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Performed by Skillet

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Behold His Love | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 1/14/14

No matter where you are in this life, no matter how far you think you have fallen away from God's good graces, whatever darkness you seem to have found yourself in, God is there whispering to you. He will claim you if you ask Him to....and Skillet portrays this in a loud way. Good job.

skillet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/11

I just want to put it out there, that I used to not believein God, but Skillet and there lyrics have changed that for me, and I'm starting to. Also. I listen to other bands that aren't christian bands at all.

May I add.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

....that one of my favorite Christian bands is a symphonic black metal band? They're named Dark Lay Still, and their lyrics really make you think. "Bring them the Morning Star" has caused me to wonder about my personal faith "we must spread the good news to those who have not heard/but what do you believe/and why do you believe it?" It's made me examine my relationship with God, and I've realized that I need to get to know Him better. I'm just saying that not all metal is bad. Yes, there's some stuff that Christians should run from (I won't listen to 98% of secular black metal because of the lyrics) but I suggest you really examine a band's lyrics before flipping out.

i.e. Summoning is a very good black metal band that sings about the Lord of the Rings. Theiron's Secret of the Runes (Norse-mythology themed operatic metal) knocks my socks off it's so good.

On the other hand, there's Christin bands I don't listen to because of the lyrics--Frost Like Ashes is kind of questionable...I don't like blackened death metal anyway. *shrug* Yeah, if I'm buying a black metal album I look up the lyrics, because some of it's really questionable.

Grave Robber is an outstanding horror punk band that has Christian overtones in every song. They're a Christian band, but some people might wonder because of the costumes, lyrics, etc. Look up their song "Altered States" to see how these guys do it. Better yet, go to for the lead singer's explanation on their music.

Last but not least--Saviour Machine! Where would a rant about controversial Christian bands be without these guys? Look up their lyrics, and you can see why their stuff got banned from Christian bookstores. Beautiful Gothic metal that is not for the faint of heart. I love the Legends trilogy, but this is one band you have to be careful recommending...there's not a lot of mainstream appeal here.

Yeah, that go a bit long. :)

A next one for a timjim | Reviewer: KarinaKMJ | 5/15/11

"I have a question for you all why are we looking up the lyrics."

Well, I look up for the lyrics 'cause I'm not a native speaker, I live in Poland. And honestly, Skillet is not really so metal on this album, maybe it is rock, but not metal at all. The most metal album from them, I think, is "Collide".

"I read an interview of that cooper guy and he said that he had went to a a marylane manson concert to get ideas."

Oh, and did you know John was completely RESTLESS after this show? Did you know that "Rippin' Me Off" was written just after this incident? He just wanted to know, why everyone was so amazed by Manson, so he went there to find out. When he saw all those people who hated God, his Savior, and all Christians in the world, his brothers and sisters, he decided he needs to do something about it - and he wrote a song, dedicated to them.

"And just a couple of months ago i looked up some of Skillets concert pics and seen that the female guitar player had a tee-shirt of a skull and bones which depicts the occult."

A skull and bones, huh? Oh man, you little boy, that must have been scary! You remind me of my mom, who used to tell me I cannot watch Pokemon, 'cause it's satanic and it makes kids aggressive. And you remind of a woman who claimed Harry Potter is satanic. When I was a kid, I read Harry Potter books and watched Pokemon (I wasn't an obedient child)... and now I'm 18, everybody tell me I'm such a strict, fanatic Christian, 'cause on Sundays I'm always at church and I don't eat meat on Fridays and I want to be a pro-life activist in the future.

"She had on a tee-shirt of David Bowie a far from christian artists."

I know a priest, who listens to Queen. He doesn't care that Freddie Mercury was a gay. And he's not a satanist AT ALL. So, who cares what is she (did you mean Korey Cooper?) listening to and what was there on her t-shirt? I used to love Good Charlotte, then I found out they had a song about masturbation and stoped. That's why I don't judge people just because they listen to some "wrong music".

"I was about 13 I started to listen to religious rock (so called Christian) and the past few years I was listening to that evil stuff like iron maiden, black sabbeth, dio, ozzy, and more. And I wanted little to do with Christ."

Oh, I understand everything now. You used to listen to some wrong music, now you regret this, so now you think everything with guitars and drums is wrong, and you try to warn others. Chill out, bro! It's not about the genre, it's all about the lyrics. Skillet's lyrics are sometimes mystical and metaphorical, but they're always written from God's, or Christian's, or sinner's who regrets point of view. And they are often anti-satan! Pray to our Lord, and He'll take your fears away. He protects us from sin and satan as long as we believe in Him. So believe... and start to enjoy music again!

umm... | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/21/11

timjim, forgive me, but if you hate the song, the band and rock music in general, why are you on a page of rock song lyrics? Sounds like protagonism to me... not very christian. I personally am not a christian, but I have a strong moral conscience and I despise hyporites, of which I'm sorry, but you are. If you believe in god, other's sins are not for you to judge, but for Him and Him alone. Are you saying your opinion is equivilent to god's? No? Then leave it the hell alone.

I love this song. I have my own interpretation, and yes, I love a good "satanic beat" if that's what you're calling it, but I'm not about to listen to some ICP because the music sounds good.. I do care about the relevancy of lyrics. I enjoy these lyrics, and this song, and that's why I'm here.. not to annoy everyone and then go back and ask god for forgiveness. That's abuse of His kindness, and you should go to hell (if such a place exists!).

STOP | Reviewer: Sarah Jayne | 4/15/11

Why are people starting all these wars over religion? Personally, I believe in God, but I HATE religion. All it does is segregate people who believe in THE SAME THING. It's stupid. This is a good song and a good song. A song is MEANT to give diffirent meanings, so don't go on saying, "Oh, THIS is the meaning," because THERE IS NOT ONLY ONE. So stop with the drama over N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Seriously ? | Reviewer: Deathwish | 9/4/10

Why is everyone mocking skillet and there guitars and screaming seriously if you don't like skillet don't listen to them simple as theres no need to go on about the being christians or how they sing who gives a crap theres rockers get used to it stop posting about religion wars or whatever just listen and seriously shutup!

Plese enter a title for your review: | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay | 5/23/10

A word of advice about Crimson Moonlight: don't judge them by their image. They don't look like a Christian band, but listen to their earlier stuff (I highly recommend their Songs from the Archives album) and there's no doubt that they are Christian. Want something more subtle Christian lyric? Get their newer stuff.

Sorry for going off-topic....

"Whispers in the Dark" is a great song. I like how Skillet is heavier than what you normally hear on Christian radio, but it's not too heavy. And I can understand everything they say, which is nice.

christian rock music isn't satanic | Reviewer: 15year old chrisian girl | 5/18/10

there is christian music in pretty much all genres. there isn't a lot of screaming in the song.they aren't screamo musicians.there is christian overtones in almost all music espiacally in country and gospel the band ABANDON'S song PROVIDENCE is about peters denial.I didn't know about crimson moonlight. I want to listen to them now.screamo christian music isn't sister who is a goody 2 shoes likes the emo clothes.project 86,beautiful dying day,august burns red,red and other christian screamo bands have good hidden christian meanings in their static & owl city are christian the BIO of day of fire the band.go to metal,rock,hard rock,and screamo music by christian bands is not satanic.skillet is a good christian band they are not satanic.this song is not satanic so just end this thing.skillet isn't conforming.they are trying to change the world with something the world likes.they may also be as someone said"pissed off."the devil wears prada & demon hunter are christian bands.the song after satan beats his wife by emery is a christian song.JESUS doesn't "poof" your sins away.he goes into your heart and changes you little by little.he takes the place of on JUDGEMENT DAY,GOD doesn't see you and your sin.he sees his perfect son.sin isn't gone form your gives you a chance to improve.

timjim... | Reviewer: Mikko | 3/29/10

I'd just like to point out that recent studies show that the music that leads to suicides etc. most often, is actually country music.
And in my opinion music doesn't make you a satanist or a christian or a muslim. It's just the fact that you're born in a certain region, where the majority of the people practice a certain religion. Within the region there are smaller units, as in families, who decide which religion suits them the best, perhaps decide to become atheists. You are brought up in this region and family, you have different influences and you take the influences in a different way. I.e. someone might turn into a christian for being beat up as a kid and look for salvation, others look for revenge. I could go on all day long about this and you know it's true.
So please, stop 'blaming' music when people just aren't interested in christianity. It's their choice.

for real? | Reviewer: pink_bubblegumx | 3/13/10

you don't have to be a christian to listen to christian rock. and that's exactly what this is. it's about being in a dark place and finding solace in it, not about worshiping satan. timjim, are you saying you've never been in a position where you didn't know what to do? cause that's all that this song is about. just because a band screams and plays some heavy guitar, such as skillet or underoath, doesn't mean that they're part of a satanic occult.

timjim, be more open.
go play a guitar and get pissed, and you'll see why they do this.

Whispers in the Dark | Reviewer: Micheals | 3/8/10

With all due respect the song is a good one. I am a christian i have been one for 3 years now. Timjim makes some interesting points but with all due respect i find nothing wrong with this song. Its Christian music get the new record awake. The lyrics are open to interpretation but some people will always bash rock as it not accepted in some circles. Tim im glad ur a christian and i know what Romans 12:2 says. The shirt ur referring to i have shirts like that well i had but that doesn't prove anything. And i would never question ur faith but the bible does say Judge not lest ye be judge. And im surprised you would as y they are interested in christian music if there are not Christians. I have know people who through music they have been convinced and became Christians so i believe you are wrong there. And trust me i know about black metal iron Maiden, dio, and all of em. And if the metal sound its killing you get comatose the acoustic version is on the record. Music says and if they use metal and it has God in it i honestly dont see the prob. Blessings i hope you dont continue to be critical. If u dont like it then dont listen

who will rise up for Me agains the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Psalm 94:16 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/10

If what I said means absolutly nothing, then why is there a need to get all defensive about it. And why are you interested in a "Christian" music group if you are't a Christian yourselves. Its beacause your not listening to it for the words it is for the Satanic beat, which your flesh craves. Hey I could go on and on about what is wrong with rock music and how it alters your state of consciousness with its repetious beat. But it would do no good, because I remember when I was in your shoe's and when someone spoke up against the music that completely controlled my life, I would get angry and very offensive. The only thing I can tell you is go to utube and watch the series, "They sold their souls for rock'n roll. Then type in a man named John Todd. These are the two things that helped me see the light.

Are you freaking kidding me..? | Reviewer: Mew-Novocaine | 12/17/09

Are you serious..? When the hell did a music review section become a religious war?
Timjim, shut the hell up, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but in MY opinion, I think you should tone it down with the, "God is the savior of all," bull-shit.
So what, you were "saved", like Cj said, it doesn't give you the right to be all high and mighty about it.
You're not better than anyone.
And just because they play guitar, and scream, doesn't mean they're Satanists, that just means they like guitar and they wanna scream.. What? You don't scream all of a sudden? You don't think guitar is a nice instrument anymore? All because you believe in God now?
And wow, skull and crossbones... hmm... If I remember correctly, that was originally a sign on a flag for a pirate ship. Not the occult.
You say you've studied on this stuff, but really, you need to learn what you're saying before you decide to start a whole religious war, OVER A SONG!
So, in ending, I'd like to say, end the war, it's not worth it. What do you get out of it? Getting to see your comment show up? Getting to see other people's comments saying, "Oh you're right!" or, "You're completely wrong!" and start the war all over again?
Honestly, it's doing no good.
So, end it.

timjim xDDD | Reviewer: @bstract | 11/29/09

I mean yeah there was a picture of a female guitarist with a skull and crossbones t-shirt.


I have a shirt that has nothing but skulls and crossbones on it!

Does every person have to be a christian now?
Does every BAND have to be christian?


So timjim, shut UP.

Overeligious people seriously,
They piss me off!

My granny (I love her alot but -.-)
She goes on about my mom not going to church,
Because my mom likes sleeping in on weekends.
She has paintings of God and Jesus and Mary and whatever EVERYWHERE around her house.

She also goes on at ME for not going to church much.

I am Catholic, but the law doesn't say I HAVE to go to church. So I choose not to, because I find church boring. No offense.

So Seriously, no more "against god" stuff or I may die laughing my ass off.

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