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Performed by Slipknot

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Diluted and Life | Reviewer: Tattered and Torn | 8/7/10

Only the heartless and sheltered can't relate to this song. Its about all and any of the shit that everything (inc oneself) throws at you. Love gone wrong. Abuse from small minded, selfish pigs. And the things wrong inside. All of which i've suffered.

fuck you | Reviewer: someone | 2/10/10

Diluted. why the hell do you think that everyone that uses the look "gothic" cuts themself ? i very much prefer girls with the gothic dark look. just because you dont like them it doesnt mean theyre hated?

btw this song fucking rules

Stay (SIC) Maggots!

diluted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/09

awesome how a ten yr old song is still so powerful. i bought the first slipknot album in '99 and never liked it. funny how over the past 3 years slipknot have become so much of my life and how their songs are so relevent to how i've felt over the last year. sick of the every day bullshit hate of from everyone around me even though im the nicest person you could meet. im generous, thoughtful,kind,ect. and always get shit on so this song says it all...

"what the hell.. did I.. do to deserve.. all of this"

I am who I am | Reviewer: Christine | 10/6/09

I am a 24 year old female. Every time I say Slipknot's my favorite band MOST people don't take it seriously. I look normal, always have. BUT all through my life I have been delusional, manic, depressed, strange, and no one got me. I had lots of friends but no one got me, AT ALL. Sometimes they thought it was funny, sometimes they were scared for their lives. By the end of high school I was the same person just not as shy to hang around with the people who were actually like me. Finally I wasn't made fun of by my 'friends', who would give me that fake smile in the hall. I have had so much rage all my life, I remember being 4 and displaying abnormal psychotic behavior at times. I am an extremely caring person who loves everyone, hates everyone, wants to die, wants to fly. Being surrounded by closed minded fucks everyday pisses me off. I dont's blame my parent's they're awesome, divorced for about 10 years. The get along and I love my stepparents. This song is to me from myself. The person I used to be forced to be who was misunderstood, and the person I am now who loves being different. I am still not, though, happy. I am fascinated with what its out there our minds aren't yet capable of crucial development. Every line in this song I relate to. I try and push my constant pain down, because I love what I go to school for. It bursts out and I'm scared of what I am capable of doing. OK BORING, SORRY PEOPLE, I HAD TO VENT. FEW people understand me, ha, maybe 1 or least halfway understand me.
EVERY LINE IS FUCKING AWESOME, I LOVE SLIPKNOT.....i would love to go to another concert if I don't blow all my money. So hope they come to Baltimore or somewhere near soon.

BTW Rene, it's funny u'd say that cuz Slipknot songs are just theraputic to me as well. It feels good know you feel all these crazy feelings!!

... | Reviewer: Kevin | 8/31/09

The first time i heard this song it made me want to kill the next person who insulted me. This song perfectly describes my life. Im 14 and I for some odd reason I have matured really fast, so i have alot of acne on my face and people (prepys) look at you differently and will pick on you if they don't have it. I've tried every stupid chemical that is "supposed" to work but i've had no luck. So... What did i do to deserve my acne and faster maturing body? I'll never know. Most of my class mates have learned thier lesson to not pick on me and you can probably guess how I taught them. But you can't take back what you say and I'll show it someday when im older. Fuck!!!

yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

i'd like to confess...
i'm a nerd. i know. so what? what the hell did i do to them to deserve mistreatment ? this song teaches me, inspires me to have none standing in my way. 'cause i know, i did nothing wrong... they did this to me... i'm just a 14 year old kid, who hates the so called preps ( even beat up one in my life, damn it was nice watching him take back all those things he said to me...)so what? i didn't bully you around! when i get my hands on you, ain't a fucking thing you can do!
- my feelings kinda' sum up what the whole song's about...-

diluted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/09

i look at this song as a life story starting out as a kid were everyone looks at you with a lie so you don't get dissapointed, and as he grows up the lies get to him and the heroes he had are now dead, then it all starts to build up as an adolecent and teenager with the ridicule insuts that leads him to be isolated and different, then he realizes that turning to god doesnt help as well because he belives god knew and just let it happen, then finnaly he is an adult and he is tryig to hid himself and his scars of his past from society's eyes because he believes they did it to him

my entire LIFE | Reviewer: Fuck!! | 7/1/09

"God what the fuck is wrong, You act like you knew it all along,Your timing sucks, your silence is a blessing,All I ever wanted out of you was
something you could never be, Now take a real good look at what you've fucking done to me!!!" yup the summary of my life!

damnatio | Reviewer: (sic) juggalo | 5/13/09

I think this song is amazing. i love the percussion. and i think it is a song to help you get over your depressing situation. When my gf broke up with me this is all i listened to and it help me compromise. I think its also questioning god and why the hell he would put us through shit like this. but all in all, an amazing track, some of slipknot's finest

I am diluted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/09

This is probably only directly pertaining to the fact that my girlfriend broke up with me last night, but in my eyes these lyrics recognize the hopelessness instilled by the mistreatment done by a significant other. I feel Corey's confusion and anger expressed in the chorus. I know that I'm only seeing what I want to see, but almost every line of each verse directly conveys my emotions at this point. Even the musical tone conveys the feeling of hopelessness; the subconscious end of any emotional connection to a person formerly intimately involved with you. This song is a crutch for me, and I hope to use it even when my injuries heal

slipknot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

i believe that this song has to do with a family member that has messed up his life in some way: "My heros are dead, they died in my head"

and the rest of the song is probably the person not fitting in with society as a consequence.

the earlier slipknot songs are more about not being excepted. and society, media, music industry wanting them to conform

Diluted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/08

Emo's suck.... you don't like how your life is going then change it around.... geeze your broke get a job, your hurt stop cutting your dam wrists "Dumbass".... think you got no friends? don't dye your hair black and cut your body parts or look gothic.. no one wants to hang out with that...

This song=My life | Reviewer: Jacob | 12/3/08

This song perfectly sums up my view of the world. I can't fucking stand most of these preppy bullshit people (Don't get me wrong, I have some very close preppy friends but I hate most preps) they like to torture people and laugh and manipulate what they have created.

I love slipknot | Reviewer: Rene | 11/19/08

this song makes me so happy everytime I listen to it.. I just wanna go outside and run around in circles....

oh and for all u lame emo pussies out there who say this song is depressing... u need to grow some balls ...

this song is an anti-depressant ... well at least it makes me feel happy..

my thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/08

i read these lyrics and i cant help but think of my dad not being the man i think he should be and what thats done to make me who i am and more importantly the flaws i see in myself and him.
"All I ever wanted out of you was
something you could never be
Now take a real good look at
What you've fucking done to me"

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