept His gift of forgiveness and wash away your sins. Making this decision will give you the gift of living an everlasting life in heaven and not spending an eternity in the darkest depths of Hell. Don't be left behind. Be raptured and live with Jesus in your heart.

maggots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/10

I think JOEY JORDISON is awsome cuz he said he will call all of his fans "MAGGOTS" awsome right anyways RIP PAUL GRAY you will be loved by ur maggots slipKnoT is my all time fave band forever their meanings of their songs Is so true its like stuff that happens on a regular basis their awsome as hell slipKnoT's biggest fan victoria

I relate | Reviewer: Sponserr | 6/25/10

Somewhat to this song because i got locked for half a year, and then i went to a program for another nine months, so i was gone for like fourteen months... and every time i closed my eyes in my cell i could feel things changing, and sure enough, when i finally came home, every one was completely different. I mean COMPLETELY different, i felt like i didn't even know them anymore. I got so angry while i was away that i seriuosly did remember some of the shit corey says, like tasting on fingers and hearing shit and wanting to kill. I could remember the taste of my girlfriend, and i could remember her laughter when i found out she'd been cheating on me... and i remember wanting to be close to someone again, but i would get so mad that i would get the urge to kill. fucked up. So i guess you have to be a little crazy in order to get this song.. I think its more for the people who were locked up and forgotten.

Just wanna say | Reviewer: Middle guy | 6/9/10

y do i keep looking up Slipknot lyrics and religion is being discussed lol? First off, what kind of christian looks up slipknot lyrics just to cuss ppl out? I doubt he's truly a christian... I bet hes a blind follower who doesnt know anything about god which is as good as following the devil... Also wanna say slipknot is absolutely amazing and anyone that disagrees can go listen to lady gaga make random sounds!!!

Waste of time | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/1/10

Alright, I don't see how so many people have problems with music these days. if you don't like it, then don't fucking listen to it. Bottom line. Every band/artist has there own insights, they write the way they do because they want to. It's there vision, not yours. So, the next time anyone feels the need to trash someone elses work, keep in mind, how would you feel if someone else trashed your work? And obviously, Slipknot, there banking on this and there successful with it. What are you successful with?

(sic) | Reviewer: Angela | 5/23/10

I don't see why everyones pointing fingers at religion here. Yes there are christian bands, which I HATE. And there are satanic bands, but Slipknot is their own religion in a sense.

Anyway, back to the point: Fucking amazing song, and dude if you listen to this in a dark room all alone, it'll take you places man (I know I sound like im on acid, but im not) Its a fucking awesome song, amazing lyrics, plus the emotion in this is incredible. All together an awesome song!!

Mixed Review | Reviewer: Bob | 5/3/10

I am making a review of the song AND what people have to say. Not a review like you would normaly think of like school, but a review of my opinion.

First on hand: the song.
I am uncertain of the lyrics... I have a grasp of what they are saying, but I don't know how to relate it into words. Overall, I just don't care. It is a great song by a great band.

Next on the list... Your little "debate"
Although most christians see to it that they try thier best to do everything they can in faith and goodwill... that is not really required. God does wish us to "behave" and do good things, but he mostly just wants us to believe in him and not sin. It is not required to read the bible EVERY day. It is always good to pray though. But god can fit into any lifestyle with minimal effort.

to allan | Reviewer: THINXER | 4/23/10

Well the only reason religion was made in first place was to gain power. think about it, who did get much power when Christianity evolved; The priests, and the priests were weak people who got power by saying they were sent by god and made people fear them because of their talking about god. The priest were and still are the weakest in the community, if the religion hadn't evolved to that they would have died. You don't need to read the bible to be Christian, as long as you believe in God and Jesus you are Christian. I stopped believing in god because i found out that it can't be a god, and that the bible is a lie, if Adam and Eve just got 2 boys the humanity would have died out at an early stage, they couldn't have incest because their mother would probably die before they were old enough to produce seeds. God is just an excuse of the unknown, a imagination in the human mind to think we are safe when we are not. All religion seems to care about peace, why did religion in the first place bring more wars? we need violence and wars because it's holding the cycle stable. To many humans would make an end to everything because of overpopulation and hunger. we are very close to the max limit. The human mind doesn't see what it did wrong before it is too late. We destroy habitats and mother nature without thinking about the consequences, every action has a reaction. We do everything for money because we feel stronger with much money, but it's really money in the first place which is the problem. Why is money worth something? it's really just round metal pieces or paper with numbers. We keep destroying what keeps us alive for something we think is worth something. Mankind must put an end to evolving or the evolving of the human will destroy the world. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Back to the point of this site: Slipknot has some amazing lyrics and Corey is a very good vocalist, my opinion of this text is that you can't trust anyone cause they will stab you in the back for their own sake in the end.

to allan | Reviewer: THINXER | 4/23/10

No screaming is satanic, it's a way of expression and releasing energy. It's a lie that most metal bands are satanic, the truth is that satanic metal bands are a minority, there are more Christian metal bands than satanic.

this is not spam i promise! i just keep remembering things!!!! | Reviewer: allan | 3/27/10

replying to: "it's unfortunate that even today when people hear heavy guitar and yelling the music MUST be satanic." YEAH DUDE i know right?!!? i mean the devil wears parada is christian (oppostie of satanic, but you know that haha) and so is haste the day and Becoming The Archetype and Underoath and they ALL scream!!! hahhahahah some of them are heavy as crap. if i'm not mistaken there are some death metal christian bands too... but idk... i'm not tryin to push this on ya i'm just further proving the point that not all screaming bands are satanic.

ps. yo dude who called himself a christian yet cussed out tons of people and made christians look bad, please pray that God will show you your mistakes. i pray that God shows me whats wrong and he slowly helps me fix myself bit by bit bro and i see some pride in what you said man and remember the parable about the priest and the tax collector and how the preist was like "thank you God for me being this and that and not as much of a sinner" and the tax collector mumbled and was like "God i screwed up way to much and dont deserve you" and Jesus said something cool but i can't exactly remember but he basically said that the tax collector was doin a better job by not thinkin that he is better than everybody else. i'm not claiming ya do i'm just sayin man remember what you stand for! would jesus do that? man bro were here to do our best to imitate Jesus man he is the dude we look up to! we gotta be more like him! we gotta have a heart to win souls for the lord man we cant be pointing the finger and sayin "well look what THEY are!" man bro dude we gotta be tellin them that God loves them no matter what!

oh yeah i almost forgot | Reviewer: allan | 3/27/10

and yes i am a slipknot fan lolz i like a lot of their music cuz theyre legit and tight and stuff. lolz. i dont always agree but still theyre tight and were my favorite band at one point actually... i listened to them sooo much that i got burnt out of them and had to take a break ahhahah but i still listen to them from time to time. :)

i'm sorry for what that guy said | Reviewer: allan | 3/27/10

if he really was a christian he wouldn't have cussed yall out like that. i'm a christian myself and have been one for about a year and a half and know that were supposed to do everything, with love and kindness. (now remember were humans and we mess up and were not perfect) so we are supposed to do our best to be as peaceful as we can. but what sucks is that we get a lot of "christians" who SAY theyre christians and they NEVER read the bible and NEVER even take 5 minuets to pray even. i'm not here to knock anyone down (including the cursing "christian") but what i am here to do is to say that, no matter what the people in slipknot believe, that its their choice and i'll do my best to pray for them regardless of where thyere at, and to do my best to remember to pray for that one dude who claimed to be a christian cuz the bible actually says that if you ruin your witness, meaning if you offend a nonbeliever, or a toddler, in a way that would draw them away from christ jesus, then it would be better for the so called christian to drown himself with a huge room sized brick. (i'm paraphrasing) and i'm not here to preach, but i'm here to appologize for what that person did. he did not act like what a christian should have. and regardless of if slipknot is satanic agnostic or whatever its between them and God what they do with themeselves.

who seriously gives a fuck? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/10

Ya know, who gives a shit if religion was brought into this. Most of you come onto this site to look up lyrics, not to have some fucking debate whether slipknot it satanic or not. Who gives a fuck? Grow the fuck up and listen to music, don't argue about it.

a mommy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

it's unfortunate that even today when people hear heavy guitar and yelling the music MUST be satanic. The ignorant people saying these things are not taking the time out to listen to actually LISTEN to the lyrics. My children (8 & 5) listen to Slipknot. They've even been to the last concert in our city. My son is such a huge fan he even started taking drum lessons to be like Joey. I'd rather my children mimic these guys and do their own thing and not give a rats a$$ about what anyone (but their parents) think!!!

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