Great song | Reviewer: Rene | 10/23/09

Sometimes people are so ignorant that make me sick, this song isn't worshipping Mengele neither any nazi athrocities commited by those assholes. This song is about something that happened and not a single human being should forget. Fuck racist people! Angel of death is my favorite slayer song, I typed the title on google and learned about what that sick fuck of josef mengele was doing to people...

Dr. Josef Mengele | Reviewer: jimbob | 7/28/09

This song is not nesasarlily worshiping nazis or whatever..
Dr. Josef Mengele was a doctor for the nazis at the exterminaion camps. He is one of the most, if not the most notorios doctor during the holocaust. Check him out on wikipedia. He was some sick lad that liked twins and used to inject chemicals in there eyes to see if he could change colors and sew them together to make conjoined twins. He was known by the jews as either 'the angel of death' or the white angel coz he used to stand on a platform and direct the new coming jews left or white with his arms in the air and a white lab coat. Hence white angel. The lyrics say with the pressure on the brain and shit, well they used to apply pressure to live peoples skulls to see how much pressure it took to crush a human skull.

it is art | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/09

slayer are not even with nazi nor with satan.. arraya himself has told that he believes in a power but he does not know if that is god.. king on the other side told i do not believe neither in satan nor in god.. they just have more ideas to write about this type of songs and to tell the truth i like their style cause they write what they want telling what they want and dont give a shit abou anything knowing this is art..

please remove head from ass before posting | Reviewer: anon | 5/17/09

Really brutal fucking song, but for the people who are seeing this song as a tribute to nazism should watch the documentary "Global Metal" by Sam Dunn (it's on youtube) there's an Israeli band in that movie talking about this song and why they chose to cover it.

great song about a dumb ※※※※ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/09

this actualy made my teacher let me wright a report on Slayer.But anyway its really a sadish song.All the damn nazis should die and go to hell and face the devil in the face and be experimented on etc...

nazi bosses | Reviewer: Paingiver | 4/4/09

hi guys!
i'm from germany and the guys from the upper aryan leadership who could be sentenced after world war's end just didn't want to take responsibility for anything. really cowardly chickening!!
it had just been normal and usual for them to follow such instructions to cage jews in concentration camps where most of them had to be guniea pigs for some really sick experiments.
actually, hitler was from austria and not from germany and i can't believe that his ideology could spread all over the world so much.
nazis are pretty active in eastern parts of germany, "recruiting" new guys (and young people) to be part of demonstrations and organizing politically!!
what a whole fuckin peace of shit!someone should rip such guys apart with no anasthesia so that they see how it feels like...
as i heard, araya is very catholic in his belief, so i cannot think of him as a satanic evil guy who worships nazis! regarding the last two albums you can't even say they are anti-christ - it's just art!!

good art - the best i know of :D

666 slay forever slayer 666

just listen! | Reviewer: Rob | 2/28/09

As a huge slayer fan it is great to see that their most controversial song is opening a lot of eyes to the horrific attrocities of one man, and anybody who thinks they condone the actions of the nazis/mengele need to LISTEN to the lyrics. I feel that before this song you would only know about this man if you read up on the holocaust, slayer brought history into the mainstream, brutal yes shocking, absolutley, but it got our attention. For history not to be forgotten we need to stop trying to ban arts that are carrying a message, because this has opened alot of peoples eyes who might not have known anything about the holocaust or this terrible man. Please do not stop, read the books look it up on the internet and watch the documentaries. And thank a so called satanic band to bringing it to your attention.

RE: slayer (anti or revelling) | Reviewer: thomas | Reviewer: mullet boi | 8/8/08

i dont think slayer is revelling to the nazi beleifs with this song due to the general mood of the song. Also, i dont think they would refer to the Jewish people as "the kingdom of the dead" if they hated them. just my thoughts

mengele | Reviewer: Gwen Lloyds | 7/29/08

yesterday for the first time i listened to the lyrics carefully and understood them completely. I guess it was cuase in the afertoon i'd been reading about the second world war. There was a part that talked about Mengele. And it said that they used to call him the "angel of death". So, the song really leaves nothing to the imagination. everything is pretty explicit, you just need to know some history, that's all

greaat song, one of my slayer's fave

some more | Reviewer: mullet boi | 6/29/08

after reading up some more on Joseph Mengele, i found that he also personally performed gruesome experiments on the prisoners, such as the effects of napalm and other weapons. ("Burning flesh, drips away / Test of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boil") Also, with the lines "Surgery, with no anesthesia / Feel the knife peirce you intensely" and "Pumped with fluid, inside your brain / Pressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyes" ... well, one can just imagine. Kick-ass song though, one of my favorite by Slayer.

Joseph Mengele | Reviewer: mullet boi | 6/21/08

Not many people know this, but the song is actually about a man named joseph mengele, who was a "thumb man" at the Auschwitz nazi prison camp. All the prisoners would line up in front of him and he would decide who was forced to labor in the camp, and who would be sent directly to the gas chambers. 'Death to the left, Life to the right', as he would say. Once, it was found that a prison block was infected with lice so he sent all 750 women in that block to the gas. Furthermore, he drew a line on the wall at 5'2" for the children. any child whose head did not reach the line would die. Nazi fuckheads.

slayer (anti or revelling) | Reviewer: thomas | 1/16/08

Anti or revelling? I hope not the latter connotation. This song should be for one an eye-opener to the atroscities of the horrorcaust. Those of 1 man at least. Wikipedia says that he died in the water after a stroke. While he helplessly drowned hopefully not only his life but also the more than 1 million victims he took part in destroying flashed before his eyes.

what can i say.... | Reviewer: john | 9/14/07

speaking as a 30 yr old metaller, this song is still as good today as it was then...if the final verses (Seas of blood, bury life
Smell your death as it burns
Deep inside of you...etc) dont get your head banging you are clinically dead and should proably inform your next of kin

long live SLAYER

Beauty in Brutality | Reviewer: Ankur | 8/30/07

This is the song that added another dimension to my life; it is beautiful in the way it channels its extreme brutality into such a tight structure and sound, it's as if each and every instrument, including the vocals, were meant to be this way and no other. Everyone - King, Hanneman, Lombardo and Araya - is brilliant in this song, and it is and will remain my favourite. SLAYER's the BEST!!

slayer f**kin rules | Reviewer: zwiezak | 5/10/07

personally, my slayer passion started from that song, and for this time, it's still my favourite one.