Death of angel | Reviewer: TheZOMBIEJ | 4/9/14

This song isn't nazi/fascist at all! If anything it is kind of a history lesson! Josef Mengele was a sadistic, cruel, evil EVIL nazi and should of been shot in the face for his evil experimenting! Auschwitz is not just a concentration camp, but it is also a death camp because people died there! Jewish folks were slaughtered and this so-called "doctor" is kind of a douche bag for doing what he did! In fact he is a MAJOR douche bag! And I'm glad he's dead! Otherwise there might have been a holocaust these days! Fuck you, Josef Mengele! Fuck you and your sadistic nazi douchebaggery!! This is an excellent song and I hope Slayer do more songs similar to this one! FUCKEN SLAYER!!!!! XD

angel of death | Reviewer: kevin crew | 12/14/12

I Have Been To AUSCHWITZ And Half Polish! I have Also Seen SLAYER and They Played This Song! The Song IT'S SELF MEANS SO MUCH TO ME AND WHAT IT NAZI'S DID TO MY FAMILY AND PEOPLE?




Wea | Reviewer: Hate | 6/23/11

this is one of the best songs of Slayer. In their philosophy fits perfectly descriptive and devoid of emotion. Do not you take part in things and just write anything.
I then personally broke the balls of hearing about the Holocaust. It 'happened. Enough. It is not about so many things that happen in the world today but we're obsessed with listening to Jews cry on every television or magazine. This happens because they are rich and powerful.

Angel of death | Reviewer: Dumbnicname | 1/27/11

If not the greatest, its up there with the best songs ever made... While other bands, not only metal, made songs of love and harmony as a way to bring about peace, slayer made a song that would forever remind every generation of the horrors that happened during that regimes time in power.
Also im tired of people hearing it and saying that the song is an advocation for white supremecy, ITS NOT! Its a song that tells of some of the horrors that happened, simple and plain.
This song is one of the reasons that I started studying ww2, and I hope to visit Auschwitz one day and try to understand how one human being could subject another human being to such unspeakable evil.

ignorant people | Reviewer: whatdafu | 12/17/10

people need to stop reading all this misinformation. Mengle had nothing to do with inventing asprin or anesthia those were invented in the late 1800's.The nazi's where only credited with the invention of morphine and they only used so there soldiers were thought to give them a euphoric unvinceable behavior they did not care about the fallen soldiers who really needed it.Mengle was A sadistic butcher who caused nothing but pain and suffering to people and did nothing to improve medical research.He also had A fascination with twins and would perform gruesome acts on them.If there is A hell he will be found in the deepest darkest place.He made Manson look like A Cub Scout with his acts of perversion to mankind.When he died his family refused his body for burial.

hmmm | Reviewer: Avi | 12/16/10

i know mengle was a sick sadistic man but i will admit it would be interesting if it wasnt so twisted and evil. i am NOT a nazi i do NOT endorse any of what he did but i will admit i am a wee bit curious in a weird way about this - once again i am NOT a nazi - infact i have some relatives that were killed because of the nazi's.

History lesson, not nazi wannabes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/10

Ok people, aspirin was invented in 1853 & anesthesia has been around since 1859 (Mengele was infamous for NOT using it). Mengele did nothing to help medicine. He was just a sick twisted bastard who enjoyed hurting people. I like this song because it shows just what a twisted messed up bastard he was. His own family refuse to accept his body. Even his son believes he was a monster.

It is sad how many people today don't know important history like this or worse believe it didn't really happen.

This song is great for screaming the old but true warning:


Hmmm..... | Reviewer: BB Slick | 6/9/10

It is so true, but if it were not for these happenings we would not have asprin, anesthesia, skin graphs for burn victims, plastic surgery and countless other advances in modern medicine. It is so mind consuming that if something happened to our very own self, and we had to use one of these options in medicine we WOULD, and majority of people do not know how these advances were dicovered or is a horrible fact of life and our world, that we have to kill eachother to adavnce eachother......just a thought that's all.

Great song! | Reviewer: Riaan | 6/8/10

This has got to be one of - if not THE - greatest metal song ever.

It opened my eyes to the callous and unspeakable Nazi experiments performed on Jews during WW2 by the one and only Josef Mengele.

Great song about a not-so-great subject.

Truely unaware | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/10

It's funny how people misconstrue the intent of the artist. SO many artists have to go out of there way to explain there works all because of the "pussification" of America.

It's also interesting how truely unaware of the facts people are of said holocaust.

And though I'm NOT sticking up for the acts of Dr.Mengele if you are TRUELY appaled by his research then you should stop using asprin or any derived product made based on its effects.

Josef | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/4/10

I think this song is about Josef Mengele, otherwise known as the "Angel of Death".He was a Nazi doctor, who worked in a concentration camp,and did a lot of experiments on people he chose, especially twins. In the lyrics it basically describes what he did to twins and other people while he was the doctor in Auschwitz.And it even says infamous butcher, which is what Josef was.

Angel of Birth | Reviewer: The Devil Incarnate | 12/24/09

Slayer is the Angel of Birth for Death Metal genre. The song, Angel of Death, describes how freaky was a Nazi 'doctor' and how he used to burst Jewish skulls like water melons.

This song gave a new lease of life to Anti-Nazi sentiments among metal fans. Those who think Slayer endorses Nazi ideology should listen to the lyrics properly. Slayer to me is just an outstanding band which loves their kind of music as an art.

End of the story.

Either way... | Reviewer: Michael Oxuje | 12/17/09

they are obviously not nazi's, Dave Lombardo and Kerry King have made numerous donations to the Jewish community after this song became so controversial and even if they were they write some pretty kickass songs anyway or are we forgetting War Ensemble Raining Blood Dead Skin Mask Chemical Warfare and Temptation?

angel of death = death (grim reaper) = anti christ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/09

in the afaterlife, there is slavery over the angel of death because hes an ace card (ass card) instead of a king (that survive easier)

The monarch of the dead means the leader of hell, who live in the afterlife with teleport to the afterlife powers. the angel of death is the alias of the anti-christ who is in the top rank of hell which happens to be like a slave spot. The heaven people use time
powers to keep from dying and falling to the afterlife and getting raped in hell.

The nazi thing is how the nazis forced their holocaust victims to do stuff, like the angel of death is forced to do stuff because of the halocaust on hell from the jesus people.

one last thing, hell is Clubs (cards) and heaven is diamonds (cross in a kite)

READ THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! | Reviewer: Aaron | 11/26/09

Slayer is not nor ever was a nazi band. People think because of this song that they are, that is not true...if they were then what they would do is say that this event never took place. When they sing about it they are reminding the world about this event not covering it up. GOT IT!?!?