think about it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/08

ok, if you have ever read Twilight or any if the books in that series, you might understand how this song could sort of relate. it kind of reminds me of their description of being turnded into a vampire... being reborn i guess... think about it

x_x | Reviewer: x_x | 5/11/08

CĀ“mon guys , they aint that good. They have two " good " songs this and " Whispers In The Dark ". The rest is just... crap? I dont now what to call it but its not good. You guys need more Cannibal Corpse etc. etc.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Stan | 4/15/08

Well, the lyrics weren't really/actually religious. I mean, sure, they're kinda considered gospel music, but... their songs really aren't about religion. Dude. It's about giving birth. Sex is a NO NO. But the point is... none of their lyrics, of the songs i've heard at least, haven't really been about much of God of Jesus or anything. i'm Anglican, so i don't really care (i didn't start liking this band out of the fact people said it was gospel) but honestly, you hear any song and the first thing that comes to mind isn't religion or gospel or anything. jus' sayin'.

Amazing song, musical-wise | Reviewer: me | 2/20/08

I hate religion and how christians feel better than the others, but this is a great song! Like the previous reviewer, I'd like them to be more "evil" (that doesn't mean I believe in satan or anything stupid like that).

great song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/08

i hate religions as a whole so i dont really like the lyrics but i like the idea in a way... not religion-wise but just as an idea.. u know? lol..
and skillet's music is amazing i just wish they were more evil :P
and my goodness i love th guitar solo in this song!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Marisa | 1/20/08

It irks me how people seem to miss the conotation in this song. If your a Christian, you'll understand the meaning in this song. It's about giving yourself to God, letting your old self die, and becoming a new and better person. Skillet doesn't even need to mention the name God in their music to get the point across. Their lyrics have a deep and soulful meaning that any Christian can relate to.

Rockin' Cool | Reviewer: spide | 12/8/07

I listen Comatose 1st and move to Rebirthing and Whisper In The Dark, they're all cool, can't get 'em outta my mind... \m/.. Awesome..

Excellent song | Reviewer: K | 12/7/07

Awesome song! This band rocks!!
I would really like for them to keep growing. If Stryper did it in the past, why wouldn't Skillet do it better. After all Skillets' music sound better. And the lyrics are well chosen because for beign a Christian band the lyrics can be applied to whatever you like. My favorite is Whispers in the Dark...

wicked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

skillet is wicked sweet idon't have any of their cd's yet but thier one of my favorite bands ever rebirthing is my fav song by them their wicked

... | Reviewer: jazzy | 9/19/07

Well it's not my favorite song by skillet, but it's very well done. I like the sound and the lyrics. And its a cool feeling, singing it xD

well.. in my opinion their best song is 'collide'. You have to listen to it. Its the first song by skillet I've ever listened to.
Other good songs are 'under my skin' 'a little more' and 'cycle down'