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Performed by Slipknot

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crossed the line | Reviewer: Original | 8/1/09

I'm not a fan of Slipknot, but the songs-Dead Memories, and Phycosocial and Snap are pretty good I like it. I get what it's trying to say, but "I'm going to kill anyone who steps over me'' that is just wrong! Violent! It's evil! People get inspired by these demon possessed people and actually do kill literally everyone who comes near them! And Bipolar Gods! So wait they're saying that they are Gods?? Oh so everyone is shit, fuck everyone, but no Slipknot guys are gods-wow! Slipknot-you're fucking human! The more you insult humans the more you insult yourself! I do understand what they are trying to say, and yeah the world is fucked up, but singing in a way that suggests violence, revenge, kill, is going to fuck the world even more, so why don't u suck it up Slipknot, your no better than anyone else, stop being proud!

we are hated | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/10/09

i think this song is about when fred durst (limpbizkit singer) called us maggotz "fat ugly kids" well slipknot kickz ass n fred durst can go FUCK HIMSELF!! n slipknot fucken kicks ASS!!!
stay (sic) maggotz

cool | Reviewer: pop sucks | 5/20/09

I agree emos r fukin pussies they should get the fuk over them selves who gives a shit about emotions fukin emo pricks think the hole world is about them coz their fukin cryin about their ginni pig dyd boo fukity hoo fukin skinny jean werin fagets slipknot 4 life stay (sic)

I Am Hated... | Reviewer: OnlyOneOfUsWalksAway | 3/3/09

Seems to me like the song is a direct attack against the "emo" fad, and saying that they have no reason to be depressed and just make up stuff for attention, yet everyone ignores the people who have real shit going on, or had real shit pasts (i.e. Corey)
Fuckin awesome tune

Bi-Polar Gods!!! | Reviewer: Kagemusha-Shadow Warrior | 5/28/07

I Am Hated!!!What an amazing do they do this??Just genius!!!

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