moep ^^ | Reviewer: jazzy | 9/19/07

Well it's not my favorite song by skillet, but it's very well done. I like the sound and the lyrics. And its a cool feeling, singing it xD

well.. in my opinion their best song is 'collide'. You have to listen to it. Its the first song by skillet I've ever listened to.
Other good songs are 'under my skin' 'a little more' and 'cycle down'

Rebirthing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

It's funny to read some of the other viewer's comments about this song, like Skillet was vague about being Christian. I have every Cd they have made and kiddo's, Comotose is the farthest from showing their love of God yet...I love the music but hate their move to Secular. Maybe God has his reason's for it but...Would be great to hear them scream Jesus' name again....

The intro. | Reviewer: SonZMeistA | 9/14/07

I thought the intro was actually very well done, I heard it first in a montage, and it was only the beginnning they included. I know this sounds weird, but it makes you feel really good and stuff when you're walking around and shit. Seriously, I loved the song, but the intro is the best bit!

I LOVE REBIRTHING | Reviewer: Christian Surprise | 9/8/07

I think that Rebirthing is th e best song ever.I love the words the music and the guys who sing it.I REALLY THINK THAT YOU GUYS HAVE AWESOME MUSIC!!!!I hope you guys grow "bigger" in fame. love christina <3 :)

Wow. Just Wow. | Reviewer: SharinganWarriorTribute | 8/10/07

This song and the band is amazing. There lyrics are wicked, there singing is wicked, everything about them is wicked!

I'd greatly suggest listening to their music!

it rocks | Reviewer: david | 7/17/07

i personally think that all skillet songs rock skillet are one of the best!!!!!!! i mean the lyrics are fantastic and also the songs seem to be a glimps into thier lives.

So Relevant | Reviewer: tam | 6/21/07

I must say yeah the song is Awsome especially cos of the begining-think the the 'vibe' of the song is cool. BUT why is it relevent to me?!... cos I can relate to the line 'Shedding my skin cause i'm ready to'- metaphorically saying letting go of my old life (where I was stuck in pain)and after being freed from my sins I'm ready to'come alive.' Finally I have to say... They dont seem like just any other band, I reakon their making an awsome STAND for CHRIST!

Absolutely gorgeous | Reviewer: Sabrina | 6/6/07

Yes, it may sound odd to call a Christian rock song gorgeous, but that's what this is: absolutely beautiful. The electric violin rocks my socks off, and there is a power to this music that makes me want to listen to it every day, multiple times a day.

Skillet's music | Reviewer: Mandie | 6/1/07

This song is so awesome! I never really listen to christian rock or anything like that, but Skillet is really cool. ^-^

<3 | Reviewer: Rwyter | 5/15/07

Jeeze, this song is just fantastic. I really love violins in a song, and the violins in the beginning especially is what made me keep listening instead of moving on to something else. The lyrics are easy to understand (hate it when artists garble words), and catchy, and they have an underlying meaning that even if you're not trying to find it, you know is there. It's a gorgeous song, and wonderful - the connotations (either obvious or vague) are what especially make it awesome. X3