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Performed by Slipknot

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Damn... | Reviewer: SG641 | 7/9/10

We were never alive and we won't be born again...

There's been so many people that's lived in the worlds before us, and each one of them have died. Each person has had emotions, their loves, their hates, and that special someone. And I've not known one of those 60 billion people that's died or their story that they've shared. They're all dead memories and those memories were never alive. They will never hear our stories bc we were never alive. We're all the same, and I've never realized it until the first time I've ever heard this song. I'm very thankful for everything in my life that I have. I take nothing for granted and even if it hurts me, I refuse to be hypocritical. Break people down to build them back up strong. They only have one chance to live it.

amazing song | Reviewer: fan <3 | 7/4/10

The song is obviously a phenomenon. I love it, it helps me get over the pain my ex love had caused me. Ironically, I'm sure he loves this song too.. Slipknot <3
P.S. I used to hate this band before my heart got shredded to pieces. Corey taylor and the crew saved my life. I will always be thankful for that <3 :)

the best song ever....! | Reviewer: Roberta | 6/11/10

I personally love thiis song I listen to it almost everyday aand what it means to me is it helps me get through the daay cause all the memories I had with my ex-love there all dead memories now.....And I can totally relate to this song and when he talks about "the other me is dead" well it's like me cause I was a totally different person when we dated and now were off and on and it's made me a different person the old me is dead and a new me is alive...? well let's just say SLIPKNOT IS SOOOO KICK MOTHA EFFIN ASS........!!!! I hope they are around when i have kids lol......

Paul Gray | Reviewer: H.Q | 5/28/10

It doesn't matter who sings it, Paul Gray wrote this song about his heroin addiction and how his wife Brenna gave him an ultimatum. "I can't sit around and watch you kill yourself" Sadly his addiction won. R.I.P Paul (RR Records confirms this is Pauls song)

Freaking awesome | Reviewer: Benjamin | 4/18/10

The first time I heard dead memories was in my geometry classroom. My teacher always puts songs on his powerpoints, and he had this song on. From that day on it has been my favorite song ever, after sulfur of course.

this is what i beleive..... | Reviewer: shaunti | 2/26/10

i think if you are a slipknot fan then you should know what this song is about and you would understand it and not just say you know what its about. and besides yeah ok so it has diffrent meaning to differn t people but you dont need to say if you do not know..any ways the song is really about how corey was pulled into it physicly and emotionally and mentally!!AND SLIPKNOT IS NOT SATANIC!! get it right people!!!
and those who think so are stupid seriously>>>;")

i got it | Reviewer: i got it | 2/5/10

ok i think this song is about how he has finally learned how to let memories go and let the past be the past even thuo he still remembers them they will always be there but dead....and i think it's kind of suppose to be a happy song just like know..thats what i think makes sense to me

oops. bad info. | Reviewer: Rudy Sanders | 1/31/10

in a post earlier i used the band Burzum as an example of actual satanic bands with info from a couple documentaries. after reading the bands bio on their website i realized that that info is wrong. although they were kindof influenced by satanism they were not satanic. sry. they are, however, extremely against christianity which for some ppl is close enough

lol | Reviewer: Rudy | 1/30/10

its funny to watch ppl try and figure out what songs are about. music is an art form. art is abstract. yes artist are trying to convey messeges but really the beauty lies in what other ppl take from that art. what emotions it brings up. what memories it pulls from the grave. fuck trying to figure out what they were thinking when they wrote it. it probably meant different things to each band member so theres no point.

oh and haha slipknot is definitely not satanic. 99% of bands arent. the rest are Black Metal bands from norway(ex. Burzum)

you are wrong... | Reviewer: jordan | 1/29/10

no no no... the song dead memories is not about wife, suicide, or anythin. its corey talking about how he got pulled into slipknot. not physically but... i guess u could say mentally. EMOTIONALLY! thats what i was thinking. he liked the times with slipknot and stone sour, he liked both of the times with the bands. but he liked the times with slipknot like .5 percent more. in the song when he says, "Trading my emotions for a contract you commit." he saying hes sad cuz hes leaving stone sour, but hes happy cuz hes with slipknot. cuz he signed the contract saying he is a classified member of slipknot. the line, "but when i got away i only got so far." meaning slipknot kind of dragged him in cuz of the music and the memories hes had with them. it so complicated!!! but thats how it went. i feel bad for corey. other than that, stay sic everyone! ")

my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/09

From what my friend Sam told me Clown wrote this for his divorced wife, but as u can hear Corey is singing it, so I guess when Corey says, 'You told me to love you, and I did.
Tied my soul into a knot and got me to submit' Clown's talking about gettin married. Well at least thts wat me & my friends think its about.

P.S. All who think SLIPKNOT is satanic SUCK!!

Woah! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 7/21/09

I don't know what the song is supposed to mean I just know what it means to me. The first time I heard it, it was by watching the video on MTV. I nearly fell off the couch. My first reaction was "Good God. This song fits me perfectly!" Its scary, almost, how the lyrics just seem to go with my life. Plus Corey Taylor has an amazing voice!

what i believe | Reviewer: kaleb | 7/8/09

i believe in this music video it shows what he means, that it shows he doesnt know what he wants to be (in the beginning of the video), himself or slipknot, he chooses slipknot by 'digging up' his past. then when he is back in slipknot he starts explaining why he choose them over himself:sitting in the dark i cant forget, then he relizes it not all he thought it would be once he is back in and says this will just be another story of the bitter pills of fate, but he already made his choice so he cant go back again. in the end he finnally relizes all he has with slipknot is dead memories. but maybe instead of being slipknot or himself he could be both and thats when it shows both of them in the end.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/09

People forget that the artist doesnt want you to know the meaning.The true meaning of a song is what you make it.The same song can mean diffrent things to diffrent people.It depends on your life experiences.

It is slipknot's best | Reviewer: Joel | 5/16/09

i disagree that it's not there best song the metaphores and guitar riffs with malotic undertones are what make it so bad ass the lyrics are abviously about the band not a girl friend or suicide. when he says "Traded my emotions for a contract to commit" hes saying that he signed the publishing contract when he really didnt think it was that good compared to stone sour which was his band before slipknot, thats why mainstream has now adopted stone sour as the greater band which in manyways they are more talented, but dont hate me just yet! slipknot is not about main stream they have there own sound which makes them what they are, and thats why there my favorite band since the beging before alot of you knew who they were. but just because a song does go main stream does not mean it sucks, its just that it flirts with the line between the two, mainstream and underground which is were I personally would love them to stay at.

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