LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 9/18/12

i listened to a skid row album i found at my house and this song was on it.when i heard this i only knew like 3 skid row songs.i REALLY like this song and my 6 year old sister sings it sometimes.i'm 12 and really like skid row other sister whos ten doesnt like any good music.she likes country and KISS and the jonas brothers.KISS is my favorite band but she doesnt like anything else like KISS.she othr sister (the 6 year old) actually likes some good music like this.sometimes ill get a song stuck in my head by skid today in the morning it was big guns at noon it was youth gone wild (everything written after youth gone wild is being written at 3a.m. and everything before it was 2 or 3 p.m.) and when i got home at 2 it was sweet little sister and big guns.this morning i had i want action by poison also in my 6 year old sister sings sweet little sister white wedding and i want i want axtion she sings satisfacation tonight which i know is wronng.