verse 1 lyrics | Reviewer: rhap | 5/7/07

In this womb I’m suffocating...

i think it should be "room" and not womb..

about skillet | Reviewer: rhap | 5/7/07

hhmmm... others said that the "beginning sounds" or the intro sounds villainous..but do you know that these band is a Christian band? Isn't it great and wonderful to know that they praise God through their music.. it may not be obvious..but they really do.. check on the lyrics...

others may not understand.. i mean..the "oxygen" part in the lyrics.. i have experienced that.. .. :) can't really explain.. but it feels like my lungs were filled up with oxygen.. its COOL....

I truly agree | Reviewer: Ryuzaki | 4/29/07

All in all I must concur. The beginning of this song truly is one in a million. It's what really pulled me towards this song in the first place.

whao | Reviewer: johnn | 4/28/07

The way the singer's voice and the backups are amazing. And the way the song is put together. It starts out like something you would hear in a villainous theme or something and the drums kick in and the song takes off. And there's something about when the lyrics "I come alive somehow" sound. Overall it's a great song if your into rock, alternative, etc.

Sci-Fi Opening | Reviewer: Nick | 4/2/07

What's interesting about this song is the beginning sounds like something from the show Battlestar Galactica, or some other show on the Sci-Fi channel

Villain Music | Reviewer: Blackheart | 2/23/07

I really like this song. But I think my favorite part is that the beginning sounds like the entrance for a movie villain.