beautifuel song!!!!! | Reviewer: SkilletFan77 | 6/7/10

WoW!!! Thatr song is great!!!! Skillet is the best band on the world!!! the first time I heard about religious bands i thought they are freaky and boring^^
But then I heard some songs of skillet and they were beautiful
the songs have so many truths in them
Amazing!!! =)=)=)

good | Reviewer: eli | 12/27/09

yes we really need to wake up,although we pretend to be civilizated but we really are not!!! we are doing thins that will destroy both of us and our next generation,we're not meant to be like this but to be good,in hope of someday that we would have a better world.

Life changing song | Reviewer: Georgia | 10/9/09

I absolutely love this song. It tells a true story about all the darkness and evil in our world and shows us that we should get up and do something. When I first herd this song I picked up on most of the lyrics and looked up the rest... this song changed the way I think about things.

An incredible and important message | Reviewer: Judy | 5/19/07

I absolutely loved this song from the first time I heard it (watching ATFtv), and had to find the lyrics since I didn't fully catch all the words on the first listen. This song rocks! Great music with well written lyrics that pack a punch. Inspirational and thought-provoking, I've gotta buy the CD now... Keep putting out the great tunes, and God bless Skillet and all the people who help them get their music out there.

Now how about some Christian rock stations playing these tunes???? There are a lot of other Christians who want to hear good hard rock that is Christian!!!!!!!!!!