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Performed by Slipknot

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worm vs world | Reviewer: liam | 10/30/08

kk i thought it was worm but i looked all round the internet and all the sites say its world but come on does it really matter its a gd song and thats the end of it and when the fuk are you guys goin to sing it in front of thousands on stage mmm never coz thats copyright i think and you prob are not gd enough to sing any of slipknots songs coz there amazing

Worm or World?? | Reviewer: Ben | 10/28/08

To all those of you out there arguing over whether it's world or worm, it's definately world. The lyrics booklet for Vol. 3 has it as "I am a world before I am a man", and who better to know the lyrics than Slipknot themselves??
And, of course, they're an awesome band, and it's an awesome song. One of, if not, their best.

IT"S FREAKING WORM! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

Guys! you are idiots if you think it's world. He's saying "I am a WORM before I am a man"

He's saying this for one, because right after that, he says that he was a creature before he could walk. What he's saying in the chorus is that he was something of absolute no value before he was a man and, hmmmm lemme think. I think that a world is a little bit more important than a worm because without a world, there would be no freaking life!

asome song!!!!!! | Reviewer: justin | 10/12/08

This song rocks slipknot is the best band and Disturbed they are my life role model. If anyone has a probelom with that i will find u. Do u understand that???? I have looked up to thim every day almost every day for 2 weeks. Psyhosocial and Before I Forget. Disturbed way diffff. I am one of a 100,000,000 fans of the 2 bands I like.. I bet thats so true.

World or worm? | Reviewer: Becky | 9/21/08

It's world. I swear it is.
Besides it does make sense, saying he's everyone in the world, before he is just one person who makes up that world. If that make sense, I don't know how to word it, but world does make sense.

It does not say worm. lol
In my accent, world + worm sound complete different so I hear it as world in the song

Whoa, brainstorm! | Reviewer: ... Blah. | 9/21/08

Okay, first of all, Gracie? Person two posts below me? Learn some fucking english, okay, dude? 'phuck' 'ova' and 'eva' are NOT words. Stupid chatspeaking bastard...
Anyways, I think I've got an idea about the song. Look at the verses; it's talking about how this person is knowing someone else like they're something bad, but they themselves are the thing they claim the other person to be. I think the person singing is doing something bad for what he thinks is the sake of the world; But he knows someone who is trying to stop him. 'insurrections' means 'rebellion,' so 'catch me up on your sordid little insurrections' could mean 'what have you done to rebell now.' And the second verse says the singer is wearing the person like they're a pain, but the singer is the one who's hurt. The chorus is the singer trying to justify themself to the other person; Or maybe it's the other person talking; 'I am a world before I am a man' is rather self-explanitory, but 'I was a creature before I could stand' could mean a loyalty to the earth's creatures that has been there since before birth. The third verse says 'what I'm doing will be alright once my goal is achieved.'
Well, it makes sense to me, anyways.

This is the definite meaning | Reviewer: Eliot Leonard | 8/22/08

In the bridge corey says "my end, it justifies my means" this is the definition of the philisophical theory of consequentialism. (I just realisized how nerdy that was) It means, your actions do not matter as long as you reach a desired end, so that has somethin to do with that, i know its not the whole meaning but, no one can disagree with me, as corey did say the definiton perfectly...

ITS WORLD!!! | Reviewer: Gracie | 8/17/08

I agree with everyone who knows the REAL lyrics.. its WORLD that is wat he says so deal with it.. if u really listen to the song u will see that he says WORLD nd thats it.. if u ask me it makes perfect sence nd tha song is phukin awesome so just get ova it. slipknot are an awesome band nd they will write there songs howeva the phuk they feel like it..

worm? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/08

um, i always thought it was 'worm' you know, like i was lowly and stuff before i got here sorta thing. and it fits creature before i could stand- doesnt it? i was an animal before i am here. you kno, evolution i guess. and now i dont want to foget where i came from.

thats how i ended up interpreting it, anyways.

oh, one last thing. i would never have heard this i fnot for guitar hero. adn now im happy to say my taste in music is broader. i like heavier stuff like this now :D

Amazin | Reviewer: Maggot666 | 8/12/08

Amazing song, I admit.
However, I am more inclined to say it's 'worm', because 1) That's how I hear the song, 2) Slipknot's style does incorporate what most people deem to be 'gross', and 3) 'From God down to the meanest angel, from man down to the loliest worm' or something is a Religious quote; not to say that Slipknot are religious, LOL, just that they would put in something almost ironic along those lines. Plus- evolution, people. Worm-> man.

WORLD PEOPLE | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/1/08

Guys in 14 ive listened to this song over and over he says WORLD, you can hear the ld at the end i also listened to the song while looking at the lyrics its world, who eva thaught worm or war or anything is WRONG, listen to the song while looking at the lyrics and you will know im right. Anyways best song ever, all my mates and i listen to it oer and over, my school actually plays it over the speakers. LOL, thats how good i am =p

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/08

well im not a big fan of slipknot but this song is amazing i cant get it out of my head i also like Duality a bit but those are pretty much the only ones i like . Anyway this song is a great song i like it alot

World or Worm... | Reviewer: Scott | 7/10/08

Reading this, and listening to the song, And I'm pretty sure that the booklet has the lyrics in it so I'll have to refer to the CD booklet when i get home,

But In the sequence of the chorus worm makes more sense in it. (And also keeping to the kinda grotesque mind set of Slipknot).

I am a worm before I'm a man (We all are sperm (kinda worm like but hey if that's a "stretch" Worlds cool too, it just does fit the scheme of the chorus very well)
Then it progresses on Just like life does
I am a creature before I can stand (I liked the Baby/Crawl no good no evil interpretation so I stick with it)

Creatures | Reviewer: Tony | 7/9/08

I think he is just talking about his battle with society and what everyone thinks about "fitting in". Thats why they wear the masks, IMO. Its about how some will say "ew" and some will say "cool". Says alot about a person.
Anyways when they say "I was a creature before I could stand", I think they are talking about how we view children as innocent. Almost like a dog or other creatures with intelligence. Before we can stand, we crawl. At that point in life humans can do no wrong, there is no good and evil. I will remember before I forget this.

Be young at heart!

... Cool... | Reviewer: Jas | 7/1/08

Wow. I played this song on Guitar Hero(And it's still difficult as hell for me!) and thought it was cool. And, if the person who said they 'met Slipknot' is telling the truth, which, no offense, but I doubt highly, who cares? Music is about perception, so I think it's talking about how the guy thinks he's insignificant. "I'm a world before I am a man" says he thinks of doing what's best for the world instead of for himself. "A creature before I could stand" I never could figure out, and he'll remember these things before he forgets them.
And, seriously. Worm? Who the hell thought he said worm? You can hear the 'D', people.

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