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Performed by Slipknot

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Slipknot sucks | Reviewer: Slipknot is for pussies | 4/3/09

Corey Taylor a lyrical genius??? Bullshit!!! Slipknot are a bunch of fucking ass clowns. Hide behind retarded mask, so no one can see how retarded they are. You call yourselves maggots? Whats up with that shit? Are you going to turn into a fucking fly? Didnt they sing a song called people=shit? Well I have a song title slipknot=pussies along with the all the pussy ass maggots

Good song, but... | Reviewer: MadMaggot | 3/3/09

This really is a good anger anthem. However it's definitely not their best. I've been a maggot for about 5 or 6 years, and their stuff like this really brings back their good ol' days when they hated the world, etc ( "Fuck it all! Fuck this world! Fuck everything that you stand for!!!" ). But this song may be one of my least favourites. But it's still GODLY.

Impressive | Reviewer: Billy Thompson | 2/27/09

Corey Taylor is a lyrical genius. He is my idol when it come to frontmen, I also love Stone Sour. He may not be the best singer, but he is intelligent and has an ability to reach into his listener's souls and make you identify with him. He is my inspiration when I write lyrics, the same goes for Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory. Though Burton's lyrics are more foward and short, while Corey uses his intelligence to subdue and ridicule his enemies, which I love to do as well because I'm a gemini.
-Maggot Machine

What the Song is About. | Reviewer: Ian | 3/10/08

People, this song is about Corey's feelings towards some person who, before he went on stage at one of his concerts, death threatened him.

The first verse describes what he thinks the person thinks of Corey.

I'M ON - YOU'RE NOT! Means that it doesn't matter 'cause he's on the stage and he's not.

I AM THE GREAT BIG MOUTH! Means that he's the idol to many people (and also his record label company :P )

BURN! Means that the threatener is not an idol. Like what you say when someone is dissed....

The second verse describes his immediate feelings towards the person and how he wishes that he could do what he says in the song. I don't take it serious though considering that most people feel that way when their insulted by someone of whom they hate. He ends it with that he's the one who laughs last 'cause he's living a better life than the person who death threatened him.

STAIN! Means that the threatener is a bad memory in his mind. 'Cause stains suck and don't go away....

The last verse of the song describes his later feelings and that he doesn't care at all of what he said 'cause, plain and simple, he's better.

TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER! Means, well, his comeback or diss to what the "motherfucker" said to him.

Listen to the song, while reading the lyrics, with this thought in mind. It's actually quite impressive literature for this type of song.

To that Anonymous guy who dissed Slipknot. | Reviewer: t('.'t) | 1/25/08

Wtf? Seriously, no need to come to the lyrics for a band you don't even like. I'll admit one thing, Slipknot isn't the "essence" of metal, but they're still my favorite. You have a problem with the band, take it to your little groupies of those other pussy bands. I'm guessing you're one of those types of people that listen to the emo/screamo crap, right? The ones who are always trying to make other GOOD bands look bad. Why do you focus on Joey? Joey is awesome, and his drum solo's are the shit. But you only pick on Joey =\ I think you just have something against him, and not the band. You "pussy-ass bitch mother fucker" =]
Aside from that, the lyrics seem 100% accurate from what I can tell. Rock on Maggots!

MY T SHIRT IS FAKE?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/07

eeyore kinda reminds me of get this.. because their fast pased.. well iunno maybe its just me.. :O can anyone tell me .. k well i got a slipknot tshirt. and i think its fake! :O it says slipknot but the mask thats on it isnt any of the masks from the band. and its not the maggot mask either:S so yeah.. just wondering :p

just cause its a band you dont like doesnt mean there shit,you just dont like em n as for this hole joeys stuff piss easy to play he's just a average drummer so what he's still good at it.slipknot fans are defensive cause we get fucks like you lookin at lyrics on a band they dont like or vids like you n commenting on it for know reaso what so ever if you hate em so much why are you here??.n as for being original know band that'll come around till the end of the world will be original now cause everythings been done tho slipknot try to be n it works alot better then most bands that try.

Why ? | Reviewer: Myst | 9/27/07

(I'm french so if anyone has something against my english , this is 100% justified)
Why do we ALWAYS have to find debates about slipknot around videos, forums, lyrics opposing Slipknot fans and antislipknot guys ? If the latter don't like slipknot, why don't they keep listening to their "true metal" and let the others listen to whatever they want ?
About joey, teens saying "he's the best" because they have never listened to another drummer or because they haven't any notions of drumming should of course shut up and learn about what they're talking about. Being a drummer myself, I saw enough drummers to say that there is always someone better than the other, look at jazzmen and you will know what I'm talking about.
Personnaly I don't think there is a "true metal", there is only music, and music should be a pleasure, that's all.

wtf? | Reviewer: alex | 9/16/07

lol if some of u hate slipknot soo much why r u fuckin lookin up lyrics to a slipknot song haha fuckers...... slipknot fuckin rules!

wtf? | Reviewer: alex | 9/16/07

lol if some of u hate slipknot soo much why r u fuckin lookin up lyrics to a slipknot song haha fuckers

the best | Reviewer: slipknot #1 fan | 7/6/07

i think this song rocks!! i guess youre just lookin at the song words and saying "oh thats sounds like a shitty song" but its not!!!

this song fucking owns | Reviewer: Matt | 6/8/07

I found this song on the end of the Surfacing live track the first time I bought it. I put it in the computer, and noticed that the total time for track 20 was 12:41, and the song ends at about 3:45. So I went a little forward, and after some "Porn and Weed" as I see it titled sometimes, I found this track. At the time, using iTunes, I pulled this song out from the rest of the track and simple titled it "bonus track." This song fucking rules! One of my favorites. The frantic drums and guitar, and just the pure anger of the track. I've never bothered to try to find out the title or lyrics until now. But knowing what I know now, and getting a couple things in the lyrics cleared up, I like it even more.

Eeyore as an anger anthem. | Reviewer: THAT STUPID PRINNY!! | 6/6/07

The first time i listened to this piece when i left my CD player on, i was a bit put off because of how the whole rythm is about MASSIVE TESTICULAR SHOCK etc etc. But soon after i became very hooked. A few years later, when i shifted my interests to Power Metal and Drum N Bass, i did a wiki on this song just out of pure nostalgia. What came up was that "Eeyore" was about some sicko that Corey Taylor wanted to kill badly. This was further emphasized with the middle column of the lyrics, which basically says, "YOU'RE DEAD, YOU SICK BASTARD!! GOOD EFFIN' RIDDANCE!!"

Sure, the lyrics are crude and sophomoric. But what can you do? This kind of mannerism in speaking is likely to someone who is in a fit of rage. You want a more dramatic and shakespearian set of lyrics? Go become a lyricist and prove you can fix every poorly-written lyrics in songs you can find, and hope that your career will be ultimately ruined once HollyCrap corrupts your mind and makes you write drek that's infecting recent movies of this era.

So you soccer mommies who think that this song brings bad to lil' kiddies, you're being complete morons and hypocrites, because this is quite the appropriate song for some true hardcore degenerate who deserves to die.

I am an ex-metalhead, and i commend Slipknot for making an anger anthem for good reasons, an extremely rare sight in the metal world. If i was at the peak of my anger management problems, this song would be in my playlist when i'm enjoying a killing spree of all the registered child molesters and pedophiles that live in this world.


awesome | Reviewer: johnny | 5/30/07

i think this song is awesome even though i can barley understand it but i love this song because sid's turntables are used and i am a big fan of sid so yea this is my opinion although others disagree they dont know slipknot!!!!

some things ive noticed about you people aka: Sliptard fans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

You all think Joey is some type of he is average if anything his fills are boring he cant blast worth a shit his drumming is so predictable and like i said...average so stop trying to glorify him. and if you disagree you obviously havent listen to REAL metal drumers. All sliptard fans are the most defensive type of fans I have ever encountered in my life...most just lowlife burnouts. There lyrics are nothing shocking or new or original for that matter. SO for fuck sake stop with the whole "omg slipknot is the best band ever they are so heavy like omg" no....they arnt so shut the hell up. just accept the fact that they are (in the eyes of people who listen to real metal) pieces of shit..nothing special nothing new. Oh god i can hear it now.....the whine of thousands of Sliptard extremists

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