What the song is really about | Reviewer: arianna_bgirl | 6/17/09

Its bout a guy who was an average Joe who like everyone else took god for granted and then he found god[Until You came
I was just the same
As everybody else] .god was the light which pierced through his life and made him open his eyes now he is saying that this light is so illuminating that u cant turn away from it[Whoever saw the light and turned away]. even before he had turn to god, god loved him as he love him now telling us that no matter what god loves us its just a matter of time when we too shall see the light of god that will lead our path too in our darkest times and when we do see this light we would not turn back but walk straight until we have reach to that light to living lyfe[You love me now
You loved me then
And every now and then]. This guy has found the light of god and god has shown him what his lyfe would be like if he had turned away and went back, god is showing him that lyfe in god is a blessing[You show me how it would be if I'd gone the other way] .after all of this he realize that he was weak and now god has made him strong to withstand anything lyfe throws at him[And after all this time I've come to find my soul's fragility
But You've rectified my frailty by your strength]. Feeling the presence of the lord in him is so powerful that there is nothing too impossible to do and that’s how he feels with god[It's like the sun swallowed up by the earth
Like atomic bombs in reverse
As if a glass could contain the sea
That's the way You are in me
That's the way You are]. this guy is now on the inside of some thing great he is no longer an outsider[Now here I stand, looking back
To the way things used to be
But I will never be alone again 'Cause You're with me]
and as he look out and see the world he used to be in he sees that its lonely and people always sees god as something so hard to understand, as we of the world all have many questions of who he is but now because he has found god it doesn’t seem like a mystery anymore he can finally see clearly[And now I see
What it means to me
To be a part of such a mystery].
I really love this song.

What the song is really about | Reviewer: arianna_bgirl | 6/16/09

This is a lost soul who is crying out for god [I lie here paraletic inside this soul
screaming for you 'til my throat is numb]because he is in a place where it is so hard to breathe and the only place that he is left to turn to is god ,he know that lyfe can be better in this cruel world and he dont wanna be this person anymore[I wanna break out
I need a way out
I don’t believe that it’s gotta be this way].when he felt the presence of god he felt the old him died and a person who he was dying to come forth in him has finally come alive when he was rebirth by god[Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen
I take you in
I’ve died].he's a different person now and he finally wanna live truly[I wanna live for love wanna live for you and me
Breathe for the first time now] and he finally knows the meaning of breathing cause he finally have the breath of lyfe and with that breath he is living for god as he finally feel alive[[I wanna live my life wanna give you everything
Breathe for the first time now].now he is going through the re birthing process comparing himself to a caterpillar in a cocoon as he die cause he cant breathe but he knows that something great is gonna come out as he shed his skin he knows that he is gonna be a new creature and the waiting is the hard part cause he's gonna finally have lyfe as he want lyfe right now,god is renewing him as he breathe new lyfe in him and he takes the breath from god and he finally come alive.
i really like this song its my fav of all of skillet song,its really a touching song and the words shows great artistry from the band.

what? | Reviewer: Tsunami | 6/3/09

Just about every song is comatose is good. Last night, those nights, whispers in the dark, rebirthing, comatose, say goodbye, better than drugs, etc... are all my favorite songs. most of these songs have only to do with love and passion, maybe its just me but i think skillet just uses faith and incorporates it into love.

art | Reviewer: henry | 6/2/09

one thing that my old english teacher used to say to us was that once a piece of art is out for the world to see it isn't the artists anymore. it has now become the viewers. this means pretty much that no matter what the artist intends it to be it changes as soon as someone else makes an opinion about it. it is the same with like paintings, music, literature, etc. that is why there are so many different interpretations of the same exact thing.

Love | Reviewer: Erik Miller | 2/20/09

This song is defintly a Christian song but that doesn't mean that it is religious I myself hate religion because thats not what Christ is Christ is all about a personal relationship. (Sorry had to throw that out there)
Skillet is fine the way they are and its just amazing how blessed they are. Anyone who thinks the music is crap is just uneducated.

ehhh | Reviewer: mehhh | 2/21/09

people need to understand, that music, has a different meaning for everyone. It doesnt matter if the band intends it to be a christian song about Christ, cause not everyone will relate to the song the way it was written, because if they did, then everyone would be the same wouldnt they?
everyone has their own opinions no matter what it is that their giving their opinion out towards to, like a a song lyrics, or poems, or even a picture. we all have our own opinions towards it, sometimes we may not like what others think about it, but it shouldnt be right to judge what their opinion is, thats just stupid. you cant really make someone like the things you do, or think the exact way you do. Just accept what others have to say no matter what you opinions are.
oh btw. this song is awesome.
Skillet has great songs :)

Rant | Reviewer: Ki | 12/21/08

*sigh* I hate when people say that you can only be truly happy if you beleive in christ, ii is COMPLETE B U L L S H I T!!!!! And songs NEVER have just one meaning! The meaning is with the listener, poeple relate to it in different ways, you can't take that away, you can't tell them what it means. Like reveiwers before me I think they should be more evil(like alot more evil) but that's my opinion, bash me if you like.

MIsconceptions | Reviewer: Jesus Freak101 | 11/6/08

This Song is not about giving birth or the twilight or anything else of that nature. it is about GOD!!!!!! Skillet is a christian band, like it or not. and to reviewer x_x, the rest of their songs are not crap, they are amazing!!!! and for every one who thinks it is talking about other stuff, ya'll should just buy the album and read the lyrics and everything. and if you think they suck, go see a live show. IT ROX!!!!

Christian not religion | Reviewer: Shannon | 7/25/08

I don't get why everyone says this song is secular. It is about being spiritually dead and discovering that only Christ can give you true happiness and becoming a new person. It cannot be about anything else (a girl/boy, possession, etc.) because nothing on earth can compare to what God can do for you. Many people don't listen to songs that say the word "Jesus" because its "church music" but Skillet is wonderful at writing their music in a way that Christian and non-Christian people alike will listen. Note that I said Christian, not religious.

But I say rock on Skillet :)

awesome | Reviewer: Gabrielle | 7/13/08

ok. i just have one thing to say. i understand that rebirthing and whispers in the dark are both awesome songs but what i dont understand is why hasn't anybody said anything about "Last Night". in my opinion their top 3 songs (in this order) are
1.Last Night
3.Whispers In The Dark
Just wanted to get my two cents in.