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Performed by Slipknot

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befor i forget | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/06

dude this has gotr to be my fravarute song of all time i love it to bits and would probaly go crazzy without it rock on slipknot

MaD | Reviewer: Jason | 3/8/06

one of the first songs i heard from em, soo good got me listening to there others

Slipknot rocks! | Reviewer: Michele | 12/21/05

This is one of my favorite songs by Slipknot i absolutely love it! Slipknot rocks!

Another masterpiece. | Reviewer: Meme | 10/21/05

This is another masterpiece from Slipknot.
It's not enough to listen to it over and over, memorise the lyrics, and say you love it. With most, if not all, of Slipknot's songs, you have to understand them on another level. Only when you do this can you truly appreciate the message they give and the people they truly are.
I am their maggot. As they are my Messiahs.

- Truly, LFD.

slipknot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/05

one of their best songs my other faves are duality and wait and bleed.. my god it's great you can just get so into it and amazing lyrics.... THANK YOU SLIPKNOT WE LOVE YOU! cam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps mmmmmmmmmmmmm corey

slipknot before i forget is soo sik | Reviewer: steve | 8/24/05

i luv it especially da film clip its alsum i luv it ho da lyk sho part of der faces lyk u can almost tell hu dey r n wat dey luk lyk i luv da song luv slipknot yeh

NOICE | Reviewer: OWned | 8/14/05

AMAZING song.....Learnt it on the guitar and played it with the song so it sounded the way ...we know what they look like..i have the shirt...anyway NICE SONG....KICKASS LYRICS...and the guitars amazing....PEACE

awsome | Reviewer: Trevor J. | 7/13/05

This song is awsome, all of them did an awsome job and I listen to it almost every day and now I know the lyrics and the guitar notes.

my review | Reviewer: rhiannon | 7/10/05

love it, fucking awesome! it rocks, and the video is awesome too! u gotta hand it to the guys!

umm dunno | Reviewer: ardaria | 6/24/05

fuckin awesome, gotta hear it every day! yea! >:)

fuckin awsome | Reviewer: psychopathic midgit | 6/21/05

kick ass song, awsome album, this band rules, i have all heir cd's ( self titled, iowa, vol.3: the subliminal verses )

This is rock | Reviewer: Siddie | 6/8/05

Slipknot is back, and they deserve to come back with this fantastic clip.

Deep | Reviewer: Dory | 6/3/05

I love slipknot's new song! I think the video rox and leaves almost a cliffhanger as to what they look like throughout the video too!

Lovin it,

Well done!

Awesome | Reviewer: Sudantha | 5/28/05

Simply Awesome I love the video (Creative). You Guys rock

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