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Performed by Skillet

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Awesome | Reviewer: Leahhz | 10/29/07

I love this song...
It completely describes how Im feeling right at this moment...
Missing someone loads...
I m not Christian but this band totally rocks!!

... you guys are extremely good... | Reviewer: Vue | 9/12/07

... this song is probably one of the best "dark" music i've heard... Skillet is very talented not just at they're lyrics but at their instrumental part of the song... ... Comatose is hardcore...

totally overdosed | Reviewer: megg | 9/10/07

It's amazing that this band can capture our relationship with our Mighty Father. I love that Skillet can reach so many people whether its through their music or lyrics. It's so moving. Total Comatose, Meg

breathtaking. | Reviewer: danielle gein | 7/23/07

this very lyrics describe how my 'relationship' is, right about now. and it's amazing how someone can put the way i've felt for months into lyrics. especially for a christian band. i adore this song.

So True | Reviewer: Ashley Thomas | 4/27/07

To me, it seems like the lyrics are describing me and the relationship i am in. Its literally so so so so so true.

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