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Performed by Slipknot

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all hope is gone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/11

guy's whats all the crap out of ur mouths? this is there best album, it's a way more metal. than before . not saying the we're cuz i love many more songs like spit it out. but this album is the best. Dead memories, Psychosocial, gematria, Butcher's hook, and there is nothing wrong with snuff.

All Hope Is Gone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/10

I think all hope is gone is their best album yet, it is more mature, displays more musical skill, and has a good variety of song sounds. I also think it isn't their 'softest album', it's just heavy in a different way. heavy does not always = chaotic, or fast. in All Hope is Gone Corey is utilising a proper heavy growl, and the rest of the band allows the riffs and percussion to blend more intimately, resulting in a majestic, powerful sound. honestly, a lot of their "heavy" songs from, before only seem heavy because every non-maggot who hears it covers their ears. in all hope is gone, they have a kind of heavy that's so good anyone can like it.

no title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/10

Well i think the All Hope Is Gone Album is there softest album. I think this is 1 of the better songs on the album. They r just growing up and matureing, this is proof. Theyre also getting old so they cant be screaming all of the time. AND if they didnt change up they way they sounded the fans would get bored with it. All in all a great song

all hope is gone | Reviewer: Eeyore | 2/3/10

I'm a maggot that pretty much worships this band. My favorite songs are Gently, The Virus Of Life, Purity, Spit It Out, Surfacing, Iowa, The Shape, Liberate, just shit like that and everyone is always saying that All Hope is Gone is the worst album SlipKnoT has put out and yeah it is my least favorite but I do like cuz of songs like Butcher's Hook, This Cold Black, All Hope Is Gone, Wherin Lies Continue cuz they are heavier then the other stuff SlipKnoT has put out even though I enjoy the older SlipKnoT overall I do like the album All Hope is Gone even the lighter songs like Gehenna, Snuff, and Dead Memories were great. Any true maggot should be able to Apperciate this album

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