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The Review is about Skindred | 04/12/2005 11:00:00 AM

Babylon:An album review

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The debut album from skindred,a punk/reggae/metal ultra band,is not only good,it has great substance.They range from auccostic sets to really heavy songs.They really are a different band,some thing I, as an individual,can really enjoy.Their lyrics range from issues of the fakeness of the media today,and how the media induces sights of skinny fake personalities,to the death of a good friend,to even breakups the lead singer faced.They are so different and so good you can't really say they arent your style.They sound like Sublime,Killswitch Engage to classic Anti-Flag.The whole album has serious substance.Its so different the album was only 10 bucks.SO GO GET IT

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