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Performed by Skillet

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What Is Comforting To You | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 6/14/14

Since Skillet is a Christian band, the fact that non-Christians are giving us their takes on this tells me that they're curious enough to give Christian music a chance. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should not be trolling them but welcome them to the Truth that awaits them.

It can be comforting to take these lyrics and apply them to your own life, but the fact remains that he is talking to God and how he longs for more of Him to help him not be comatose.

Beautiful lyrics. | Reviewer: Abigail | 10/18/12

I myself am a Christian, and I love the Lord with every ounce of my soul. I have mixed feelings about these lyrics. The band members profess to be Christians, and the message can certainly be attributed to God and thirsting for Him, but it is still vague. As others have pointed out, it is easy to mistake the meaning to be about someone thirsting for a lover. It can go both ways, I guess. I personally think that this is a perfect theme song for the Vegeta/Bulma romance from Dragon Ball Z, and how Bulma helped to turn Vegeta toward the good side and heal him from the aftermath of his dark past.

dis song is AWESOME n ik its bout God but it sum how reminds me of ma bf | Reviewer: martha | 2/2/11

I LOVE DIS SONG itz so great i love da songs of skillet ik ppl dat r non believers dont understand dat christ in ur heart is sum wonderful it relly is i love being wit christ but dis song reminds me so much of ma bf n im still wit hym it just dus bt i love God hes da 1 who saved me :) i believe in love cuz God show me lyf is soooooooooo wonderful wit God by ma side n he gave me da rite guy not 2 b "judgemental" i just think ppl who dnt belive in God just dnt k wat love trust joy or happiness is itz just so awsome 2 hav God wit u well ppl who dnt believe will sumtyms ending up believing..... :p I <3 Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

It's more than God, it's about Life too | Reviewer: Amy | 1/10/11

I'm not Christian or anything, but I do respect what the real meaning is. However, in my opinion, it just doesn't have to be completely about God. I believe everyone has an entitlement to believe what they believe. Isn't that what religion is about, believing in a belief?

I love this so much >.<

Another amazing Skillet song!! :) | Reviewer: Kelly | 11/20/10

I love Skillet so much. I'm not Christian myself but I know that they're referring to God & I respect them and everyone else who are Christians. :)
All of Skillet's songs that I know are awesome & I haven't yet found one that I don't like. I don't think that will ever happen though. :)

Confessed sinner | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/10

the more you hide you sins, the more He seek you
till the death of Him on the cross. You'll never realize that unless you feel it by your self. After you feel it you cannot let your tears drop from your eyes, because you're free when you let Him to release you from the bind of chain from the sins you made. It's over get yourself believe Him.

WHAT DO I PUT?!?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

this song is like....awesomeo kickass but u people that r like heavy christians annoy the piss outta me. there is no god. when u misguided idiots realize ur on train 2 nowhere in life then say somethin. cuz when we die, yall r gonna be devastated when u find out the truth. no offense tho just my opinion. and rocks my socks off? really? that totally isnt 1980s... lesbian chick: thats hot :D hahaha

Love This Song | Reviewer: Jen:) | 2/3/10

I am a Christian and i love this song...i know it is talking about God and I love that but it also makes me think of my ex and when we broke up and how much i wanted him back. I love being a Christian and love God but i dont just think of God when i hear this song and lots of songs by Skillet. I love this band and think it so amazing how its like they read the minds of every person my age and then put the thoughts into a song. I am so thankful for my bestfriend for telling me about this band!!!!

Nice song | Reviewer: Pouya | 1/16/10

This song is about love and having faith, and the good job in making this song was making it somehow that everyone can have their own meaning. It can be about god,can be about your girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever,you're free to choose.

Myerr. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/09

It doesn't necesarily have to be about god, it can be anything, gf/bf/dog/goldfish whatever, that's why the song isn't only a success amongst christians.

It is very narrowminded to think that the lyrics can only apply to one thing, and only one thing.

how come no one knows its a christian rock song? very few of us do! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

he is singing about god and how his faith was shaking or lost as we put it.and how he is coming to believe and realize again that without god you have no faith or trust.but he was in the middle meaning he dident know what to think if god is real or fake. thats what i meant by (his faith is shaking) i can understand this song completely i lost my faith in god and never was sure if he existed.
but then i found myself and learned from it
if you dont have faith and trust in god your a lost soul through the pain and everything you will go under and live in hell.
and yes there such a thing as christian rock always has been always will be here`s another christian rock band with a couple songs they sing as well (switchfoot-dare you to move and meant to live. then theres (P.O.D-most of there song are based on god.) most people never realize what the lyrics in a song mean im in college and im a major in music ive always loved learning about music and the lyrics and what they mean and what the term of the music they write about is
it always has intrigued me since i was a young girl.


but other then that Comatose is a GREAT song skillet is an awesome band and i know they will make alot more song like this with beautiful meanings to it.


its a christian song not secular | Reviewer: cherry | 3/11/09

its a christian song not secular

almost everyone in here doesn.t know d meaning of this song

so bad...

coz almost everyone thinks that the lyrics is refering to a girlfrind or boyfriend so watever...

its not...
d song is actually refering to God..

d song is trying to say that he was lost in the sight of God... morely he had lost his relationship or fellowship, he actually doubted bout God coz d satan has deceived his thoughts...
but still d demons are der trying to fully cut der relationship through sin...

den on how i adore you, thirst for you, need for you... is speaking on how he wanted to be back to God..Thirsty to have God on his life, seeking more!!

for living without God feels so dead..he will never wake up without a burning fire to seek Christ in his heart...

he will not have a fruitful life if God is lost in his heart..For living Without our saviour feels so dead...ders no light to be is den so empty..

for d unbelievers.., dey wouldn.t understand d joy of having christ in our heart....

another thing...
because he have sinned he is den ashamed, trying to hide to God.. just like adan and eve wen dey ate d forbidden fruit..

d more we think of our sin and not forget and confess it to God.., d more it hinders our relationship to Christ..d more we will miss the Glory of Gods..

Your touch is what I'm missing
And the more I hide I realize I'm slowly losing you much to say..
but i can.t force you on how you should understand d lyrics..

its just i.m sad coz
dey don.t understand d meaning...
d lyrics is so nice its just dey can.t see d wonderful thing of how d bad wanted to express.. sad..

I feel somewhat out of place saying this, but it's true. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

I'm a lesbian, and I still love this song. It reminds me of when me and my girlfriend broke up-- it shattered my heart into pieces-- and this song expresses how I felt. It could almost pass as our song.

I know some people are thinking 'that's so wrong' or 'that's an abomination'. But when you think about it, it's important to respect people's choices-- I'm actually christian, and I know my sexuality is against the rules, but I've helped someone keep from killing themself or dying inside. When you really think about it, isn't that what He wants us to do?

Quote from my girlfriend:

"Maybe there is a God after all."

the emoticon of Skillet | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/4/09

I am personally Christian and I hope people will respect that, and I wont hide it from anyone. And I really do respect all other religions,beliefs,Christian or Hindu, Athiest or Muslim.But Im not commenting through religion.
This song reached out to me. It just goes to show. When you love someone and they break your heart, you just CANT stop thinking about them. You want to forget but you love them still and too much. Sometimes when I finally forget, this song comes on and puts it all back into my head. But its a good thing. I want people to understand how I feel and Skillet have done it again. They just read your mind.Love em.

Comatose=amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/08

oh my gosh!!!! This song rocks my socks!!!!! It explains the need for Jesus in our lives and how we feel so amazing when he's in our life. Though I know what this song is about, I have to admit that it does remind me a lot about Edward and Bella from the Twilight series! Anyways, props to Skillet for making another amazing, heart-wrenching song! ^_^

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