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Performed by Slipknot

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no title | Reviewer: Grunt | 12/1/08

hey? who the fuck are you 2 be bagging on someone who lost their mother or their girlfriend or whatever? Im sure if it happened to you, you wouldnt be all smug and religious about it. im not religious but i dont have anything against it but to say those things... mate, maybe you should but yourself in a home?

Also isn't this to review the song? Slipknot isn't even remotley satanic (ref. Slipknot interview in Guitar World August 2001) so whats all this talk about religion.

This is a great song, whether you accept the meaning that the artist intended or make your own the applies to you. Maybe those two meanings are even one in the same.

Music rocks. Metal's sick. Slipknot Dominates

I used to hate this shit | Reviewer: Kieran | 11/3/08

I cant beleved i've wasted most of my life listening to shit music.(Thats in my opinion,not so that everyone starts arguing again)I listened to Slipknot for the first time when i bought Guitar Hero 3(What a game)and Before I Forget was on it.I love this fucking band.And I fucking respect this band for helping alot of people through life.Because they have really helped me.
And why are people arguing over Religion and all that shit.There is no right or wrong.Its what you believe,thats whats right to your self.I know people try to blow the world up because of what they believe.Thats because they have no respect for anyone else in this world.Belief is what makes the world such a nice place sometimes.
But back to the actual point;were ment to be revewing the lyrics.Lol.The song rocks,and so to slipknot.

Good luck Slipknot ;)
And all you other fuckers ..:)

Godamnit People | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/08

Just Stop Arguing...Review The Song, And Shut Your Fucking Mouth. What You Believe, Is What You Believe. If Someone Wants To Believe In "God" Then Let Them, Im Sure They Dont Like Being Told Their Wrong About Believing In "God". But If Someone Wants To Believe In "Satan" Let Them, Dont Talk Bad About Them Just Because Their Beliefs ARe Different Than Yours. Do All You "Jesus" Fanatics Like To Be Told Your Wrong? Didnt Think So...How About You Satan Fan's Out There? Didnt Think So... People Will Believe What They Want To Believe, Who's To Say They're Wrong? Aside From Some Little Bitch Who Has Nothing Better To Do... Noone Is Wrong, Wanna Know Why? Because What You Believe, Is Your Truth. Personally I Believe In Neither. AGNOSTIC ALL THE WAY!

FDadf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/08

Great song
Awesome music video
Great Band

>>>" i'm glad you lost your mom. that's what you get for not believing in God. You both are stupid ignorant faggots."<<<

I'm gonna laugh so fucking hard when your mom dies. Believing in something or not isn't gonna make someone live or die. Plus isn't god suppose to accept everyone? If so why would he kill someone close to someone that doesn't believe in him

religious fags...xD

all of you suck dick like a nothing | Reviewer: myronater | 10/3/08

fuck all of you excepy all you hot girls i want to have sex with all of you

i love slipknot my favorite part of the music video was when the boy was eating the ceral and milk then he turned on the tv and the word said SLIPKNOT it was the coolest

There is No ONE for everyone | Reviewer: Billy | 9/25/08

I don't think we should care of SomeONE who kills and rape us like a monster and always feed us to believe we're nothing infront of him i mean IS he fucking Guilty or Psycho? there are hundereds of questions you'll find about that Thing GOD and in the end there will be two ways for you 1) to be blind and believe in inherited info 2) to believe in yerself and to be proud of what you're, this world is here until we die or atleast we try. i've seen many people tried to argue with them on religion they don't follow what you're tryin' to tell them 'cos they're becomin' so sick and livin' a very rigid mentality...Well i don't have any sort of respect for God who knows the fucking future and the results and still he's watching that fucking story(life) like a retard.

Debaters | Reviewer: Grim van de von | 9/21/08

Everyone cam down this has blown out of proportion, people are just arguing just for the sake of arguing; this isn't a place to debate religion... each to their own just don't harm anyone else in any way shape or form... peace love and all that shit :D

OHYEH this songs good too!

Stop Arguing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/08

>>>Quote again: " i'm glad you lost your mom. that's what you get for not believing in God. You both are stupid ignorant faggots."<<<

I guess the guy who said this doesn't believe in God either, haha. And alot of people here don't really understand what God is about (unless we're talking about some other God). If religious children are being molested and married at age 15 and want to destroy the world, then it's not a real religion. It's just a bunch of fanatics that are trying to manipulate a man-made god to make others do what they want to do. So all you people talking stuff about God, make sure you actually know what you're talking about.

Anyway, keep the religious arguments out of the lyrics page of a good song. Really love the intro of this song.

No, God hates YOU | Reviewer: Anon | 9/2/08

>>>Quote: " i'm glad you lost your mom. that's what you get for not believing in God. You both are stupid ignorant faggots."<<<

And that is why I fucking hate religion and religious people. Seriously dude, you're a cunt. Do you know what we get FOR believing in religion? Religious nutjobs who go and fucking blow people up because the white guy doesn't believe in the same God as the rag head wearing guy over there. We get indoctrination of children and crazy religious communities where the kids are molested and them married off at 15. Funny, I don't hear of any recent world conflicts caused by atheists...well, you know apart from religious people wanting to kill us and all. Hell, George Bush doesn't even think atheists should be considered as American citizens.
Anyway, mini rant over. But c'mon guys - there is no fairy in the sky!

get off the subject | Reviewer: JCB | 9/2/08

ok, -.-' i don't believe in god for reasons i keep to myself, but could we please get off the subject? this is of course a review and not a debate of whether some "omnipotent ant-bully" even i'd like to put up an opinion about this song like it should be done: i love this song, ^-^ some of their best, only 3rd to duality and wait and bleed but i still love it

Ermm....I love this song :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

Lolz, just one point i was thinking about in one of my R.E. lessons (heavily boring as you can imagine), anyway, God created earth in 7 days yes? something like that. anyway, the fact that God can be everywhere at the same time (omnipotent if you like), means he is either incredibly large, or, he does not follow the physical laws bound to this universe, one of these being time. so, if he can do ANYthing in no time at all, why the hell did it take him 7 WHOLE days to create the earth? when time doesnt even apply to him? ^^ only conclusion i can see is that God is extremely lazy. XD

Yay, hatemail from evangelists!

oh yeah the song, bloody awesome :) always has and always will be my favourite Slipknot track

God | Reviewer: Lmfao | 8/13/08

^_^ Alright so I'm sure I'm going to get 100 death threats from people I don't even know- and to tell yeah what I don't actually care- You are a bunch of overly religious dumbasses who are too lazy to think for yourselfs, and therefore must have some big thing in the sky to think for you- Religion is not real, what divine creator would give someone free will only to punish them for it later. Religion has never been proved, the only thing they have to show for it is a really old book- which was common back then because they had to find a reason to solve for the unexplained, but not now, now we have a thing called SCIENCE to back up Evolution, and how the universe was created. Of corse since I know you didn't get through to me about how god is real, there really is no hope for me telling you he's not, and I respect that, but keep it to yourself- Christianity is certainly not the only religion out there, and its certainly not the biggest either- Buddhism is, and look they didn't need to pressure countless people to follow a big fat guy- I have not once came across a post telling me to convert to Buddhism or I'll face my years in hell, and thats why Im beating on Christians :) is that because they believe that there right 100% of the time, and quite frankly, its starting to piss me, and surely countless others on the internet right off :) Keep it to yourselfs, please!

wow.. | Reviewer: dani | 8/8/08

to "noob", maybe if you scrolled down a little more and read some more comments you would know what 'evan' meant. he said fuck god, someone earlier on the thread if you fucking scrolled down. so many stupid ignorant people who just love to argue and think they have it all figured. and yeah, there are alot of kids who think there depressed but really don't have anything to be depressed about. im 15 and ive been through a lot of shit, and honestly, slipknot really does help out. and yeah, its annoying as fuck when you have people my age acting like they have shitty lives when other people have it 10x worse. but anyways, great song, one of there best.

lol evan and michael what a bunch of douchebag faggots | Reviewer: Noob | 7/31/08

yo, you guys are what 14 and 15? your not even old enough to make decisions on your own and hear you go saying "f" God? to the dude that lost his mom, i'm glad you lost your mom. that's what you get for not believing in God. You both are stupid ignorant faggots, and may God have mercy on your soul when you come before him face to face one day and he banishes both of you to hell. lol I hope your happy.

micheal AC, your wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/08

I;m 17 and um..i read your thing about "fuck god" and religion and stuff and your wrong. god would NOT just be someone who would make everyone obey him and if you paid attention in church that you said fuck to, you would realize that the reason he wouldn't do that is because he gave all men free agency to choose whether to believe in him or not, and then to obey him or not. but of course you had no way of knowing...or even beggining to uderstand anything about god and his ways so im basically preaching to the choir but thats ok. and for your information satan was the one who wanted to force everyone to do the right thing and return to heaven in the end, god gave the agency and choice.

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