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Performed by Slipknot

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what oolay said | Reviewer: jade | 5/19/07

you twats don't know anything, don't blame your puny excuse for an existence on a band you don't know anything about, so i sugest you stfu dissing the amazing talented kick ass band that is Slipknot,, OKAY? btw eyeore is seriously a great song

To Tonya | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

Why the fuck didn`t you search for pictures in google? It hurts when i see stupid cunts like you!
And luke.. Who DID write Eeyore??

posers | Reviewer: luke | 4/19/07

haha, poor fools. you abviously know nothing of slipknot if you
A) Think there Metal
B) Think Cory wrote eeyore
C) Think this song (or any other slipknot songs)are dumb
Atleast read a little about slipknot if you want to act like you know what you're talking about

------ About the song Eeyore performed by Slipknot | Reviewer: Tom | 3/21/07

who the hell searches for pictures of eeyore from whinnie the faggot poo anymore. this is one of the greatest songs ever constructed by man, and to whoever said the drums were bad, i am a drummer and i know the quality may sound kinda bad, but that beat is really hard to play

Well... | Reviewer: Pissed Off | 2/28/07

The people that have stumbled across these lyrics through different things and say Slipknot have no ability to write lyrics, need their heads checked out. This may not be one of Slipknot's best songs, but trust you me, Slipknot is one of the bands with best lyrics that I know. They scream what some people are afraid to whisper! There's no limits to what they can say and express. Slipknot is a band that makes you think, like this song, the whole meaning isn't very clear, you just have to read between the lines. Slipknot are the greatest band I know, amazing instruments, Corey's voice is just heaven and as for the drumming...WOW! x

WTF | Reviewer: Cole | 2/13/07

how can you even think it's not good?!?!
and to tonya butner, it blaytently wasn't goin to be the Eeyore characters picture if was SlipKnot written next to it...jebus...

i think it fucking rocks | Reviewer: Mike | 2/10/07

I do MMA and this is one of my favorite songs to listen to just before i kick the shit out of someone.

dude | Reviewer: oolay | 2/9/07

you obviously dont understand what the lyrics mean and you obviously dont know anything about SlipKnot if you think the druyms are bad at least Joey is one of the best metal drummers around and Corey Taylors lyrics are brilliant but he didnt write this song so you cant judge SlipKnot by this song its a great song read the lyrics just because the meaning isnt obvious doesnt mean there bad it means your blind its anger towards end read it makes sense its better than alot of bads these days but why they called it eeyore i dont know but they so live with it

It is not very good is it... | Reviewer: R-) | 3/27/06

I also found these lyrics looking for the real Eeyore.
I must say I am a bit disapointed with slipknot's lyrical ability. Also I think their ability to play musical instruments leaves a bit to be desired...

Blah! | Reviewer: Moose | 1/4/06

It sucks and its stupid. Basically I HATE it.!!!!!!!!!!
Get a better one. Cause this one is stupid and all the bad stuff in the world.

It sucks | Reviewer: Tonya Butner | 5/2/05

I stumbled across this site looking for disneys eeyore pics. I think its bad that you named a song eeyore.

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